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Is Red Light Therapy Bad For Your Eyes

Whats Known About Red Lights Effects At Night

Can Red Light Therapy Improve Eye Sight?

The type of red light that affects your sleep is light that emits red light wavelengths not simply light bulbs that are tinted red.

While red-tinted light bulbs can be quite soothing and put you in a good mood, they may not be efficient for red light therapy. Because of this, they likely wont have the same effect on your sleep.

Red Light Therapy Eye Protection Products

Despite the results of these studies, some people just feel more comfortable using eye protection during their red light therapy treatments. And if youre on a medication that causes photosensitivity, or if youre prone to light-induced headaches, eye protection could be a good idea.

Ordinary sunglasses are created to guard against UV light. As such, theyre not up to the task of protecting your eyes during targeted light therapy. But there are several products to choose from that were created especially for red light therapy eye protection.

The reVive Light Therapy Relaxation Goggles are an inexpensive purchase with three pairs of goggles in a single package. These goggles are easily portable and come with an adjustable strap that keeps them tight to your head. They claim to help with relaxation during red light therapy sessions in addition to protecting the eyes.

The Angrycat protective eye goggles are also an inexpensive purchase covering a wide range of light wavelengths. They come in a pack of two with a carrying case and adjustable strap.

Alternatively, you could opt for goggles that block out all light like Smyrnas Light Protection Safety goggles. They also come with a carrying case and adjustable strap, as well as the assurance that no light will reach your eyes.

If you dont mind spending a bit more money, the Delasco Noir Patient Eye Shield goggles are heavy duty and intended for use with laser, light-emitting diode , and intense pulsed light treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy For Eyesight

It’s a common treatment for a variety of eye conditions, including myopia , hyperopia , and astigmatism. When used in conjunction with eyeglasses or contact lenses, red light therapy can help to correct vision problems. Side effects of red light therapy may include mild discomfort and photo-sensitivity. It’s best to use red light therapy at a distance of about 6-8 inches from the light source, and to sit close to the light while wearing protective eyewear.

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Red Light And Sleep Inertia

Sleep inertia is that groggy feeling that lingers after you wake up. It can affect your short-term memory, alertness, and overall performance.

One small on sleep inertia showed that saturated red light delivered through closed eyelids, at levels that dont suppress melatonin, may help ease sleep inertia upon waking.

Healing Eye Injuries With Natural Red Light Therapy

Astigmatism Treatment Correction LRI Toric Lenses Redding Red Bluff ...

Our eyes are extremely sensitive, and even small objects and injuries can cause lasting damage that erodes vision. Red light therapy has been shown to help heal many types of eye injuries, such as:Corneal Burns, which are painful and can be difficult to heal. A 2016 study examined 50 rabbits with corneal burns and found that those treated with near infrared light at 810nm had reduced inflammation and a lower loss of repair cells . Corneal Foreign Bodies are foreign objects on or in the cornea, like a small piece of wood, plastic, glass, or sand. A study of 40 patients with corneal foreign body conditions found that red light therapy shortened the healing period significantly, by 42%. Red lights healing effects on other types of injuries and wounds has also been well-documented.

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Red Light Therapy Eye Protection

Scientists also believe that excessive exposure to screens could contribute to macular degeneration, an age-related eye disease caused by damage to the light-sensitive cells in the retina. Before the digital age, people only received natural levels of any color light. Today, however, with the pervasive use of electronic gadgets, people spend hours staring at a screen, and exposure has risen dramatically. This has led to an increase in vision problems, including macular degeneration. Thats why the display screens of electronic devices such as computers, laptops, TVs, tablets, and smartphones can affect your bodys function. During the daytime, blue light from excessive screen use can increase alertness and cognitive functioning, and boost mood. But at night, it can be disruptive, interrupting sleep patterns and causing insomnia.

Red light is known for its beneficial properties for the body, including the eyes. Red light and near-infrared light are considered the most therapeutic wavelengths with wide-reaching applications. Light treatment uses light-Light emitting diode devices that shine red or NIR light into the eye: a painless and safe way to administer red light.

Red light is absorbed in the outermost areas of the body which makes it ideal for treating eye conditions and skin surface conditions such as chronic skin disorders and hair loss. It can still penetrate the eyelids, which are relatively thin, but wont go through large masses of bone or muscle.

What Is The Best Eye Protection For Your Red Light Therapy

Light therapy has come a long way since its initial discovery a little before 1900.

Advances in medical science, research, and technology have helped to popularize light therapy for a wide variety of health conditions and cosmetic uses. Therapy that was once accessible only to those who could afford treatment in high-end luxury medical spas is now available in many devices for home use.

But with increased accessibility to light therapy, safety questions naturally arise. One of the most common questions is, should you wear eye protection during red light therapy?

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Are Devices Purchased For At

Youll find many red light therapy products if you search on the internet. While these products are generally safe to use, they may use a lower wavelength frequency than devices that may be used by dermatologists or other trained skin professionals. You may not get the results you hope for.

