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Cpt Code For Family Therapy

How Do I Code Couples Therapy Correctly

Family Therapy CPT Codes Explained

Your initial session would be billed as you would any initial session with an IP present. For ongoing couples therapy, it is appropriate to use the 90847 CPT code for couples/family therapy with the IP present and the 90846 CPT code with couples/family therapy without the IP present.

What happens when you need to see one of the parties individually for a session? This is where it can get confusing and another reason you need to determine the IP at the start. If youre seeing the IP for a session apart from other family members, including a spouse or partner, you would use an individual therapy code. If you need to see the non-IP family member for a session, you would use the 90846 CPT code .

To break it down even further, according to the National Association of Social Workers, the 90846 CPT code identifies family psychotherapy services without the patient present. This particular code is used when an individual psychotherapy service is on the same day but is separate and distinct for the patient. The time range is 26 minutes or more and the session is for 50 minutes.

The 90847 CPT code is family psychotherapy with the patient present and is known as conjoint psychotherapy. The 90847 CPT code may be used on the same day as an individual psychotherapy service is provided if the services are separate and distinct for the patient. The time is a 50-minute session and the total duration for the therapy is 26 minutes or more.

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How To Bill These Family Therapy Sessions

Session 1: We use billing code 90847 for family therapy with the patient present. Use Client Bs information when filing the claim, including their diagnosis code.

Session 2: We use billing code 90846 for family therapy with the patient not present. Use Client Bs information and diagnosis code when filing out the claim form. We may want to add additional diagnoses here as we learn more about the treatment situation.

Session 3: We use billing code 90837 here for treatment with the client, Client B. Even if this client is seeking therapy about their family issues, they are seeking individual therapy. Use Client Bs information on the claim forms too.

Session 4: We are also using billing code 90837 for the new client, Client A, as Client A is now requesting their own treatment . Use Client As information and diagnosis when filing this form.

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What Does Cpt Code 90847 Mean

90847 is family psychotherapy with the patient present. This is also referred to as conjoint psychotherapy. This code may also be used on the same day as an individual psychotherapy service is provided as long as the services are separate and distinct for the patient.

What is the ICD 10 code for Family Therapy?

Can you bill 90837 family session?

The American Medical Association clarified in 2016 that CPT codes 90832, 90834, and 90837 were individual therapy codes, and should only be used for a family session if a family member comes once or occasionally into a session where ongoing individual therapy is taking place.

Mental Health Cpt Codes: The Definitive Guide

A New Way To Bill for Extended Sessions?

CPT is a standardized medical codeset maintained by the AMA. CPT codes are five digit numeric codes describing everything from surgery to radiology to psychotherapy.

CPT Codes are different from Diagnosis Codes or ICD10 F-Codes for billing and coding your insurance claims. Heres our mental health diagnosis code list if you need to look one up.

For therapists that are on managed care panels or provide superbills to their clients, knowing your CPT codes is paramount to getting paid in full and avoiding insurance audits.

The amount insurance companies will reimburse depends on a number of different factors , but using the correct CPT Code and add-on code to express the exact service is an important part to the whole process and in ultimately determining your payment!

Errors, accidental or otherwise, will directly impact insurance companys payment of services. If you need help with making sure your billing and coding is error-free, our mental health billing service can help.

Think about reaching out if the rest of this article hurts your feelings.

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Cpt Coding For Therapy

CPT coding for psychotherapy doesnt have to be difficult! There are an overwhelming amount of total CPT Codes , however only 24 are specifically designated for psychotherapy and other mental health services.

To make matters even simpler, nearly all therapists will regularly use an even smaller subset of these 24.

CPT is a large and dynamic code set that changes year to year, but the psychotherapy codes seldom change.

The most recent change for psychotherapy codes took place in 2019, then 2013, and previously 1998.

To ensure your coding is current and up to date, consider using a billing service instead of having to remember all the codes.

Key Facts For Utilizing The Interactive Complexity Add

Interactive Complexity Add-On Code for Psychotherapy
90785 Interactive complexity

Can be reported with appropriate primary procedure if at least one of four specific complicating factor are present.

Add-on code 90785 for interactive complexity refers tospecific communication factors that complicate the delivery of a mental health procedure.

At least one of the four complicating factors identified in the CPT manual must pertain in order for providers to report the interactive complexity code as an add-on to the principal psychiatric procedure.

Complicating factors include, for example, difficult communication with acrimonious family members and engagement of verbally undeveloped children. These factors are typically found with patients who:

  • Have others legally responsible for their care, such as minors or adults with guardians
  • Request others such as family members or interpreters to be involved during the visit
  • Require the involvement of third parties such as schools or probation officers

Interactive complexity cannot be reported solely for the purpose of translation or interpretation services.

