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Best Handheld Led Light Therapy Device

What Are The Best Red Light Therapy Products

The Best Red Light Therapy Handheld Device For 2021 / 2022

Before purchasing the best red LED light therapy product for you, make sure you research what is on the market. Determine your budget and skin needs to find the one that will treat your specific skin problems.

We reviewed the top eight products on the market. Red light therapy is an accumulative treatment, so try to stick to a plan when you first get your device as you wont see results overnight. Keep it going for a few weeks unless you experience adverse effects.

The Luminance Red $349

Many of the handheld devices on this list are designed for beauty and anti-aging treatments. Luminance RED takes a different approach with their handheld red light therapy products, targeting specific skin conditions like cold sores, canker sores, and genital sores. Luminance RED makes a handheld product for each condition, so you can choose from a mouth, a lip, or a genital device that lets you target the specific condition. The Luminance RED devices stand out for ease of use, quick treatments, and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

Numerous customers praise the Luminance RED lip device for healing a cold sore outbreak quickly, with less pain, and for reducing the number of outbreaks they now get. Some say they havent had an outbreak since they began using it.

Many customers also claim that Luminance RED treatments have lessened the number of outbreaks theyve experienced over time. Again, some say that they havent had any outbreaks since they started treatment. Another big plus with Luminance RED is their six-month, 100% money back guarantee that lets you return your device for a full refund if you dont see results.

When My Led Light Therapy Device Has Been Acquired How Should It Be Used

The idea that a complete stranger might hear my led light therapy devices concerns me. Guns are viewed negatively in this country if they are mentioned to uninitiated persons.

It seems we are members of some obscure group when we discuss range trips. I appreciate your letting me assist. For any other assistance you require, dont hesitate to get in touch with me.

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Hooga Red Light Therapy Device

One of the easiest ways to get started with red light therapy is with a portable red light therapy device, like this one from Hooga. At just a little over 12 x 8 inches, this box-style light combines 60 5W LEDs that emit both red light and near infrared light to help stimulate collagen, increase energy and help decrease inflammation.

We like to set the device up a feet or so away from us on a table in the morning while we drink our coffee and have breakfast. You can also hang the device up with its included hook. A few minutes a day goes a long way towards improving skin health and overall vitality. Dont take our word for it: the Hooga Red Light device boasts a 4.5-star rating from more than 300 reviewrs online.

Norlanya Red Light Photon Therapy Machine

Best Handheld Led Light Therapy Device for Facial Rejuvenation  Domer ...

The Norlanya Red Light Photon Therapy Machine intends to restore, firm your skin, tone your face, and give you a noticeable improvement in as little time as about two months.

So how might this gadget help you? It transmits 660nm frequencies of red light, to support collagen and elastin creation, improving skin issues. It has two modes, persistent and beat, and it is battery-fuelled, so it has cordless activity. It cant be used while it is connected, though this limitation can be irritating, it is also a decent security feature. It charges from a USB, so you can even power it from your PC!

The pack incorporates goggles, which you should wear during treatment, yet the red light turns on when the treatment head is in contact with your skin, to secure your eyes.

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Red Light Therapy Device

  • Relieve Joint Pain: red light therapy device for pain relief, used for targeted pain directly. Great for back, neck, shoulder, knees, hands. it can help improve joint back ache etc. Meantime, it can also help for muscle fatigue and soreness.
  • Efficient,Safe And Fast Red light therapy will help you overcome chronic or acute pain, arthritis, back pain, joint pain, tendonitis,Simply hold the light over the painful area for 5-10 minutes daily 1-2 times daily.When the device works for 5 min. it will shut off automatically
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life two 18650-2600mA Li-ion battery,50000 hours LED, UL listed Li-ion battery.Low wattage but high performance.USB charging for 4 hours can last for 5 hours, Works in just a few minutes per day
  • 3Pcs 3W Led Beads Personal red light therapy with a powerful LED light to help you see results fast. includes 630, 660, and 850 wavelengths which means our device penetrates deeper with both red and infrared light
  • Portable To Take With You Anywhere Handheld Infrared Light set includes 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger. You deserve to live your life to the fullest with safe and effective pain management!

Lightstim For Acne $170

LightStims acne treatment product is one of the best and simplest red and blue light therapy devices thats designed specifically to treat acne. Blue light is effective against acne because the light actually kills the bacteria on the skin that produces acne. Red light can boost collagen and help clear inflammation.

LightStims model is FDA-cleared to treat mild to moderate acne, and its a favorite of estheticians around the world. LightStim also makes a different handheld model thats designed to treat joint pain in short, easy sessions.

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Amber Led Light Promotes Skin Revitalization

These therapies have wavelengths between 570nm to 620nm, plays a supportive role as it promotes skin revitalization by increasing lymphatic flow in the epithelial layer of skin.

Amber light is particularly ideal for irritated and sensitive skin, as its calming and soothing therapy can effectively flush out toxins.

Led Light Therapy Benefits

LightStim for Pain Handheld LED Therapy Light Device on QVC

Does LED light therapy work? Short version, yes. Here’s why.

