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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Transgender

What Hormones Are Used For Transgender

Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy Emotional Changes

Transsexual men undergoing hormonal treatment are said to experience virilization and a decrease in masculine characteristics. Exon estrogen is used to make transgender women more feminine, and anti-androgens are used as adjuncts to suppress masculinizing features.

Estrogen Treatments For Transgender Women

Estradiol injections, estrogen patches, and estrogen gels are typically $80 monthly, more than $300 monthly, and more than $350 monthly, respectively, for transgender women receiving hormone therapy.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Transgender Women

Estrogen and testosterone-blocking medications help transgender women develop a more feminized appearance in line with their gender identity while transitioning. It reduces the discomfort of gender dysphoria, the distress caused by having a gender identity that differs from the sex you were assigned at birth. Many transgender women experience less emotional distress, improved personal relationships, and a better overall quality of life as a result of hormone replacement therapy.

Feminizing hormone replacement therapy causes a variety of physical changes like breast development and facial and body hair reduction. You may also experience a loss of muscle tone and changes in your body shape as the body redistributes fat cells.

Starting Hormone Replacement Therapy

The main barrier for Trans people seeking HRT is funding the process. Starting HRT requires an initial appointment with a doctor who is willing to prescribe, blood labs to check hormone levels, and pavement for prescriptions. Some doctors also require a letter from a counselor in support of starting HRT. Pride Alliance staff are excited to help students make a plan to start HRT, and can help you with the following important steps:

  • Empowering you to decide if HRT is right for you
  • Budgeting and planning for HRT expenses

and set up an appointment today!

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Cardiovascular Risk Associated With Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy In Transgender Population

  • 1Group of Endocrine Disorders, Institut dInvestigacions Biomèdiques August Pi I Sunyer- Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2Endocrinology Department, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
  • 3Psychiatry Department, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, Spain
  • 4Departamento de Psicobiologia, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia , Madrid, Spain

Transgender men and women represent about 0.6 -1.1%% of the general population. Gender affirming hormone therapy helps ameliorate gender dysphoria and promote well-being. However, these treatments cardiovascular effects are difficult to evaluate due to the limited number of extensive longitudinal studies focused on CV outcomes in this population. Furthermore, these studies are mainly observational and difficult to interpret due to a variety of hormone regimens and observation periods, together with possible bias by confounding factors . In addition, the introduction of GAHT at increasingly earlier ages, even before the full development of the secondary sexual characteristics, could lead to long-term changes in CV risk compared to current data.

This review examines the impact of GAHT in the transgender population on CV outcomes and surrogate markers of CV health. Furthermore, we review available data on changes in DNA methylation or RNA transcription induced by GAHT that may translate into changes in metabolic parameters that could increase CV risk.

What Is Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transgenders Do

Transgender hormone therapy, also known as gender affirming hormone therapy, offers a way to change your bodys physical characteristics to match the gender you identify with.

With sex hormone levels a primary contributor to the features you develop, supplementing hormone levels helps in developing the physical characteristics that match your chosen gender.

Transgender hormone therapy primarily involves two hormones, estrogen and testosterone, which are the primary sex hormones for women and men, respectively.

Because these hormones produce different physical attributes, there are two forms of transgender hormone therapy, feminizing and masculinizing, depending on whether the identified gender is female or male.

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Assessing Readiness And Appropriateness

While historically a “referral letter” from a mental health professional was required prior to initiation of hormone therapy, many large volume and experienced providers of transgender care have for years used an “informed consent” pathway to hormone initiation. WPATH Standards of Care, Seventh Version recognizes both of these pathways to the initiation of gender affirming hormone therapy as valid. Medical providers who feel comfortable making an assessment and diagnosis of gender dysphoria, as well as assessing for capacity to provide informed consent are able to initiate gender affirming hormones without a prior assessment or referral from a mental health provider. A study of the practices of 12 such clinics in a diversity of settings found minimal risk of regret and no known cases of malpractice suits. More detail on assessing readiness and appropriateness for various gender affirming treatments can be found in the topic on mental health.

Metabolic Changes In Transgender Women

The metabolic effects of estrogen therapy are focused on liver function alterations and lipid parameters. Hepatic lipase activity decreases by 64% and lipoprotein lipase by 23%. Hepatic lipase decreases HDL-cholesterol levels and increases the formation of small, dense LDL highly atherogenic. Reduction of hepatic lipase levels with estrogen may reduce the formation of LDL-c . However, the use of estrogen therapy in transgender women showed no statistically significant difference in total cholesterol, serum LDL-c or HDL-c, but an increase in plasma triglyceride levels after 24 months was found . Conflicting data seem to show unmodified or reduced insulin sensitivity, with unaltered fasting glucose and stable or increased blood pressure . Estrogen therapy in transgender women has been associated with reduced plasma homocysteine levels, independently of the route of administration . The impact of estrogens on prothrombotic status remains unclear. While some studies with EE in combination with CPA, but not with transdermal estradiol, show an increase in C-reactive protein and decreased tissue plasminogen activator other studies have shown no effect on CRP .

