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Testicle Tanning | Red Light Therapy and Testosterone

Ever since the initial experiments in space, there have been hundreds of clinical studies and thousands of laboratory studies conducted to determine if RLT has medical benefits.

Many studies have had promising results, but the benefits of red light therapy are still a source of controversy. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services , for example, has determined that there isnt enough evidence to show that these devices are better than currently existing treatments for treating wounds, ulcers, and pain.

Additional clinical research is needed to prove that RLT is effective. At the moment, however, theres some evidence to suggest that RLT may have the following benefits:

Its important to note that when RLT is used with cancer treatments, the light is only used to activate another medication. Other light therapies have been used to help with some of the conditions above. For instance, studies have found that white light therapy is more effective at treating symptoms of depression than red light. Blue light therapy is more commonly used for acne, with limited effectiveness.

Red light wavelengths arent the only wavelengths to be studied for medical purposes. Blue light, green light, and a mixture of different wavelengths have also been the subject of similar experiments in humans.

There are other kinds of light-based therapies available. You can ask your doctor about:

  • laser treatments

Can You Combine Tanning And Red Light Therapy

You can do tanning if you really want but honestly, it defeats the purpose of doing red light therapy. According to Ashley Bell, the resident esthetician at Trophy Skin, Sun exposure is not good for your skin, and neither is the tanning bed because it gives off the UVA and UVB rays.

90% of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration comes from sun damage, while the other 10 percent is just natural aging. So if you use red light therapy to help your skin, but damage your skin with tanning, you wont ever really get ahead. Instead, youll just be in the same position.

Does The Source Of Red Light Matter

Many tanning salons offer a full-body bed with red light. These are powered with fluorescent bulbs that still produce UV rays. Although it can do a full body treatment at one go, it also emits UV radiation that can produce changes at the cellular level.

LED bulbs are safer to use and these can be manufactured specifically to be UV-free. So yes, the source of red light matters.

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Red Light Therapy At Home Vs At A Tanning Salon: Which Is The Better Deal

If youre sold on the benefits of red light therapy, the very next question becomes relevant how much does red light therapy cost at a tanning salon? Lets check out the math for each one:

Typically red light therapy at a tanning salon or other office costs between $30 and $100 per session. Spending $50 for a red light therapy session every once in a while might not seem like a big hit to your wallet. But these relatively small expenditures add up, so its smart to compare the cost over time to a one-time investment in your own device with unlimited usage.

Another important consideration is that red light therapy is a long-term play. Its important to engage in consistent sessions to see changes in your skin tone, adult acne, or wrinkles. And if youre looking to use red light therapy as a muscle recovery treatment post-workout, youre going to want it every time you finish exercising.

But lets look at the numbers more closely. PlatinumLED Therapy Lights least expensive unit, the BIO 300, is available in red light , NIR , or a combination of red/NIR, and it costs $369. As the smallest device made by PlatinumLED, its best for targeted treatment, such as your upper body and face, or lower back. Like all PlatinumLED Therapy lights, the BIO 300 has the highest irradiance of its class on the market, so its powerful and effective in shorter sessions.

How Do Red Light Therapy Beds Work


Red light therapy beds are lined with light-emitting diodes that produce specific wavelengths of low-level red and near-infrared light. The light penetrates deeply into the skin, where its absorbed by cell mitochondria, microscopic organelles that create most of the energy for the cells.

When exposed to the red light, the mitochondria produce increased levels of adenosine triphosphate , an energy-carrying molecule. That ATP energy accelerates the process of cell repair, resulting in skin thats smoother, firmer and less prone to acne and irregular pigmentation.

Red light therapy goes by many names, including low-level light therapy , low-level laser therapy and photobiomodulation.

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The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

To help you understand how RLT could be useful in the battle against cancer, some scientific knowledge about the red light therapy process could be useful.

Each human cell is filled with organelles called mitochondria. Mitochondria is an energy source for cell growth and regeneration. When cells get damaged or die, they cause a lot of physical or even psychological issues for the individual as the mitochondria lie dormant. However, the energy from infrared light has proven to be the perfect energy boost for mitochondria.

This is how the magic works. When the infrared light hits the mitochondria, the light brings the mitochondria to life. That immediately results in damaged cells getting repairs and new cells being generated. Cell reparation and growth are the keys to the health benefits that seem to follow.

Based on this knowledge, you can probably begin to anticipate how the RLT process would work with cancer. Of course, there are three issues at hand. First, could RLT play a role in killing off cancer cells? Second, to what degree could RLT help replace dead cancer cells with healthy growing cells? Finally, would RLT not cause cancer cells to grow?

Let us investigate.

