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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy And Weight Loss

Abbie: I Knew The Bhrp That Dr Scintas Offer Would Help Me Get Better And That Dr Scinta Understood This And It Truly Has*

Doc Weight Loss How Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Helped Me

I am delighted to write this review for Dr. Wendy Scinta. I have been a patient of Dr. Scintas for over one year. My treatment includes the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy of SotoPelle pellets and take progesterone tablets.

I have read the reviews written by other patients they are invariably highly complimentary. I can say that from my experience that each one is true. Each review describes the specific symptoms that I too was experiencing and that were making me miserable, including uncontrollable weight gain, extreme loss of energy and libido, random pain, and fitful sleep. I felt I was prematurely aging and this was depressing. Blood tests confirmed that my testosterone levels were very low so was my metabolism. I was delighted! This was because I knew the BHRP that Dr. Scintas offer would help me get better and that Dr. Scinta understood this. And it truly has.

I have every intention of continuing this treatment, which includes regular blood tests to ensure I am getting exactly what I need. I am very grateful for Dr. Scinta.

Signs That You Need Bioidentical Hormone Therapy For Weight Loss

Unexpected weight gain is the most typical sign that you need hormone therapy for weight loss. Suppose youre eating well, managing your stress, and exercising frequently, but your weight continues to go up. In that case, your hormones might be out of balance and hurting your weight management. Other signs that you need hormone therapy for weight loss include:

  • Mood swings

Many people might overlook these symptoms and assume that they are part of a stressful modern lifestyle. However, there might be an underlying problem that has to do with your hormones. So, consider solving the root of the problem by radical treatment such as bioidentical hormone therapy, and youll see a positive change in your body in a few weeks.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help Increase Your Metabolism

A slow metabolism can make it difficult to lose weight. Hormone replacement therapy can help increase your metabolism, which will help you burn more calories and lose weight.

Some research has shown that adding estrogen hormone therapy can help the body to process starches and sugars more efficiently instead of storing them as fat.

An increased metabolism can also help you maintain your weight loss in the long term.

When your metabolism is working properly, your body will be better able to burn calories and keep off excess weight.

HRT can also help boost metabolism by regulating the production of thyroid hormones.

Thyroid hormones are responsible for regulating your metabolism.

If your thyroid hormone levels are imbalanced, it can lead to a slow metabolism.

Hormone replacement therapy can help balance your thyroid hormone levels and increase your metabolism.

As an added bonus, an increased metabolism can also give you more energy!

Youll feel more energetic and motivated to stick to your weight loss goals.

If you have an underactive thyroid, you may find it difficult to lose weight even if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Hormone replacement therapy can help get your thyroid back on track, so you can finally start seeing results.

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Hormonal Imbalance Can Leave You Feeling Unmotivated

Out-of-whack hormones affect you in so many ways. Aside from a lack of energy and a slowed metabolism, you may also feel depressed and irritable, and experience some serious food cravings. Think about it: If youre cranky, tired, depressed, and want nothing to eat but chocolate bars and potato chips, you might have a tough time losing weight. And imbalanced hormones are at the core of this struggle.

Hormone replacement therapy can help you balance your teeter-tottering hormones and reclaim control of your life. Bioidentical hormones, which are made from plant sources, offer a safe and natural solution to restore this hormonal balance.

Through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, youll begin to feel as you should: vibrant, energetic, calm and healthy. And youll likely begin to see a payoff for all of your weight loss efforts.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy And Weight Loss

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Are Hrt Pellets Safe

HRT pellets are placed just under the skin and consistently release small doses of hormones to prevent the roller coaster effect associated with many other types of hormone replacement therapy. HRT pellets deliver sustained hormone levels throughout the day for between 4 and 6 months, or until the pellets have been completely dissolved by the body. HRT pellets are generally used only in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, since the hormones and pellets used are completely natural and can be safely absorbed by the body. HRT pellets are safe to use, and have been backed by nearly 8 decades of professional medical research.

Can Bioidentical Hormones Help With Weight Loss

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Its no secret that getting older can be both a blessing and a curse. With aging comes wisdom, maturity, and stories and experiences reflecting a life well lived! Aging can also bring about some not-so-pleasant companions. As our bodies begin to slow down and not quite work the way they used to, some might begin to experience weight gain. Weight gain could be due to a less active lifestyle, but thats not the only reason people gain weight with age. Hormones also play an enormous role! Hormones are chemical messengers that allow cells to communicate with each other throughout the body. They play key roles in most of our bodys regular functions. As we age, our hormone levels can begin to drop or become unbalanced, bringing with it a bevy of unpleasant side effects, including weight gain!