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Does The Meadows Center Do Hrt

The Meadows Center does not currently employ any doctors who will start HRT plans with patients. Doctors may be willing to help a patient continue an HRT plan. Staff are also happy to help folks with injections of HRT if they are prescribed by another doctor. Visit the Meadows Center’s Transgender Health page to learn more.

Cardiovascular Outcomes In Transgender Men

Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy Physical Changes Part 1 – Exercise

Present evidence regarding testosterone therapy and CV disease risk in transgender men is controversial. Several studies have observed that despite the negative effects of testosterone therapy on surrogate risks factors of CV disease, these do not translate into a significant effect on CV outcomes . Furthermore, no elevated rates of CV deaths have been observed when compared with cisgender men and women at short and medium follow-up .

There have been reports of a possible link between testosterone replacement therapy use and increased venous thromboembolism risk however, these studies were criticized for including data on avascular necrosis of the femoral head, which are not classically viewed as venous thromboembolic events. Extensive epidemiological studies have demonstrated that there is no link between testosterone therapy and thromboembolism risk .

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Transgender Hormone Therapy In Las Vegas

At HEALOR Primary Care, we are committed to providing compassionate, state-of-the-art care for the LGBTQ community. Double board-certified physician Dr. Raj Singh promotes an environment of trust to address the needs of every individual. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment options for a broad range of needs. If you have gender dysphoria or simply want to learn more about hormone replacement therapy, we encourage you to contact our facility in Las Vegas, NV. We can help you take the next big step.

Finding A Doctor Or Clinic

Trans services offered at the Nelson-Tebedo Clinic is a great option offered by the Dallas Resource Center as part of their Gender-affirming Health Services. While there is a waitlist to begin treatment, services are lower-cost. This clinic requires a letter from a counselor in support of HRT to seek treatment.

Planned Parenthood Denton offers HRT on an informed-consent basis, which means they do not require a letter from a therapist to begin treatment. Prices for their services vary, but you can make an appointment with Pride Alliance staff, and we’ll help you figure it out.

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Surgical Procedures For Adults

Some trans people may wish to permanently alter not only their hormones but also their biological sex to align with their gender identity by undergoing surgery.

The doctors at your gender dysphoria clinic will make suggestions and referrals to expert surgeons who are competent in your particular field of interest.

Surgery For Trans Men

Subcutaneous Mastectomy procedures involve the removal of breasts and the repositioning of nipples to create a natural-looking male chest.

The female womb, fallopian tubes, and ovaries can also be removed if the patient would prefer it.

Facial Masculinization

The general features associated with a male face will have to be recreated.

A surgical clinic will provide the service for implantation which will leave you with a more masculine appearance and feeling confident in your gender.

Surgery For Trans Women

For a woman to permanently change her body to fit her gender identity, a few things need to happen.

  • The surgical removal of the testes, known as an orchidectomy.
  • The construction of vulva, known as a vulvoplasty.
  • The construction of a clitoris, known as a clitoroplasty.
  • Breast Augmentation

    Although the patients hormones have changed immensely by this stage and breast tissue may have developed, the size will most likely remain very small.

    If the patient is concerned about this, breast augmentation surgery is advised. This will improve the size as well as the shape of the breasts.

    Facial feminization

    Hormone Therapy For Men: Theres No One Answe

    The Truth About Trans

    Mens hormone therapy varies from person to person, so there is no single answer. Some people may be able to begin hormone therapy as early as their mid-20s, while others may not need it until later in life. Hormone therapy is best administered at any age, regardless of how old you are. Men may notice increased breast tissue growth when they take estrogen. Gestational gynecomastia is a condition that causes womens breasts to grow larger due to a lack of estrogen. The presence of estrogen in men who are obese is also linked to an increased risk of erectile dysfunction. Hormone therapy has other advantages in addition to being beneficial to mens health, such as a greater libido. In other words, no one should feel embarrassed or scared to discuss hormone therapy with their doctor.

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    How Can You Prepare For Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Before undergoing HRT, an individual should arrange an initial consultation with a doctor. They will be able to advise and refer the individual in the correct manner. Hormone replacement therapy is usually the first form of treatment that transgender people experience in their journey, and some find that they do not need to have any further treatment as the hormonal changes are enough. HRT is normally taken as a form of medication, and is often administered orally. It can, however, be administered in the form of an injection, patch, or gel.

    Changes may often come about more slowly than expected, which may be frustrating for the individual receiving treatment. If HRT proves to be successful, it will be taken lifelong.

