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Bob Kendzior Senior: From Chronic Arthritis And Injury To Normal Everyday Life

New Soft Wave Therapy Heals Injuries with Shock Waves?

Problem treated: Arthritic condition in both knees shoulder and hip injuryCause of the problem: Mechanical wear and tear, sudden traumaNature of stem cells: Adipose tissueResults: Bob is back to normal life he likes to run, walk, bicycle, golf and run

Part III: How to Prepare for Stem Cell Therapy?

When it comes to stem cell preparation, there are a few things you could do that could actually help us maximize the therapy results.

However, its important to note that proper recovery is much more important for the final results of your treatment.

Stem cells need a healthy environment to develop and grow.

Nevertheless, heres what you can do before the procedure to make the whole process smoother and more effective:

Some Supporting Research For Unfocused Eswt:

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy is broadly used as a non-surgical therapy in various diseases for its pro-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory effects.

We can summarize the final effect of ESWT as a general improvement of tissue homeostasis and metabolism, accompanied by improving of the tissue self-healing abilities. Evidence from basic science and clinical studies indicates that this effect involves the ability of shock waves to support proliferation and differentiation of stem cells, which significantly contribute to tissue healing, but besides stem cells, many other cell targets, including endothelial cells, bone cells, and small unmyelinated nerve fibers, have been involved in ESWT therapeutic potential

The body of scientific data demonstrating that ESWT can induce tissue healing and regeneration through mechano-transduction has brought to the present view of SW as immunomodulators during the wound healing process, which is also well in line with recent evidence indicating that SW influence the TLR3 pathway.


Softwave Therapy With Stem Cell Activation

SoftWave® therapy with stem cell activation is a far more economical and longer-lasting alternative to just stem cell injections alone. Treatments have successfully activated stem cells, which leads to the restoration of targeted areas.Stem cells taken from the umbilical cord are known for their restorative power. Used in conjunction with SoftWave® therapy, the potential for healing increases along with increase in blood supply and reduction in inflammation. Doctors specializing in stem cell treatments have found that combined SWT technology with stem cell injections can help stave off invasive, painful procedures for certain conditions.

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It Can Greatly Accelerate The Healing Process

We often talk about shockwave as an alternative to surgery, and that is often how things happen. For many people, shockwave therapy is recommended in situations where the usual conservative treatments fail to provide adequate results. Shockwave therapy can then often get you over the hump and finally eliminate the chronic pain so you dont need to have surgery.

That said, shockwave therapy can also be incorporated earlier in the process, alongside the more traditional conservative treatments, in order to substantially reduce the overall healing and recovery time. This is an attractive option for people who want the fastest possible return to full activity, such as athletes and people with physically demanding occupations.

Conditions That Shockwave Therapy Can Treat

Traditional Pain Treatments

From mild to chronic pain, shockwave therapy machines can offer pain relief and improve your quality of life. Here are some conditions shockwave therapy can treat:

  • Face- TMJ or jaw pain
  • Shoulder calcific tendonitis of rotator cuff muscles
  • Elbow golfers and tennis elbow
  • Back pain in the lumbar and cervical spine regions
  • Upper leg Iliotibial band friction syndrome
  • Lower leg shin splints
  • Feet plantar fasciitis, heels spurs, and Achilles tendonitis

Talk to your physician about your condition and see whether it can be treated with shockwave therapy.

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Stem Cell Fact #: Stem Cells Are Already In Our Body

One of the common myths we hear is that stem cells are some new invention that scientists have mixed in their laboratories, and are now looking to inject into poor test subjects as a part of their grand experiment with the human race.

While some stem cells used in therapy do come from external sources , wed like to emphasize that stem cells are a natural building block of our bodies. Theyve always been therewe just werent aware of what they do and how to use them in therapy.