Trying to lose weight amid hormone imbalance would feel very much like an uphill battle. Studies show that low estrogen levels can cause slower metabolism and lead to less physical activity and more food consumption, all factors leading to weight gain. Studies also show that low testosterone levels in men can lead to weight gain, particularly in the midsection, causing the dreaded beer belly. Low testosterone also seems to cause fatigue, which doesnt help when someone is trying to lose weight!

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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are chemical messengers produced in the body that have specific effects on other cells and organs. Puberty, pregnancy, aging, and a variety of conditions and diseases effect hormone production and use. Examples of a few hormones are thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, melatonin, and growth hormone.

Determining which hormones require replacement is first done either by Electrodermal, Blood, or Saliva testing. Treatment can include the use of naturally derived or bio-identical hormones , plant hormone precursors, herbs, amino acids, homeopathic medicine or some combination of the above.

Natural hormones are those chemicals that are derived from yam, soybean, or other plants, and are close duplicates of the hormones the body produces. They tend to have fewer side effects then do synthetic hormones.

Many menstrual, menopausal, aging, musculoskeletal and mental health disorders benefit from natural hormone treatment.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help You Burn More Calories

HRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy & Weight Loss

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just cant seem to get rid of those stubborn pounds.

Hormone replacement therapy can help by replacing estrogen levels that drop during menopause. Estrogen can help increase metabolic rate in women and therefore can increase the number of calories you burn during exercise.

In one study, women who underwent HRT burned more calories during exercise than women who did not receive HRT.

This means that HRT can help you lose weight even if you dont make any changes to your diet or exercise routine.

Plus, burning more calories during exercise can help you tone your body and build muscle. And we all know that muscle burns more calories than fat, so this is a great way to boost your metabolism even further.

If youre looking for an extra edge in your weight loss journey, hormone replacement therapy may be just what you need.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Restores Hormone Balance

A sure way to reverse the effect of a hormone imbalance on your weight is to restore your hormones back to normal levels. The great thing about regaining your hormone balance is that it does more than help you lose weight it also helps to reverse and prevent the multitude of health problems that arise due to low hormones.

Here at BioAge Health, you receive personal attention and customized hormone replacement. We review your medical history and run advanced lab tests to determine your hormone levels. If you have any imbalances, your hormone therapy is individually developed to replace the precise amount and type of hormones you need.

Dr. Kodama prescribes SottoPelle® bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for several reasons. Bioidentical hormones are identical to those produced by your body, so they exert the same effect. Additionally, the hormones in your SottoPelle therapy are made from natural botanicals.

While youre on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we routinely check your hormone levels to be sure you maintain optimal, healthy levels.

Do you want to learn whether a hormone imbalance factors into your weight gain? Call BioAge Health or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

How Effective Is Hormone Replacement Therapy

Youve worked hard your whole life to care for your family. Now youve retired and your whole life has changed. Youre tired and irritable. You wake up at night drenched in sweat. Youre gaining weight around your lower abdomen and youre not interested in sex anymore. At the Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine in Indianapolis, IN, we specialize in hormone replacement therapy to help our clients protect their emotional, physical and sexual health.

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Natural Alternatives To Hormone Therapy

Protection against uterine cancer vs. the risk of breast cancer. The decision to take estrogen and progesterone supplements can be daunting. In the world of women’s health, it could be the decision of decisions: Should I take hormone replacement therapy? The considerations can be so deep, and the scientific debates so confusing, many women are turning to herbal and food supplements, hoping they will calm the symptoms of menopause while staving off heart disease and osteoporosis.

Though the science is still young, research offers some encouragement for women seeking non-pharmaceutical ways to cut down on mood swings and hot flashes.

How Does My Healthcare Provider Select My Dose

Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic

People on hormone treatment are watched very closely by their healthcare providers. The goal is to relieve symptoms with the lowest dose possible for the shortest amount of time. Depending on your healthcare provider, you might have routine blood, urine or saliva tests to check your hormone levels. Your healthcare provider may adjust your dose based on your changing hormone needs.

The FDA recommends against using hormone levels to guide the dosing of hormone therapy in women, as normal levels fluctuate day to day. In particular, salivary hormone levels are known to fluctuate and have not been shown to be related to menopausal symptoms.

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How To Maximize The Benefits Of Hrt

Its essential to note that HRT isnt a miracle drug. Your hormone replacement drugs arent going to counteract a diet thats high in calories and low in nutrients. HRT wont dramatically increase your metabolism so that you can lose weight without even trying.