If you do choose to purchase a red light therapy device, make sure to shield your eyes for protection, follow all directions and take good care of the device.

In addition to medical office-based use and at-home use with a purchased device, you may see RLT being promoted at beauty spas and salons, saunas, tanning salons, gyms and wellness centers. Be cautious of who is supplying and where you are receiving treatment. Its always best to check in with a medical professional about the best options to treat your skin condition or issue.

What Eye Conditions Can Red Light Therapy Treat

Does Near Infrared Light Cause Cataracts? Eye safety and protection for Red Light Therapy.

There may be hope yet for those who suffer from various eye disorders, in the form of safe, non-invasive – and affordable – red light therapy treatment.

Well be referring to visual acuity quite a bit, so lets quickly go over what it means. VA refers to ones ability to see objects sharply. The standard of measurement for this is 20 feet. A vision test measures how clearly you can see an object thats 20 feet away compared to a person with normal vision. 20/20 vision means that you see objects with the same sharpness as a normally-sighted person from 20 feet away. 20/50 vision, for instance, means that you can see an object sharply at a 20-foot distance that a person with normal vision can see from 50 feet away.

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What Are Some Potential Side Effects Of Using Red Light Therapy For Eyes

When using red light therapy for eyes, you may experience a few side effects. Red light therapy may stimulate the production of new blood vessels and this can result in a decrease in the size of existing brown or tired eyes. All of these effects may last for a short period of time or until the patient adapts to the therapy. However, most people report no major side effects from using red light therapy for eyes.

Nir Light Effects And Applications

NIR light dosimetry is hormetic dose-response with a curve in a bell-shape or U-shape or biphasic shape, characterized by promotion of biological process at a low dose but inhibition of biological process at a high dose. Hormetic curves are better than linear curves in accurately predicting biological responses under pharmacological threshold 30. It is very important since stimulatory responses from NIR light are mild, ~ 30% to 60% above controls. In contrast, traditional dose-responses are usually increase by several folds. The hormatic dose-response is well known in various NIR light applications, because photo–stimulatory or photo-inhibitory effects are shown in low or high energy densities respectively 31. Positive responses can be achieved in the dose range for desired therapeutic outcomes 16, 32, 33.

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Whats Led Light Therapy

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodea type of light that is clinically proven to aesthetically improve all Fitzpatrick skin types.

You might hear people talk about what colour theyre using on their skin, but its the frequency of light that matters. This is whats able to penetrate through your skin and encourage regeneration on a cellular level.

Simply shining a red light on your face wont do the trick, and heres why. LED Light Therapy helps improve the appearance of skin by altering cellular activity.

Dr Andrew R. Christie explains how it works, The mitochondria absorb the light. They become energised. And this energy encourages a process for these cells to think, act, look, and behave like younger cells. When these cells undergo mitosis , it creates further similar cells.

In this article, were talking about the safety and benefits of the following frequencies used in Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.:

  • Red light 630nm
  • Near-infrared light 830nm

Is Red Light Therapy Effective


Most experts say that they dont know yet if RLT is effective for all its claimed uses. Most say that the studies published so far show some potential for certain conditions, but that more studies need to be conducted. Red light therapy is still an emerging treatment thats generating growing interest. But at this point in time, theres not enough evidence to support most uses.

The gold standard of studies to determine if a product is effective is a randomized, placebo-controlled trial. This means that a certain number of people with the same range of characteristics get either the study treatment or a placebo for treatment of the same condition. Some studies also include a comparison to another commonly used treatment. Results can then be compared between the emerging treatment versus no treatment or versus a current standard treatment.

Many of the published studies using RLT included only a small number of people, didnt include a placebo group, werent conducted in humans or were limited to cell tissue itself. Most researchers say results so far look promising, but that more quality studies with larger numbers of people are needed.

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How Is Red Light Therapy Used For Eyesight

There’s something about red light therapy that just seems to work better for eyesight. That’s why it’s a popular treatment for a variety of conditions, from age-related macular degeneration to improving your sleep quality. The light photons penetrate the eye more deeply than blue or green light, which leads to better results over time. It’s non-invasive and does not require surgery, so red light therapy is a popular choice for people who are hesitant about other treatments. Additionally, red light therapy is used as an alternative to traditional vision correction procedures such as contact lenses or glasses. So, if you’re looking for an effective, non-invasive treatment for your eyes, red light therapy might be just what you’re looking for!

Red light is an intense, wavelength of light. Red diodes are a type of red-emitting diode used in artificial lighting applications to create reddish or orange hues such as the colour seen in most traffic lights and nightlights. In some cases, LEDs can produce purple colours . The use of red diodes has been limited due to concerns about potentially adverse health effects from prolonged exposure at high doses.

Precautions Before Beginning Red Light Therapy

While red light therapy is widely considered to be completely safe, there are a few precautions.