Current practical and academic research shows that stem cells are present in the:

Is Shockwave Therapy Safe

For the most part, shockwave therapy is safe. Although you may experience some side effects, theyre negligible compared to other pain treatments like surgery or pain medication.

The side effects include mild swelling, numbness, or bruising in the treatment area. But youre likely to recover from these side effects fast.

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Softwave Is In A League Of Its Own

At Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills, we use the TRT SoftWave® extracorporeal shockwave therapeutic device. Unlike many of the shockwave therapy devices on the market today, the patent TRT SoftWave® technology has been backed by science that validates its effectiveness. Even top sports medicine clinicians have been using SoftWave® for years on injured athletes to cut recovery times, and the results have been so good that itâs becoming a secret weapon of sorts in professional sports.

The patented unfocused electrohydraulic design of the TRT SoftWave® delivers measurable results:

  • 100% atraumatic to tissue and cells.
  • Near-immediate pain relief in certain conditions.
  • Improved sustained blood flow.
  • The only unfocused electrohydraulic ESWT device available in North America, and it has FDA 510 clearance.

Stem Cell Fact #: Stem Cells Can Be Harvested Concentrated And Transplanted

Stem cell therapy for knees – has it worked for me?

We wont go all technical about the mechanics of stem cells, but a couple of core things you should know before you read anything else:

  • Stem cells can be transplanted. Due to their natural ability to transform into other types of cells, stem cells can be transplanted into your problem area. The cells will adapt and take on a different identity as if they were there since the beginning.
  • Stem cells can be concentrated and activated. While many types of stem cells are a good starting point for practical use, it is the concentration and activation of the cells that has truly made it an effective therapy. Certified physicians are able to concentrate these cells to address exactly the problem you are facing.

In fact, it is three distinctive properties that set stem cells apart from the rest:

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What Is Stem Cell Treatment

The human body is constantly manufacturing stem cells in the bone marrow. Based on certain conditions and signals in the body, stem cells are directed to where they are needed.

A stem cell is an immature, basic cell that has not yet developed to become, say, a skin cell or a muscle cell or a nerve cell. There are different types of stem cells that the body can use for different purposes.

There is evidence that stem cell treatments work by triggering damaged tissues in the body to repair themselves. This is often referred to as regenerative therapy.

However, research into stem cell treatment for OA of the knee is somewhat limited, and the results of studies are mixed.

The do not currently recommend stem cell treatment for OA of the knee, for the following reasons:

  • There is not yet a standard procedure for preparing the injection.
  • There is not enough evidence to prove that it works or is safe.

Currently, the Food & Drug Administration considers stem cell treatment investigational. Until additional studies can demonstrate a clear benefit from stem cell injections, people who opt for this treatment must pay for them on their own and must understand that the treatment may not work.

That said, as researchers learn more about this type of treatment, it could one day become a viable option for the treatment of OA.

Does The Lifewave X39 Patch Actually Work

After reviewing posted reviews on both the Lifewave website and various other sources, it seems that there are several users that swear by the benefits the product can provide and yet many that feel it is a scam for businesses to make money.

While there are numerous clinical studies to back up the positive reactions to phototherapy, it is difficult to say whether the X39 patch itself actually aids in chronic pain control and injury management.

The product is certainly not intended to cure, control or diagnose any disease specifically. Still, the mixed reviews leave many wondering if it is simply a placebo effect enhancing the users health and quality of life or the patch itself.

Pictures of a user showing off improved skin conditions cannot be tallied down to the use of the patch only, as the person could be using medications and treatments simultaneously.

Statements claiming the patch has improved energy levels, sleep quality, and lowered pain levels litter the websites review page. But, the only way to know if this product works is to simply try it.

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Is Shockwave Therapy Painful

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, but you might feel a little pain or discomfort in the treatment area during the procedure. Most patients say it feels like small pulses against the skin. Your specialist may be able to adjust the way they use the shockwave device if your pain is significant.

