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Cold Therapy Machine For Knee

What Is Cold Therapy

Knee: Cold Therapy and Cold Therapy with Brace

Also known as Cryotherapy, cold therapy is simply that. It involves applying cold over the injured body tissue. It could be your knee, ankle, or elbow tissue. The cold may be applied in many forms including using an ice pack, cold therapy machine, cold compression sleeve, coolant sprays, ice bath, or simply using a package of frozen vegetables, which you probably have done before.Either way, the cold therapy helps in lowering inflammation, swelling, soreness, and pain by exposing the affected body tissue to extremely cold temperatures. The cold temperature helps in numbing the tissue’s nerve endings making the pain more tolerable.

How To Use Medical Ice Machine For Knee Therapy

Using a medical ice machine for your knee after surgery or an injury can be a fantastic way to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. Depending on the specific model that you choose, there may be slightly different ways that you can use an ice machine for your knee.

Therefore, its a good idea to always refer to the instructional manual thats included with your machine.

Generally speaking, youll want to start out by filling up the water reservoir and connecting the tube to the pad. You can then wrap the pad around your knee and switch the machine on.

Some models will come with controls that let you set the duration of time that you want to use cold therapy for. The machine can then automatically turn itself off when the time is up. There are also machines that let you provide your knee with cold therapy in time intervals, as well as the ones where you have to turn the machine off when youre finished.

What Is A Cold Therapy Machine

A cold therapy machine resembles a small cooler and is used to obtain pain relief for your injured knee. The machine works by distributing cold water through an ice reservoir. The reservoir is linked to a wrap responsible for providing compression to reduce swelling on the injured area. Essentially, the machine combines the benefits of cold therapy and compression therapy by providing targeted pressure.The machine is far more efficient than using ice alone, convenient, portable, and helps in a faster healing process.

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Ice Therapy Machine With Universal Pad And Knee Pad

Sale pricePrice$179.99Regular priceUnit price/ per

  • REDUCE PAIN AND DISCOMFORT: Recovering from surgery? Aches? Pains? LEONNS Ice Therapy Machine was designed to help you. Cold therapy helps reduce swelling, pain and edema. When recovering from an injury or surgery you need to rest and let LEONNS cyrotherapy ice machine do the work. The cold therapy system continuously pumps cold water at a regulated temperature to a soft pad providing effortless relief to the affected area.
  • EASY TO USE SETTINGS: The machine has a built in timer so you can set your session for up to 30 minutes at a time. LEONNS cryotherapy machine allows you to choose from 5 different flow rate settings to best suit your needs. In order to ensure that you are getting the proper treatment the ice therapy machine also monitors the temperature of the water. To properly set settings please refer to the included manual.
  • INCLUDED: Ice Therapy Machine with Digital Controls Universal Therapy Pad 5 ft insulation tube 5.8 ft AC Power Adapter Adjustable Pad Securing Straps
  • UNIVERSAL PAD: The universal pad is designed to provide blissful relief to any affected area. The pad comfortably provides relief to the knee, lower back, shoulder, hip, arm, leg, and elbow. Unlike the ice machines of the past, LEONNS ice machine is quiet and will not disrupt television, conversation, or rest.
  • WARRANTY: Go with a brand you can trust! Leonns offers a one year manufacturer’s warranty.Co

Is An Ice Machine For Knees Worth The Investment

Active Ice 2.0 Double Knee And Joint Therapy System

Ice machines are a great way to keep your joints and muscles cool and healthy. But they can also be pricey.

The best ice machines are the ones that have the capability to make different shapes of ice, like cubes or spheres. This is why it is important to invest in an ice machine with a wide range of options for you to choose from.

It is worth investing in an ice machine if you are looking for relief from arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, or other injuries that cause stiffness and pain. It is also worth purchasing one if you have a large family or work out regularly at home or at the gym.