Code 90785 may be reported with codes for diagnostic evaluation , psychotherapy and group psychotherapy .

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What If The Ip Is Covered By Two Insurance Plans

This can be complicated. Youll need to contact the insurance plans involved and figure out which plan is primary, bill that plan first, then bill the secondary plan, enclosing a copy of the Explanation of Benefits from the primary plan which outlines how much they paid . SimplePractice customers get the benefit of a system that manages secondary claims automatically theres no additional information you have to pass on to the secondary payer.

Outpatient Mental Health Cpt Codes:

Family and Couple Therapy Billing Guide (CPT Code 90847 & 90846)
  • 90832 Psychotherapy, 30 minutes .
  • 90834 Psychotherapy, 45 minutes .
  • 90837 Psychotherapy, 60 minutes .
  • 90846 Family or couples psychotherapy, without patient present.
  • 90847 Family or couples psychotherapy, with patient present.
  • 90853 Group Psychotherapy .
  • 98968 Telephone therapy limit 3 units/hours per application.

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Changes To Cpt Codes In 2022

New CPT® codes are released each year to keep up with new developments in health care services. The annual update for 2022 includes a number of changes to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of the update is a series of 15 vaccine-specific codes meant to efficiently report and track immunizations and administrative services during the pandemic. There are 249 new codes, 63 deletions, and 93 revisions to the 2022 CPT® code set related to COVID-19 reporting.

Aside from these updates, there were additional changes made to respond to the fast pace of digital healthcare services as that industry continues to evolve. Specifically, 5 new CPT® codes were created to report therapeutic remote monitoring. You can visit the AMAs website to learn more about the updating process and changes being made in 2022.

Since CPT® codes are used across the entire healthcare system, there will likely be codes and updates that dont apply to you as a mental health provider. Still, its a good idea to review the updates as they are released, to make sure youre using the most accurate code for your service or that youre not trying to bill a deleted code.

Is 90837 An E M Code

Psychotherapy must be at least 16 minutes to be reported. For psychotherapy of 90+ minutes, use 90837 and the appropriate prolonged service code . Since 2013, the psychotherapy add-on codes allow psychiatrists to report psychotherapy with the full range of E/M codes.

What does CPT code 90846 mean?

family psychotherapy services90846 identifies family psychotherapy services without the patient present. This code may be used on the same day as an individual psychotherapy service is provided when the services are separate and distinct for the patient. The session is for 50 minutes and the time range is 26 minutes or more.

What is the CPT code for Family Therapy?

90834 Psychotherapy, 45 minutes . 90837 Psychotherapy, 60 minutes . 90846 Family or couples psychotherapy, without patient present.

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Mental Health Evaluation & Management Codes

There are also E/M in conjunction with psychotherapy, used by authorized prescribers, psychiatrists, and MDs.

Coding E/M is trickier, harder to document and more vulnerable to audit but usually results in greater reimbursement.

Theres also a series of E/M codes that are used without the psychotherapy component.

For more in-depth coverage on E/M coding for psychotherapy there are some good free webinars released by AACAP on E/M CPT Codes.

  • Add-on CPT Code +90833 E/M code for 30 minutes of psychiatry .
  • Add-on CPT Code +90836 E/M code for 45 minutes of psychiatry .
  • Add-on CPT Code +90838 E/M code for 60 minutes of psychotherapy .

Cpt Codes For Individual Therapy Sessions

Pin on template

Billing for family and couples therapy used to be an obstacle if a professional was regularly meeting with a single client. The American Medical Association set codes 90832, 90834 and 90837 for individual therapy billing with an occasional guest visitor. Back in 2016, these guidelines controlled billing claims for infrequent visitors that did not require help but were involved in recovery for the Identified Patient.

As therapists reported increased session lengths, the AMA launched Prolonged Service codes 99354 and 99355 for professionals adding additional time to meetings. These codes make it easier to file billing claims for sessions exceeding 60 minutes at a time. In order for therapists to include Prolonged Service codes for billing, they must consider the following:

  • Sessions must extend a minimum of 30 minutes from the original code for use of Prolonged Service extensions.
  • Prolonged Service codes must be listed with the original session code for all claims.

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Q& a: Determining When To Report Individual Family Psychotherapy In Cpt

Q: Would it be appropriate to use family psychotherapy CPT codes 90846-90849 to report therapy for the benefit one person that involves input from family members?