Each session will only last a few minutes, so the vast majority of patients are able to tolerate the levels of discomfort caused by shockwave therapy.

When you arrive for your treatment, its helpful if youre wearing loose clothing that you can move around easily in as it will make you more comfortable. Depending on where your pain is, you may be laying on your front, and its easier to do so if youre not restricted by clothing.

Does Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction Work

Erectile Dysfunction

Wave therapy is a non-invasive procedure that has been shown to improve certain types of erectile dysfunction. However, not all wave therapy machines are equal. Urologist Dr. John Smith explains how the use of waves can help stimulate tissue and shares the questions you should ask to ensure that you are getting the very best treatment.

Interviewer: Wave therapy for erectile dysfunction. We’re going to learn more about that today, including what is it and are all wave therapy machines created equal. Dr. John Smith is a urologist at University of Utah Health.

So I’ve heard of this thing called wave therapy for erectile dysfunction. Can you tell me a little bit how that works? What’s going on?

Dr. Smith: Yeah. So the wave therapy machines, there’s a few different types and we’ll get more into that later. But the idea is, these machines put off a wave similar to like an ultrasound machine where there’s a wave coming out of the machine and those waves are meant to help stimulate the tissue for regrowth of blood vessels is what you hear a lot of times on a lot of the advertisements.

And that’s what a lot of the research has been shown to do is as these machines are used, that it causes the body to have an increase in the factors that cause regrowth of blood vessels and that’s how they work.

Interviewer: All right. And how does that help somebody who is suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Interviewer: And what kind of wave machine does University of Utah Health have?

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Do Stem Cell Patches Work

Wound healing rates were moderately improved by treatment with stem cells in the patch however, areas of fibrosis, indicating scarring, were significantly reduced in wounds treated with stem cells in the patch compared to untreated wounds. Researchers hope that stem cells will one day be effective in treating many medical conditions and diseases.

Wound healing rates were moderately improved by treatment with stem cells in the patch however, areas of fibrosis, indicating scarring, were significantly reduced in wounds treated with stem cells in the patch compared to untreated wounds. Researchers hope that stem cells will one day be effective in treating many medical conditions and diseases. But untested stem cell treatments can be unsafe, so find out all the facts if you’re considering any treatment. In an initial study of 27 patients, Japanese researchers used patients’ own muscle stem cells to create a patch that was placed on the heart.

Laboratory tests show that the patches begin to beat after three days and begin to mimic mature heart tissue within a month. In animals, the patches led to an improvement in heart function after a heart attack, while blood vessels in the heart could grow into the patches. Stem cell treatment has achieved positive results in more than 45% of patients, according to a study. Patients saw an improvement in less than 6 months, which compares quite well to back surgery, which usually involves very long recovery times.


Are You A Candidate For Stem Cells

In our practice the main reasons people give for exploring stem cell therapy are:

  • Avoidance of joint replacement surgery because they are fearful of poor outcome or limitation on their lifestyle following the procedure.
  • The person is more mature in years and fearful of surgery.
  • The person is too young for joint replacement and he/she is in constant pain and being pain managed until they get older.
  • Cannot afford the down time in being away from his/her work
  • High insurance deductibles that will sometimes exceed the cost of stem cell treatments
  • The person wants to remain active in sports
  • The person had years of cortisone, NSAIDs, and opioids treatments that made their condition worse and are skeptical of surgery.
  • They are sold on the concept of stem cells
  • Frequently asked questions about stem cell therapy:

    1 Platas J, Guillén MI, del Caz MD, Gomar F, Castejón MA, Mirabet V, Alcaraz MJ. Paracrine effects of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in inflammatory stress-induced senescence features of osteoarthritic chondrocytes. Aging . 2016 Aug 8:1703.

    2. Hauser RA, Orlofsky A. Regenerative injection therapy with whole bone marrow aspirate for degenerative joint disease: a case series. Clin Med Insights Arthritis Musculoskelet Disord. 2013 Sep 4 6:65-72.