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Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee Cold Therapy Machine

Maximum Time: 5 hours Weight: 2.2 pounds Universal Pad: Yes

If you want to find a compact ice machine for knee surgery, just pick the Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee Cold Therapy Machine, the greatest option when your budget is tight.

Its the cheapest device on the list. But its drawback is not that bad it only suits for the recovery of the knees. In this case, this machine is specially fit for athletes who often have leg injuries!

Cooling and local compression provided by a non-motorized gravity supply system can help quickly reduce swelling and pain.

Features: 1. Merely suitable for knees2.Cheap price 3. Non-motorized gravity supply system

What Are The Benefits

Medical professionals, along with sports and rehabilitation specialists all agree that compression therapy in combination with ice therapy ranks among the best treatment for injury, inflammation and pain related to your muscular system.

Ice therapy helps to mitigate pain, thanks to its numbing effect, and it does not have the dangerous side effects of over-the-counter medication.

It also helps your tissues repair themselves faster by reducingswelling and inflammation, and increasing nutrients and oxygen to the injuredarea.

Its other benefits include stimulating blood flow and stimulating the movement of lymphatic fluid which then provides injured tissues with both nutrients and oxygen.

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Cold Therapy Machine Cryotherapy Freeze Kit System

The Cold Therapy- Cryotherapy Freeze Kit System by PhysioNatural has a great, easy-read monitor which makes tracking the timer and temperature simple. The superior motor provides high flow for even, consistent temperatures.


Tough, durable construction and a great motor makes this machine last.

The kit comes with a wearable, adjustable knee pad made of dimpled material that allows even distribution of the cold water for therapy. There are three built-in straps to fit the pad and provide compression.

The pad can be used for elbows, too, but there are various other pads available for hip, shoulder, back, etc.

The digital timer can be set to shut off at 20, 40, or 60 minutes.

The high-flow motor is whisper quiet to let you rest, and it keeps the temperature consistent.

The Cold Therapy Machine by PhysioNatural is great because the monitor is easy to read, and the pads are designed specifically for each body part, the knee for post-surgical use or for other parts of your body after surgery or to relieve swelling and pain from injuries.

How To Choose A Cold Therapy Machine

How To Use An Ice Therapy Machine (At Home)

We’ve shown you seven great options for cold therapy machines, so how do you choose the best one for you and your patients? First, think about your needs.

Do you need a portable cold therapy machine? Need one with a bunch of pad options and sizes? Are you looking for something battery-powered that can go anywhere? Do you want high-end technology so you can track your patient’s use?

Narrowing down what you need will guide you to the best machine. However, we also recommend keeping several options so you always have the right one for your patient’s specific situation.

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Comfortable Pads And Insulation

You wont want to use your ice therapy machine if it isnt pleasant. Youll want an ice therapy system with ergonomic pads and a soft texture so that you can comfortably wrap it around your knee.

You also want to note the tube length and insulation quality of your cold therapy machine. Longer tubes allow for higher mobility levels that can help you lay down easily while using the machine. Additionally, strong insulation is needed in your pads and hose to ensure cold compression is directed to your knee for targeted relief.

Explore the full list of Cold Therapy Pads & Accessories to decide which pad will fit most comfortably on your knee.

Top Cold Therapy Products From Vitality Medical

  • Deroyal Jetstream T700 Hot/Cold Therapeutic Unit is popular for its dual-purpose capability of providing hot and cold therapy with wraps to fit the knee, hip, arm, and knee.
  • Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System includes the cube cooler with WrapOn pad of choice to support therapy for eight-hour cycles.
  • Breg Polar Care Wave allows for cold treatments and intermittent compression. The therapies can be used in conjunction with each other or independently.
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    Best Cold Therapy Machines For 2022

    Cryotherapy is a lot easier than it sounds. Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, involves applying cold for long durations of time. Cryotherapy products include cold packs, postoperative ice therapy machines, and even a frozen bag with peas inside. Apparently, cold therapy is one of the most effective first aids suggested for muscle pain or injuries in the knee, hip, arm, or shoulder.