A: If the treatment is focused on the benefit of one person, it should be reported as individual psychotherapy regardless of how many people are in the room. Children often attend therapy sessions with one or both parents in the room. The following CPT codes are used to report individual psychotherapy sessions :

  • 90832, psychotherapy, 30 minutes with patient
  • 90834, 45 minutes with patient
  • 90837, 60 minutes with patient

If medical E/M services are performed with the psychotherapy, the coder would instead report one of the following add-on codes in addition to the E/M code:

  • 90833, psychotherapy, performed with an E/M service, 30 minutes with patient
  • 90836, 45 minutes with patient
  • 90838, 60 minutes with patient

If the treatment is focused on the family unit, then family psychotherapy should be reported. The term “family” may apply to traditional family members, live-in companions, or significant others involved in the care of the patient.

Family psychotherapy CPT codes are:

  • 90846, family psychotherapy , 50 minutes
  • 90847, family psychotherapy , 50 minutes
  • 90849, multiple-family group psychotherapy

Family psychotherapy sessions must be at least 26 minutes in duration to be reported. Codes 90846 and 90847 are not time based but are typically 45 to 60 minutes in duration.

What If There Are Two Plans With Shared Benefits

Again, you can only bill for the session one service. If the IP is covered by both plans, you have to do a little research to determine which would be considered primary and which would be considered secondary. You cannot bill each plan for a full session or for two individual sessions. It is fraudulent and places you at risk.

Billing couples therapy doesnt have to be hard but you do need to be sure you understand the importance of having an IP and a clear clinical justification if/when using 90847 CPT Code and 90846 CPT Code. Audits can and do happen. You want to be fully prepared to demonstrate compliance should questions or even billing issues arise.

As with any billing/benefits, it is always in your best interest to stay up to date on CPT changes, check your contracts periodically for changes to contracted services and verify benefits for your clients. Benefits can vary widely even within health plans and often change at the annual benefits renewal.

TheraPlatforms integrated platform can help you navigate the complexities of billing and help you to maintain the information you need.

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How To Bill Cpt Code 90846

On the claim, the client should be listed as the identified patient in the session. On the CMS 1500, you or your biller must include all the required demographic information as you would for a routine psychotherapy like 90834 or 90837.

Just like other CPT codes, it should go in the 24 location of a CMS 1500.

Typical Reimbursements By Type Of Therapist

CPT Code Changes for Therapists
Type of Therapist

These rates can vary significantly therapist to therapist but are good benchmarks for comparison.

How about CPT Codes? How do they affect the rate of reimbursement? This is a difficult and complex calculation, depending on the level of education, location, and license. The AMA has created a code search feature on their website that shows payment based off CPT Code and location.

This information is somewhat incomplete and is based off medicare payments and does not specify a number of other important factors. However, this tool is still very useful to compare the relative value CPT Codes against one another.

Private insurance will be correlated with some deviation from these numbers.

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Cpt Code And 90846 Cpt Code: Billing The Right Way

The 90847 CPT Code and the 90846 CPT Code are used by therapists for billing couples and families receiving counseling services. But it isnt as straightforward as it sounds. Ask any therapist who does couples or family therapy work about billing and youre likely to get a string of billing stories. Used. Not used. Sort of covered. Whats the real story? Is couples therapy something that you can legitimately bill for using the 90847 CPT Code and the 90846 CPT Code?

The answer is, it depends.

Couples work is historically one of the most confusing services for therapists to bill. Couples therapy, marital therapy, couples counseling and all its iterations is a continuum that ranges from the highly clinical intervention to non-clinical enrichment and education. Its not what most people specifically think of as family therapy. Its not individual therapy. There isnt even a specific CPT code just for couples therapy.

For years, third party payors generally excluded it from coverage. In fact, when you call to verify benefits, you will sometimes get a NO simply because not everyone understands that couples therapy is more than just communication skills. No wonder therapists are confused!

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What Are The Cpt Codes For Mental Health

Diagnostic, Evaluation, Intake CPT Code: 90791 Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation without medical services 90792 Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation with medical services Outpatient Mental Health CPT Codes: 90832 Psychotherapy, 30 minutes . 90834 Psychotherapy, 45 minutes .

What is the CPT code for psychotherapy for crisis?

90839 Psychotherapy for crisis, 60 minutes . +90840 Add-on code for an additional 30 minutes . Used in conjunction with 90839. If you need help choose the right CPT code to use for your insurance claims, we help translate billing into English with our mental health billing service.

What is the add on code for psychiatry?

Add-on CPT Code +90833 E/M code for 30 minutes of psychiatry . Add-on CPT Code +90836 E/M code for 45 minutes of psychiatry . Add-on CPT Code +90838 E/M code for 60 minutes of psychotherapy .

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