You have to combine HRT with a healthy diet and active lifestyle to obtain the maximum benefits. Make sure that youre consuming ample protein, and avoid processed carbohydrates.

Not sure if your portions are in line with your needs? Consider meeting with a dietician who can help you understand the size of a healthy portion. They can also offer guidance about your caloric and macronutrient needs.

Many women struggle with exercising enough as they get older. They might feel tired and experience an overall decrease in energy.

Look for small ways to add additional movement to your day. A short walk a few times a day adds up. If you arent already, add strength training to your exercise regimen.

Women tend to lose muscle mass as they get older, in part due to their decrease in activity. As you lose muscle mass, your metabolism will decrease. Per pound, muscle burns more calories than fat.

Strength training helps you retain your muscle mass. Aim to strength train at least a few times a week.

Dont feel like youre restricted to lighter weights. Heavier weights are much more effective at increasing your amount of muscle.

Hormone Replacement For Womens Weight Loss

As you can see, hormone decline can cause women to start accumulating extra weight and fat around their middle typically as early as age 40 when hormone decline starts.

And while weight gain can lower a womans self-confidence, weigh gain is much more than a cosmetic issue! Increased levels of body fat especially around a womans mid-section middle can dramatically increase a womans risk for almost every serious chronic disease, including: cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, and even cancer.

Of course, reducing calories and increasing exercise is a healthy component of any womans weight loss regimen. But if diet and working-out are not enough to lose weight, replacing missing hormones can often provide the key to dropping unwanted pounds and inches.

Dr. Ali is a biodentical hormone replacement therapy expert at AMAE in the Troy, MI area. He will identify your unique, individual hormone deficiencies and imbalances through comprehensive, specialized blood tests. Then he will customize an individualized hormone replacement therapy plan that is compounded in the exact doses formulated to restore your bodys hormone levels to perfect balance.

At AMAE in the Troy, MI area Dr. Ali uses only 100% natural, bioidentical hormone replacement pellets that are both safer and more effective than synthetic hormones, and also have far fewer side effects or risks than lab-created hormones.

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Gloria : I Had Not Felt Like This In Years After Hormone Replacement Therapy*

Over the last decade, I began to feel more sluggish and tired. I gained weight and no matter what I did, I could not lose any. I was enduring a multitude of female issues for no apparent reason other than aging but I was otherwise healthy. I did not feel engaged in life or feel like myself and there were times I felt like I was too emotional.I realized I had to do something because I was not getting any answers and could not believe that, as I was being told, this is just normal aging.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Scinta. The staff here is great! Dr. Scinta and her staff made me feel comfortable and actually listened to how I was feeling, what my symptoms were and what I thought I should feel like if I felt normal for me. They had my blood tested and found that, while my estrogen and other factors were within optimal ranges, my testosterone was almost non-existent.

I was started on a low dose of testosterone and my body accepted the pellets very well with no side effects. After a couple of weeks, I felt like my old self. I had not felt like this in years!

It has taken a couple of insertions to get the dosing optimal for me and I could not be happier. I have not had any negative side effects and feel like I have my life back!


The Relationship Between Hormones And Weight Gain

Weight Loss and Management with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopausal weight gain is directly related to the decrease in the production of hormones and how different systems work together in the body. A delicate balance is required to maintain a healthy weight, and even small shifts in hormone levels can have significant effects.

Estrogen and progesterone are called sex steroid hormones and are involved in the function of the metabolism, as well as the accumulation and distribution of fat. 1Estrogen regulates feelings of hunger, keeping the pace of the metabolic rate and monitoring the accumulation and distribution of fat. 1,17-25At appropriate levels, estrogen can regulate and reduce food intake.1

Progesterone acts as a natural antidepressant and can enhance mood and relieve anxiety. It stimulates the feel-good center of the brain. If progesterone levels drop, anxiety and depression can follow. 11-17Progesterone starts to drop when a woman is in her 30s, and the levels sharply decline during perimenopause. Research has shown that supplementing with progesterone helps to relieve anxiety, irritability, and nervous tension.17,18,19

Symptoms of low estrogen & progesterone include the following:

  • Insomnia and night sweats

  • Headaches

  • Dry and sagging skin

Insulin regulates fat storage – specifically how much fat to store, where to store it, and how much to use as energy. Insulin imbalances can lead to weight gain, obesity, and eventually type 2 diabetes. This is age-related and at least in part due to lower circulating hormone levels.

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