    Regular ice packs are not well-equipped to offer extended cold therapy sessions. Therefore, a cryotherapy machine is essential for optimum relief for multiple hours. Most ice therapy machines have a motorized pump that sends cold water into pads and wraps around various body parts. Some offer simultaneous cold and heat therapy, providing multiple relief forms in a single unit.

    Top Pick: Ossur Cold Rush Therapy System

    Polar Active Ice 3.0 Knee Cold Therapy System with 9 Quart Cooler

    Maximum Time: 6 hours Weight: 4.6 pounds Universal Pad: none

    First to touch on is Ossur Cold Rush Therapy System the most reliable and outstanding ice machine for shoulder/knee. With its excellent cooling and low decibels , it has become the leader of its industry.

    It has a stronger flow rate and longer cooling time, consequently, you can quickly immerse yourself in relaxing sleep for up to 8 hours. Meanwhile, thanks to the unique lock structure, your legs and shoulders are kept evenly cool without cold air out and hot air in. Last but not least, this machine can adapt to different environments, maintaining optimal air-conditioning output, even at high altitudes.

    Features: 1. Unique mute system, only 30 decibels 2. Comfortable cooling and compression 3. Proven quality and brand

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    Ice Machines For Knee Pain

    The best ice machine for alleviating knee pain can depend on a variety of factors. When deciding, take into account how and where you want to use the machine. The Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Therapy Ice Machine has all of the bells and whistles, while still providing targeted cold therapy and knee pain relief. Collectively, this ice machine will help you find prolonged relief making it an excellent option for alleviating knee pain.

    Regardless of which ice therapy machines you consider, relieving knee pain is important to help you get back to the things you enjoy. Knee pain can be a huge obstacle in your life, but with the right therapy, it doesnt have to slow you down.

    Talk to your doctor before beginning cold therapy and make sure you choose the right cold therapy unit for your specific pain.

    For more resources for injury prevention and recovery, read on:

    Using An Ice Machine For Knee Surgery Vs An Ice Machine For Shoulder Surgery

    When it comes to using an ice machine for knee surgery and an ice machine for shoulder surgery, there are many options that enable you to use the device for both. Some machines will come with different pads that you can use to wrap around either your shoulder or your knee to provide it with ice therapy.

    There are also other choices that come with a more universal fitting pad that you can wrap around your shoulder and knee.

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    Cold Therapy Machine Instructions

    At the conclusion of your surgery, a cold therapy pad will be placed within the dressing around your surgical incision. This pad is attached via a hose or tube to a small cooler to hold the ice water to be circulated to and from the cooling pad. Ice is one of the best anti-inflammatory treatments there is. Since all surgery, no matter how small, causes inflammation and swelling, it is a good idea to cool the area surrounding the surgical incision.

    The general idea of the cold therapy unit is for you to use it as much as possible for a few days following surgery. If swelling persists longer than a few days, it is ok to continue using the cold therapy until the swelling resolves.

    It is ok to use the cold therapy unit as long as you can tolerate it, but avoid making it so cold as to cause pain. Also, never put the cold therapy pad directly next to your skin.Always have an Ace Bandage wrap or towel in between your skin and the pad. If it is too cold as to cause discomfort then turn it off for a while and change it to a warmer setting before restarting use.

    Although you should use it as much as possible, do not use it for more than two hours at a time without turning if off for thirty minutes.

    Polar Active Ice 30 Cold Therapy Ice Machine System With Programmable Timer

    DonJoy Iceman Cold Therapy

    The Polar Active Ice 3.0 has a unique, patent pending, programable timer that can be set for ten-minute intervals for up to 990 minutes for hours of customized cold therapy and pain relief after knee surgery. Polar Products is an American company and manufacturing, distribution, and customer service departments are all in Ohio, so service and communication is easy for buyers.


    Ergonomic knew/joint pad provides the compression recommended by doctors and fits comfortably with elastic, Velcro secured bands.