What Is Red Light Therapy At Tanning Salons

Many of us struggle to get the perfect tan. Having a tan allows us to achieve that youthful look. Besides, pale skin is not considered attractive, and sporting a tan can help you make a first good impression on every person you meet. If you have tried a tanning bed that uses UV light, you would know that it is not the right option. On the other, there is a new type of tanning solution that you can opt for to get that healthy tan without damaging your skin. This is where red light therapy comes into place. It is offered at tanning salons and other locations.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Tanning Work

Our new lamps combine UV tanning with Red Light Therapy . Together, the two work synergistically so you get a 2-in-1 treatment that helps you achieve the color you want while getting a visible, full-body skin boost. The UV lamps help you develop a natural-looking bronze, and the heat emitted from these classic bulbs has been said to optimize red light absorption. Simultaneous Red Light Therapy helps improve your overall tanning experience with rejuvenating care believed to aid in the visible reduction of lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and discoloration.

Tanning And Red Light Therapy Together

Red Light Therapy Benefits – Does it Really Work?

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In a previous post, weve explained that red light therapy doesnt make your skin tan. If you want to experience the benefits of light therapy but still get the sunkissed look, you might be wondering about tanning and red light therapy together.

Is there such a device that combines red light therapy and tanning? Or could you at least have them both on the same day? The answer to both of those questions is yes. There are tanning beds that combine red light therapy and UV light for tanning, but they are rare.

What is most common is a gym, spa, or other facility that has a red light therapy machine and a UV tanning bed . And of course, depending on where you live, there are always the benefits of natural sunshine!

Let us tell you more about the hybrid tanning beds below. Then, we will also talk about having tanning and red light therapy sessions on the same day. Furthermore, youll also discover the effect of going through red light therapy before tanning.


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What Else Do I Need To Know About Red Light Therapy

There are a lot of variables to consider when thinking about red light therapy:

  • Is RLT covered by my health insurance? Red light therapy is typically not a covered treatment. You may want to call your health insurance company before seeking treatment.
  • How many treatments will I need? Youll likely need ongoing treatments. This is not a one-time treatment for most skin conditions. Youll need to be seen one to three times a week for weeks or even months. Also, is there a need for additional touch-up treatments? This may add up to a lot of time and considerable out-of-pocket costs.
  • Will I achieve the desired results? Everyones skin is different so results can vary. Also, the wavelength of the red light source ranges. The wavelength affects how deeply the light penetrates your skin. The wavelength of the red light device being used in a doctors office versus in your at-home device could affect your desired result.
  • Do you trust the experience of the person providing the red light therapy? For example, is a tanning salon a place you feel comfortable receiving this treatment or might it be better to first be seen and possibly treated by a medical professional?
  • Is red light therapy an appropriate treatment for my skin condition? Are other, more scientifically vetted approaches a better choice for my skin condition? See your healthcare provider to confirm a diagnosis and discuss appropriate treatment options.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

How Often Should I Use Red Light Therapy

You might have found out about traffic signal therapy and its supposed natural health benefits. However does it truly work? This post answers that question by examining the big base of scientific research on red & near infrared light treatment, with an extra look at the outcomes of present experts in sports, training, and natural health who use it.

After discovering that red light treatment triggered natural plant development in area, they started looking into medical applications for individuals. NASA’s findings showed health benefits from particular wavelengths of red light delivered through light discharging diodes . The medical science neighborhood took notification and over the last 3 decades, there’s been comprehensive scientific research on the numerous medical applications of traffic signal treatment. what is red light therapy.

Here’s the short answer: yes, light treatment certainly works, and it’s backed by a wealth of released research study. Natural red light powers your cells. A light treatment device like a Joovv provides red & near infrared wavelengths straight to your body with medical-grade LEDs. These photons of natural, restorative light produce a chemical reaction in the mitochondria of your cells that enhances energy production and regrowth.

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What Other Medical Conditions Is Red Light Therapy Being Promoted For

Other potential medical uses being investigated include:

  • To reduce cancer chemotherapy side effects, including oral mucositis.
  • To relieve pain and inflammation associated with ankle tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • To prevent cold sores from herpes simplex virus from recurring.

Lots of other uses are being touted on the internet. Theres no scientific evidence to support red light therapy use in weight loss, cancer, cellulite removal or mental health concerns like depression and seasonal affective disorder .

The Best Red Light Systems On The Market

Red Light Therapy

For a whole-body treatment thats 100% safe, consider PlatinumLED Therapy Lights. Each customizable system delivers the most powerful light therapy options on the market, for a one-time investment that beats a dozen sessions in a tanning salon bed.