    Building Evidence For Gender

    Turban and his colleagues hope legislators across the country will use the new findings to inform their policy decisions. Although several bills to ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth have been introduced in state legislatures in recent years, nearly all have failed to become law, he said, adding that all major medical organizations support provision of gender-affirming medical care, including hormone therapy for patients who desire it and who meet criteria set out by the Endocrine Society and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

    Theres no one correct way to be transgender, Turban said. Some transgender people do not want to take hormones and feel comfortable with their bodies the way they are. Young people seeking care at gender clinics are routinely offered counseling as part of their treatment to help them figure out what types of care best fit their circumstances.

    For those who desire gender-affirming hormones, being denied access to the treatment can cause significant distress, Turban said.

    For some transgender youth, their negative reactions to living in bodies that develop during puberty in ways that dont match who they know themselves to be can be very damaging, he said. For instance, individuals who feel uncomfortable developing breasts may react by binding their chests so tightly they develop skin infections or rib fractures.

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    Better Mental Health Found Among Transgender People Who Started Hormones As Teens

    Transgender adults who started gender-affirming hormone therapy as teens had better mental health than those who waited until adulthood or wanted the treatment but never received it, a Stanford-led study found.

    Transgender people who began hormone treatment as teenagers were less likely to have suicidal thoughts or engage in substance abuse than those who began treatment as adults, a new study found.Jacob Lund/

    For transgender people, starting gender-affirming hormone treatment in adolescence is linked to better mental health than waiting until adulthood, according to new research led by the Stanford University School of Medicine.

    The study, which appeared online Jan. 12 in PLOS ONE, drew on data from the largest-ever survey of U.S. transgender adults, a group of more than 27,000 people who responded in 2015. The new study found that transgender people who began hormone treatment in adolescence had fewer thoughts of suicide, were less likely to experience major mental health disorders and had fewer problems with substance abuse than those who started hormones in adulthood. The study also documented better mental health among those who received hormones at any age than those who desired but never received the treatment.

    Turban is the studys lead author. The senior author is Alex Keuroghlian, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and director of the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center at the Fenway Institute.

    Hormone Therapy For Adults

    MtF Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

    Hormone therapy is one of many treatments involved in the health and happiness of patients with gender dysphoria.

    Hormone prescriptions need to be administered for the rest of the patients life, and the treatment does take a couple of months to really come into effect, so be patient.

    The goal of hormone therapy is to alleviate complications and promote comfort and satisfaction in someone who wants to transition.

    There are, however, certain traits that cannot be changed during this process. Anthropometric measurements such as height and broadness will remain constant.

    Private prescriptions will consist of hormone enhancers as well as hormone suppressors to keep those less desirable hormones at bay.

    It is crucial to do your research and retrieve further information on your private gender clinic as well as the risks involved in hormone-altering services and the treatment you will receive.

    Some of the risks of treatment may include but are not limited to:
    • An increase in enzymes found in the liver

    You are strongly advised to have a very transparent relationship with your private provider as many medical and genetic factors contribute to the success levels of your hormone prescription and treatment.

    Prior to receiving hormone therapy, a series of blood tests will be done to accurately ensure good health will be maintained.

    Blood tests will be done at the clinic itself and just gives the specialists a deeper insight into the chemical makeup of your body.

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    Can Transgender Hormone Therapy Be Reversed

    If you stop taking hormone therapy, you will be able to reverse many of its effects. When you take them for an extended period of time, they can be reversed. It is not possible to reverse breast growth, as well as reduced or absent fertility.

    Transgender Men Can Get Pregnant Too

    Can I get pregnant while transgender? It is possible for transgender men to become pregnant during hormone replacement therapy and sexual intercourse with biological men. It is critical that individuals and healthcare professionals are educated about transgender issues in order to raise public awareness. Male height gain during puberty does not differ according to gender therefore, proper contraception is required to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

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    Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy: Providing Peace

    Transgender hormone replacement therapy offers a way to stimulate the body to produce the physical characteristics that match the gender you identify with. This can be a greatly rewarding treatment for those who are transgender to improve quality of life and reduce gender dysphoria.

    However, it is important to remember that any long-term hormone therapy can have some risks, such as infertility, which is why discussing this treatment with your doctor is important. Additionally, regular checkups are essential to ensure that you remain in good health, and when monitored by a doctor, transgender hormone therapy can bring you the peace and comfort of a body that matches your gender identity.


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    Weinand, J., & Safer, J. . Hormone therapy in transgender adults is safe with provider supervision A review of hormone therapy sequelae for transgender individuals. Journal Of Clinical & Amp Translational Endocrinology, 2, 55-60. doi: 10.1016/j.jcte.2015.02.003

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    Why Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Used

    In therapies for transgender people, HRT is used in order to introduce the hormone associated with the gender that the individual identifies as. This helps their secondary sex characteristics to align with the gender they identify as. Testosterone is used in transgender men to suppress feminising characteristics, while oestrogen is used in transgender women to suppress masculinising characteristics.


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