In an article by Dr Daniel Barolet on the use of LED in Dermatology, he notes LED therapy is largely known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Several studies support claims of accelerated wound healing attributed to LED light therapy, and Dr Barolet also cites LED as a suitable complementary treatment to different procedures as it helps to aid the skins healing process.

This is why you’ll often see LED light therapy included in skin treatments that involve skin needling or extractions.

Another widely studied key benefit of LED is its anti-inflammatory properties.

LED has been shown to resolve redness concerns related to inflammation and reduce post-treatment discomfort, with some studies indicating it can also be beneficial in the management of rosacea and other inflammatory concerns.

There’s also evidence that suggests some LED wavelengths promote collagen synthesis and may be effective in the treatment and prevention of concerns like photodamage, scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

So yeah, LED does a lot of things. But consistency is key.

How often should you get LED light therapy?

Well, you will only see results from regular LED treatments or consistent use of an at-home LED device.

Still wondering if LED light therapy is just a gimmick? Listen to our expert interview in this episode of the Beauty IQ Uncensored podcast below!

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Can You Overuse Lightstim

  • Using it LightStim handheld devices twice a day is enough. It is advised to continue with the same treatment schedule until you have achieved the desired results. Make it a part of your regular skincare routine. It is no different than using your moisturizers and serums. The LightStim products are very gentle and wont harm your skin at all.

Skin Health: Acne Wrinkles & Pain

Blue LED light addresses acne issues, while red and near-infrared LED light decrease inflammation and increase micro-circulation to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the area.

In aesthetics, red and near-infrared are particularly desirable for their ability to stimulate fibroblast activity and boost collagen and elastin production.

The use of green, yellow, orange or amber wavelengths are not supported in credible scientific research and will only add to the cost of an LED red light therapy device with no added benefit.

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Show Your Skin The Celluma Difference

Celluma is designed to meet these optimal considerations so you can get the best results possible.

Delivering the light energy in a pulsed manner has been shown in the clinical literature to enhance the cells ability to absorb more energy over the treatment period.

For the best possible skin and pain outcomes, choose a device that offers pulsing as an option.

The Celluma SERIES of light therapy devices are the only medically credentialed LED canopy-style machines that offer pulsing as an option.

All Celluma light therapy devices automatically default to pulsing and may be turned off if continuous mode is preferred by the user.

Led Face Mask Newkey Led Light Therapy 7 Color Facial Skin Care Mask

Best Handheld Led light Therapy Device at home, Blue &  Red Light ...

Once you get past its ominous appearance, the Newkey mask starts to grow on you. Built with densely packed LED beads, the multi-functional mask is meant to treat a huge swathe of different skin conditions.

Through producing many different wavelengths of light, the gentle mask is meant to increase collagen production, decrease acne, tighten skin, and improve pigmentation. Ultimately, the Newkey is meant to be an all-in-one rejuvenation system for overtired and inflamed skin.

This powerful LED mask is meant for all users with any skin type. Regardless of how sensitive your skin is, the residue, chemical and UV-free mask leaves your face free of damage.

If you’re not satisfied, just call customer service for the sixty day no-questions-asked refund. This should be plenty of time for to decide if the system works for you.

  • Exposes entire face to powerful LED-based light for quick treatment
  • Comes with seven different modes that target different conditions
  • Safe, gentle, and doesn’t stimulate the skin
  • Somewhat pricier than other light therapy facial products

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How To Choose An Led Light Therapy Tool

Heres what to consider when shopping for an LED light therapy tool:

  • Targeted body area. Where do you plan to use it? If youre simply targeting your face, consider a mask model. For use all over your body, a wand might be a better option.
  • Wavelengths. Certain wavelengths or light colors are better for specific skin concerns like acne or reducing the signs of aging. Red light is good for firming and plumping the skin because it boosts collagen production. Blue light helps manage oil production and treat acne.
  • Treatment time. Some devices require longer treatment times than others. If youre looking for something that will allow you to squeeze in treatments before or after a busy day, go with a device with treatment sessions lasting 3 minutes or less.

Rika Led Facial Massager

Rika beauty is a reputable cosmetic brand that has been developing quality skincare essentials for a very long now. Their strict adherence to quality and convenience has made it a popular choice today. In this regard, their LED Facial Massager is a stunning reflection of their expertise

Rikas LED Facial Massager is not an ordinary light therapy device however, its equipped with an ideal blend of three technologies- LED Photon Rejuvenation, Ionic technology, and Micro Vibration. They are incorporated to work simultaneously to provide improved facial configuration.

The LED Photon Rejuvenation utilizes three types of Light of varying intensities while powerful Galvanic Ion technology can effectively eliminate debris from deep pores, ultimately providing you with a clear and radiant complexion. Not just that, the nutria function of the LED massager is able to penetrate essential moisturizers and serums deep in the skin layers, boosting overall absorption.

The Rikas LED Facial Massager is dermatologically tested and is entirely safe to be used regularly.