The most common risk associated with this therapy is shining it in your eyes. Not that red or infrared light itself is damaging to your eyes, but the devices can produce high glare. Reputable products will come with eye protection, and it should be worn during every facial treatment. If you are using the light for non-facial applications, such as wound care or pain relief, just be careful to not to shine the light in your eyes. Never look directly into the red light therapy device.

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Is Red Light Therapy Safe For The Eyes

Thousands of studies have been conducted to date on the various benefits of red light therapy. Besides a growing mountain of evidence confirming its efficacy at treating a variety of issues and ailments, there is also overwhelming evidence of its overall safety.

However, you might be a bit more reluctant to expose your eyes to direct light – much more so than, say, your skin – and with good reason. Certain wavelengths can indeed cause damage to the eyes. UV light has long been known to cause extensive eye damage, prompting the widespread use of sunglasses. Recent research has shown that blue light may have a negative effect on the mitochondria of retinal ganglion cells, leading to increased RGC death. This has important implications for glaucoma and possibly other eye conditions.

But what of red and near-infrared light? As with any light, there is potential for photoreceptor damage . However, treating the eyes with red light therapy can be done safely and without damage to the eye. It comes down to two factors: length of exposure, and wavelength.

Eye Health Is Important

Episode 38: Red Light Therapy – Improving Your Brain, Eyes, and Overall Health

In the past several years, most device manufacturers for light therapy devices have acknowledged that they must eliminate UV light from their products.

To assure your eye health and safety, weve hired an independent facility to test a number of competing devices in the light therapy field. Most of these companies are true to their word and have eliminated harmful UV light from their products.

In spite of this, the light produced by light therapy devices can still be harmful to your eyes outside of the UV spectrum. Lights that are used are usually extremely bright and intense and if your eyes are exposed to this kind of light over time, it can ruin your vision.

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Can Red Led Light Be Used For Acne

As weve mentioned, part of the power of red and near-infrared light is the ability it has to help skincare actives penetrate the skin more effectively. It also helps calm inflammation and speeds up healing, which blue light doesnt do.

Blue light is more commonly known for reducing P. acnes bacteria, but red light can also cause this bacteria to self-destruct. And it comes without the risk of UV damage.

When used in combination with CLINIPREP, Dp Dermaceuticals CLR range and/or Dermapen Treatments, Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. helps you get clearer skin faster.

Side Effects Of Red Light Therapy

Given all the benefits that theyre selling you, you are wise to ask if there are any side effects to red light therapy. What youve already read is true there are no known adverse side effects to red light therapy. That being said, there are some precautions you should consider before you begin your treatments.

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How Does Light Affect Your Sleep

Light plays a key role in your circadian rhythm and how well you sleep.

Your circadian rhythm is your internal 24-hour clock. It helps you feel sleepy at night when its dark and it also makes you feel alert during daylight hours.

Light exposure provides your brain with information that guides your circadian rhythm. In a natural light pattern, your circadian rhythm follows sunrise and sunset. But our world is filled with artificial sources of light that can throw us off this natural cycle.

Several studies suggest that light exposure at the wrong time can disrupt circadian rhythm and potentially impact your health.

When your circadian rhythm is off, you can end up in a vicious cycle. You cant sleep well at night, and you feel tired and in need of a nap during the day.

But there are a few ways you can use light to help get your rhythm back.

Red Light Therapy For Dry Eyes

Cosmetic Acupuncture New York, Acupuncture Facial and Facelift in NYC ...

Those who struggle with dry eyes due to meibomian gland dysfunction can greatly benefit from red light therapy, according to some findings. In a clinical trial of 52 patients with MGD, 90% reported relief from their symptoms after trying red light therapy.

In this study, red light was used to treat dry eye symptoms using a special red light-enhanced device. Patients placed the device over closed eyes for three minutes at a time at least twice a week. After three months of this practice, they reported relief from discomfort such as grittiness and burning sensations.

Other studies on the topic have produced similar results, though additional data has yet to be reviewed.

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Does Red Light Therapy Really Work

Red light therapy is effective in treating various eye conditions like dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction, according to recent studies. However, side effects of red light therapy include mild discomfort, photophobia , and temporary reddening of the skin around your eyes. However, red light therapy can be used standalone or in combination with other treatments such as photodynamic therapy or intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide injection . PDT uses light energy to kill cancer cells and IV-TRA is a type of injection that helps to treat certain types of vision disorders. There are many applications for red light treatment such as reducing wrinkles, improving vision, boosting collagen production, and relieving muscle pain. So, whether you’re looking for a treatment for an eye condition or just want to improve your overall health and beauty, red light therapy may be an option for you.


1. “Light Therapy Improves Vision in Patients with Dry Eye Syndrome.” Web. 07 Dec 2016.

2.”Red Light Therapy for the Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Dry Eye: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.” . Web. 07 Dec 2016,



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