    The ice bucket unit is light weight and holds 6 frozen water bottles rather than ice. Theres no melting ice to deal with. Theres also a larger, 16-quart size available.

    The programable timer makes treatment safer while resting or sleeping because you can set it to turn on and off for ten minutes at a time, overnight.

    The quick connect-disconnect feature and elastic and Velcro bands make fitting the pad and setting up for therapy sessions easy

    The Polar Active Ice 3.0 is great because of its use of bottles rather than ice cubes, and because of its programable timer. The Polar Products Company is in the United States. Their products are designed, manufactured, distributed, and serviced in Ohio, so wait time is minimal, and communications easy.

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    Pros And Cons Of Using A Cold Therapy Machine

    • Posted On: Jul 1, 2022

    Cold therapy is a time-tested method for obtaining relief from pain, especially when you are injured, strain a muscle, or are recovering from surgery. This technique is part of the RICE method for healing and is widely used across the world. One of the common ways to utilize cold therapy is with an ice pack held in place with an elastic bandage.

    Advances in technology have made it easier to apply cold therapy when you need it. Cold therapy machines work by circulating water through an ice reservoir. The reservoir connects to a wrap that provides the element of compression, which may help reduce swelling. With a cold therapy unit, you get the combined benefits of therapeutic cold and targeted pressure to aid in your healing.

    3 Benefits of Using a Cold Therapy Machine

    Cold therapy machines may be recommended by physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists alike for one of many reasons including:

    More Efficient than Ice

    The combination of compression and cold has been clinically proven to be more effective than ice therapy alone. Cold alleviates pain and reduces swelling by restricting blood flow to the area, and compression also reduces swelling and allows the therapeutic cold to penetrate deeper and last longer.

    Convenience and Portability

    Less Pain Medication

    About Cold Therapy Units

    Get Back to What Matters With Game Ready

    If you need a Game Ready in the Gillette, Wyoming area, Campbell County Healths Home Medical Resources offers rentals.

    Cryotherapy Circulating Personal Cold Water Therapy Ice Machine

    Maximum Time: 5 hours Weight: 5.9 pounds Universal Pad: Yes

    Now, give up the messy ice pack and start using the electric ice pack. When you fix it in the injured position, it does not easily loose or fall off due to movement. Even, you dont need to frequently change the water.

    Just follow the guide to install Cryotherapy Circulating Personal Cold Water Therapy Ice Machine: put water in it, plug in the power, and then fix the universal pad. Then, youll get relaxed for 5 hours.

    Features 2. No leaking 52 hose 3. The system can cycle up to 5 hours

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    Koozam Cryo Cuff Knee Cooler Cold Therapy Ice Machine For Knee System


    • COMBINES CRYOTHERAPY WITH STATIC COMPRESSION If you recently had knee replacement surgery or are suffering from a knee injury, then you need this ice therapy machine for knees. It will help immensely with pain, swelling, and or inflammation.
    • EASY-TO-OPERATE GRAVITY-FED COLD THERAPY SYSTEM Theres no motor or complicated setup with this unique compression ice pack for injuries. It delivers targeted chilled therapy utilizing gravity as its power source. No loud motors or cumbersome machines.
    • DESIGNED TO HOLD COLD TEMPERATURE MUCH LONGER The insulated, leakproof water canister and tubing provide a consistent, long-lasting cold temperature. Water will stay cool for approximately 12 or more hours.
    • UNIVERSAL SIZE WILL COMFORTABLY FIT MOST KNEES Always the perfect fit. The cuff on this innovative knee ice pack is adjustable and designed to be one-size-fits-most. Youll always be able to find the ideal level of compression and comfort for your knee. PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE
    • GREAT FOR HOME, HOSPITALS, AND REHAB FACILITIES This cold therapy knee wrap system is an affordable and effective way to deliver continuous cold and compression therapy. Its an excellent tool to have on hand at home or in hospitals, PT facilities, rehabilitation centers, and gyms.


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