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    What Is Stemwave Therapy

    Stemwave therapy is a commonly used term that can be synonymous with the term extracorporeal shock wave therapy . Specifically, stemwave therapy is a term commonly used by providers that offer shockwave therapy using the SoftWaveTRT OrthoGold 100.

    The term stemwave therapy originated in 2017 when Dr. Matthew DiDuro tried shockwave therapy from a SoftWave machine and was so impressed with his own recovery that he became a SoftWaveTRT provider. Dr. Matt chose to use this term because the SoftWaveTRT OrthoGold 100 revolutionized shockwave therapy by utilizing unfocused sound waves to stimulate and recruit stem cells as deep as 4.25 inches into human tissue. For reference, a typical shockwave therapy device only permeates 2 inches deep. Because of this impressive reach, Dr. Matt felt that it was appropriate to coin a new phrase stemwave therapy for this revolutionary treatment technology.

    Stem Cell Therapy Will Likely Not Work If The Doctor And The Patient Believe It Is A One Magical Shot Treatment

    Shockwave Therapy for ED: Miracle or Hype?
    • One out of 10 new patients that we see here at Caring Medical has already received stem cell treatment by another clinic.
    • The reason that these patients are here is that they believe stem cell therapy will work for them ifthe treatment is more comprehensive.

    A great myth of stem cell therapy is that it is a magical one-time injection into the joint. Thus, patients believe that if they get a single injection into the knee or a single injection into the facet joint in the spine, that somehow all of their pain is going to disappear.

    The single-shot thinking debunked:

    The damage that caused sufficient injury to your joint, enough so that you sought out stem cell therapy, possibly even as an alternative to joint replacement surgery, is accumulated damaged from degenerative joint disease. It is damage from advanced joint instability that caused the cartilage cells to break down and gave you a bone-on-bone situation.

    Joint instability comes from loose, weakened, unsupportive ligaments that, when healthy and strong, prevent the abnormal motion of the joint that causes joint destruction.

    To treat this joint, you must go beyond the simple one-shot stem cell thinking. What is needed is a comprehensive treatment that treats all the stabilizing ligaments and structures of the joint to prevent the same destructive forces from continuing to breakdown the cartilage even after stem cell therapy was administered.

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    All Shock Wave Therapies Are Not Created Equal

    Its best to refer to this device as SoftWave Therapy as there is much confusion regarding Shockwave Therapy. There are many manufacturers that produce devices that do not actually create a Shock Wave yet are marketed as such. This unfortunately has created confusion in the marketplace, as well as turned off many to the technology since the mislabeled devises produce inferior results.

    It May Not Be Covered By Your Insurance

    Although shockwave therapy has been approved by the FDA and has proven safe and effective through several research studies, many insurers have been somewhat slow to cover the procedure.

    Thats not to say its out of reach for the average patienteven when paying out of pocket, we do what we can to make sure this is an affordable treatment option for our patients who want it. And it is still usually a much cheaper alternative than surgery.

    But we understand that money is an important consideration for many families, and you may want to hold off on the procedure until youre sure that all covered, conservative treatment options have been exhausted first.

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    Shockwave Therapy Explained: What Is Shockwave Therapy

    Also known as extracorporeal shockwave therapy, shockwave therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that involves the delivery of shock waves to your injured tissue to reduce pain and stimulate healing.

    Using a shockwave therapy machine, the system transmits energy to the applicator that generates shockwaves. Your physiotherapist can adjust the frequency and pressure of those waves, depending on your condition.

    Whether you suffer from pain resulting from an illness or have lingering pain due to an injury, this therapy triggers your bodys natural healing response to offer relief. Shockwave therapys success rate ranges from 60% to 80% in plantar fasciitis, epicondylitis, cuff tendinitis, and more.

    Most patients report successful results like a decrease in chronic pain and an increase in mobility after treatment.


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