Its painless and super convenient to use. Plus, its vibrating mode can quickly relax oneself, offering a spa-like experience at your home. The device has been designed to treat every skin type and is suitable to be used on the face, hand, and neck hence you may use it without any worries!



What makes it an absolute 10/10? Its FDA approved and highly recommended by expert dermatologists around the world.


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How Often Should I Use Red Light Therapy

There’s no hard and fast recommendation for the frequency of red light therapy use, although most devices recommend once daily, for around 15 minutes, for best results. Several devices will also automatically turn off after a certain amount of time.

We strongly encourage checking the specific instructions for your chosen device and following the recommended usage.

If you see a dermatologist, take your device to them for assessment before using and following their advice in regards to usage.

Norlanya Photon Led Light Therapy

LightStim for Pain Handheld LED Therapy Light Device on QVC

Another unique product with a unique, user-friendly design. This photon rejuvenation therapy machine will help you bring all sorts of benefits to your skin.

You will be able to reduce wrinkles, spots, inflammation, pimples, fine lines, and all other stuff that you want to get rid of.

There are five modes in this product. The red light mode, blue light mode, yellow light mode, program one , and program two .

However, you cannot have mixed light on this device. There are 420 LEDs in total. It is foldable, easy to carry, and easy to use on different parts of the body.

More photo & price on


  • Has five different modes of lights
  • Comes with adapter and goggles


  • Goggles do not work effectively
  • The time cannot be adjusted manually

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Can It Be Used For Pain Relief

This handheld device can not only be used on your facial and neck skin, but it can also be used as a pain relief tool for small areas. For example:

  • Joint pain around the aching areas
  • Muscle pain use in a circular motion on the trigger point or aching muscle area
  • Nerve pain can be used on the feet and hands

This excellent device can also be used for home cellulite treatment since it combines red, infrared, and gentle massage perfect for breaking down white fat cells!

Expanding Treatment Options With Led Red Light Therapy

Being able to treat inflammatory skin conditions, revitalize tired and aging skin, as well as to deliver results for pain management and wound healing has broadened both my in-clinic and at-home treatment offering.

Most importantly, my Celluma devices have taken out patients results and satisfaction to the next level.

Miss Sherina Balaratnam, MBBS, MRCS, MSc, Surgeon and Cosmetic Doctor, Medical Director, S-Thetics Clinic in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

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The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has a longer wavelength that penetrates deeper into the skin and helps reduce inflammation and redness, says Dr. Anetta Rezsko, a New York City-based dermatologist. It has also been shown to increase collagen and elastin synthesis and therefore reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Top Light Therapy Lamps

Best Handheld Led Light Therapy Device

Light therapy lamps are widely used for seasonal depression and seasonal affective disorder symptoms. Lamps differ from most of the other light therapy products on this list because theyre used to brighten a room with artificial light. Other LED products on this list deliver wavelengths of light directly to the skin and cells to produce a biological effect.

Some compelling clinical evidence shows that light therapy lamps can improve SAD and winter blues, but its a different mechanism of action from other LED light therapy products.

Looking for a good light therapy lamp for SAD and seasonal depression? Here are the best light therapy lamps:

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How Should You Use Led Light Therapy Masks At Home

You can use LED light therapy masks either in the morning at night, depending on the results youre looking for. Dr. Reszko says that using a LED face mask in the morning will improve your skins appearance by increasing the glow and overall appearance of the skin.

However, using a LED device at night will calm down skin inflammation resulting from daily exposure to skin irritants like pollution, especially in people with sensitive and rosacea-prone skin,” she says.

The Light Salon Boost Led Dcolletage Bib $495

If you want to treat the skin on your neck with light therapy, youll need more than just a mask. This light therapy bib from the Light Salon is on the high end for price, but its one of the only LED light therapy products designed specifically for the skin on your neck, shoulders, back, and upper chest. It uses a combination of red and near-infrared light to reduce inflammation and boost collagen levels.

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What Are Client Say

  • Daniel Cohen

    “I use the Domer Laser for anti-inflammation, to relax very tight muscles, help reduce pain, also combined with massage therapy benefits are greater, Laser makes my work easier”

  • Dr.Kian Masoumi

    “The Chiropractor in my office uses Domer Laser on me often to stimulate acupuncture points. I know the laser machine helps me because I feel great”

  • Dr.Jeffrey Dreon

    “Laser point acupuncture is the safest natural treatment, needle free and more effective than traditional Chinese acupuncture. In my practice, I prefer to use the Domer Laser to benefit my patients”

  • Dr.Jagjeet Singh

    Updating skill and latest tools for practitioner in medical field is our priority.I added Domer Laser from last 16 months for pain management and incurable cases.Good results .

  • Dr.Paulette Lewis

    “I used Domer Laser to treat the knee osteoarthritis, TMJ, Knee meniscal tear, Chronic neck pain are a few that I remember right now, I use it for 10 minutes, results have been from at least a 25% to 100% improvement in one session, very great tool.”


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