The original BIO series offers red, NIR, and combination wavelengths, while the BIOMAX series offers the same options but with more therapeutic wavelengths. Both series come in four convenient sizes, and the BIOMAX panels can be linked together in various configurations to create a tailored array of panels that suits your needs. This beats the limitations of the red light therapy tanning beds, which forces you to lie down.

Whether for internal healing, muscle recovery, or beautification and anti-aging treatment, PlatinumLED Therapy Lights open up a whole new world of health and wellness benefits that can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Work

With red light therapy, you expose your skin to a lamp, device, or laser with a red light. A part of your cells called mitochondria, sometimes called the âpower generatorsâ of your cells, soak it up and make more energy. Some experts think this helps cells repair themselves and become healthier. This spurs healing in skin and muscle tissue.

Red light therapy uses very low levels of heat and doesnât hurt or burn the skin. Itâs not the same type of light used in tanning booths, and it doesnât expose your skin to damaging UV rays.

All Light Is The Same

Perhaps the biggest myth relating to phototherapy is that all light is the same. On the contrary, different types of light are very unique and are used for varying applications. Light is measured in nanometers, with each nanometer representing a different wavelength of light energy. Red light for example is represented at approximately 630-700 nm, whereas infrared light is found between 700 and 1200 nm. As it applies to treatment, near-infrared light can penetrate deeper into the skin than red or blue light can and is used for pain relief and muscle recovery. Red light acts more superficially and is effective for skin issues, wound healing, and hair growth. It is important that you identify the type of wavelength needed to reap the most benefits for your specific condition. Many devices offer a combination of varying red and infrared wavelengths to provide assorted uses – users purchase this type of device most of the time.

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Potential Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Pore Size, Scars and Stretch Marks Promotes Elastin and Collagen Production which Helps Firms, Tones and Smooth Skin Proven Effective in the Repair and Rejuvenation of Skin Improves Skin Tone and Clarity Improves Rosacea and Acne-Prone Skin Fades Age Spots and Irregular Pigmentation Creates a more Youthful skin appearance and allows for a longer lasting tan Keeps Skin Renewed and Refreshed Evens Out Skin Tone for a Smoother Complexion Reduces Bacteria Helps with Depression and Sleep Disorders Improves Healing Time and Reduces Pain Helps Skin Appear Less Dry Stimulates Blood Flow for Increased Circulation May Stimulate Hair Regrowth No Know Adverse Side Affects

Poly Red Light Rejuv Facial

I Did Red Light Therapy for 10 Days Straight

An innovative therapeutic device that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while rejuvenating the skin, Poly Red Light Facial is designed for facial treatments, but can be used on other areas of the body. The benefits include natural stimulation of collagen production, increased circulation, reduction of age spots and blemishes, and an overall improvement in skin tone and appearance.

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Getting Ready For Your Visit

What can I wear during my session?

Red light can only be absorbed by your skin when fully exposed. You can wear clothes during your treatment, or you can be nude. Be sure any clothing does not cover the area of the body youre treating. We recommend removing all jewelry that could refract light.

Eye protection isnt necessary, but it can make your experience more comfortable. Exposure to red light does not hurt the eyes. We dont recommend looking directly at the light, but we recommend wearing protective eyewear or closing your eyes during the session.

How long does red light therapy take?

We recommend starting with 1-to-2-minute treatments, working up to 10-minute sessions for optimal cellular health.


It depends on your sensitivity. Some will feel nothing at all. However, your circulation increases throughout the treatment, so you may feel a warming sensation. Others may experience the feeling of tingling, minor itching, or light aching. Sensations are minor.


Its common to experience a slight feeling of warmth, relaxation of muscles, reduces stiffness, and noticeable pain relief. Some people feel immediate relief. Others may notice pain relief after a few sessions. The best results are achieved over 12 weeks.

What Is Total Body Enhancement Red Light Therapy

Traffic signal therapy simply harnesses the natural healing and renewing benefits of a particular variety of restorative natural light and delivers this targeted energy at a higher rate than the sunwithout damaging UV rays. A significant 2013 study on light therapy conducted by Harvard and MIT researchers praised light therapy for its “noninvasive nature and practically total absence of negative effects. red light therapy for weight loss.” Although Joovv is specifically suggested for the relief of muscle convulsions, minor muscle & joint pains, along with pain & tightness related to arthritiswe’re proud to say our modular design & whole production process is FDA-cleared, and our innovation has actually been approved for use in medical trials to more check out the benefits and applications of natural light therapy.

LEDs are distinctively capable of delivering a specific wavelength of light at great effectiveness, with nearly no heat. They last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and they’re not fragile, nor most likely to break. LEDs have revolutionized lighting in the last twenty years, and made it possible for people to harness safe, effective light treatment in their own homes at a reasonable rate.

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