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One On One Physical Therapy

Spine Back And Neck Therapy:

Welcome to One On One Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy can provide relief for cervical, back, and neck pain. A physiotherapist will typically use a combination of different therapies such as electrical stimulation, ergonomic supports, heat, ice, joint mobilization, massage for lower back pain, ultrasound, soft tissue mobilization, traction, and therapeutic exercises. The goal of neck rehabilitation and physiotherapy for back pain is to reduce pain and inflammation while increasing mobility.

Why Choose Body One

We believe you deserve the best care every day, every visit no exceptions. Our team of therapists work one-on-one with you throughout your treatment to reduce your pain and improve function.

We know our patients have activities and hobbies they love and enjoy. Sometimes those passions can be taken away from them due to injury or pain. Our mission at Body One is getting people back to the lifestyle they love.

How This Helps Your Organization

Customized one-on-one treatment at your workplace builds patient trust, improves compliance, and improves return-to-work time statistics. Your organization benefits through:

  • On-demand services – Our therapists make house calls to your workplace or to the injured workers home only when you need them. You get the benefit of an on-site clinic without actually having an on-site clinic.
  • Lower costs You save money when rehab can be completed with fewer treatments. OnSite Physio patients average 9.5 physical therapy visits compared to the national average of 17.1 sessions.
  • Better results We have a 95% return-to-work rate compared to 70% national average.
  • Fewer repeat injuries Our clients average a mere 3% vs. an 18% national average. That reduces claims and costs over time.

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All Patients At One On One Physical Therapy Receive A Comprehensive Evaluation With One Of Our Physical Therapists To Identify The Nature And Source Of The Pain Or Injury

We will refer the patient to other health care providers when further evaluation is necessary. The Physical Therapists use various techniques and modalities as a part of treatment. One on One offers post-rehabilitation services to help patients maintain function and improve health and performance after physical therapy goals have been met. In cases where a specific activity or sport is involved, injury prevention is addressed from day one. The Physical Therapist will pay careful attention to mechanics and technique to address sport-specific training.

Why Are Our Results So Much Better

ACL Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Program » One on One ...
  • Our therapist devotes 100% of his or her time to your worker during each session. At typical outpatient clinics, therapists can be distracted by having to juggle multiple injured workers at the same time, all with different types of injuries.
  • On-site physical therapy is more convenient for injured employees, so it reduces the risk of missed appointments. Staying on schedule for treatment means faster healing.
  • Each injured workers personalized plan of care includes physical therapy and education on working more safely in the future. Our therapists create the plan of care by seeing first-hand the environment in which your worker got hurt. And they determine a course for healing and injury prevention based on the workplace conditions they observe.
  • Workers comp managers have immediate access to information about patient progress. We also manage the workers comp physical therapy claim for you, start to finish. This means we:
  • Schedule the worker’s initial evaluation and therapy sessions
  • Actively work to reduce the number of visits per referral
  • Communicate with adjusters, nurse case managers, physicians, the worker, and other participants in the claim.

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We Also Offer Injury Prevention Training And Return

As part of our comprehensive solutions for organizations, we offer various programs that work systemically to reduce injuries, claims, and treatment costs. For example, while treating injured workers on site, we also train them to move properly so they dont re-injure themselves. We also conduct pre-employment testing as well as functional capacity evaluations for clients. At OnSite Physio, we call this Fit-for-Duty, because that is the treatment goal for each injured worker.

Fit-for-Duty evaluations help our therapists determine when an injured worker is not only ready to return to work, but ready to return to their previous job.

One On Onesatisfied Patients

“I have had both knees replaced this year and Melanie was my physical therapist for both of them. She is fantastic, period! My doctor was amazed at my quick recovery each time, and I owe it all to Melanie. When they say One on One they mean it. You get her full attention for the entire duration of your appointment. Melanie motivates you to push yourself to maximize your progress and actually makes it fun while doing it.She and Katie are a great team. Highly recommended!! Katie is the best PT you will find. I have worked with Katie for two separate injuries, once for my shoulder and currently for knee pain. I have found Katie to be a good listener, extremely thorough in diagnosing an injury and develops a plan of care with attainable goals. One of the things I appreciate the most is the time she takes in explaining the injury, what is causing it and what needs to be corrected and/or strengthened to get her patients back on track. I would definitely recommend her to any of my family and friends.

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Can Therapists Bill For One

Even if youre working with more than one person, it is possible to bill for one-on-one services if you follow the guidelines in Medicares above-listed definition of one-on-one time. However, each individual therapy episode should be of a sufficient length of time to provide the appropriate skilled treatment in accordance with each patients plan of care. Heres an example, as adapted from this APTA resource:

Lets say you work with three patientsfor the sake of this post, well call them Moe, Larry, and Curlyover one 45-minute period. Each patient receives 8 minutes of direct one-on-one contact with you for the first 24 minutes. Then, you work directly with Moe for an additional 10 minutes, Larry for 5 minutes, and Curly for 6 minutes. So, the total amount of direct one-on-one time for each patient is:

  • Moe: 18 minutes
  • Larry: 13 minutes
  • Curly: 14 minutes

Thus, youre allowed to bill each stoogeer, patientfor one unit of 97110 .

A Few Words From Our Owner

United Healthcare One-on-One Therapy Guidelines – Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy #MCRBilling

I have been practicing Physical Therapy for over 20 years. I strive to treat each and every patient with care and respect as I would with my own family. I hear all too often, patients from other clinics tell me, WOW, I didnt know Therapy was like this. I am truly saddened by stories from patients, telling me that their past experiences with Physical Therapy was seeing the Therapist for a few minutes and then performing exercises on their own for 45 minutes. I believe that Physical Therapy is much more than that, and the care and compassion is not for 30-45 minutes, but for a lifetime. Therapy is my passion, and our patients deserve only the best treatment every visit. I refuse to let an insurance company dictate to me how to treat my patients secondary to reimbursements. I may not get paid for everything we do for our patients, but if the patients will benefit, then I want it done.

Besides my passion for Therapy, I enjoy spending time with my wife Wanda. Our hobbies include working out at the gym, mountain biking, hiking, camping, jet skiing and playing with our two 4 legged friends Max and Daisy. And when the weather permits, I love taking long rides on my Harley through the Hill Country.

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Virtual Live Streamed Classes Over Zoom

Experience our amazing collection of live classes safe and socially distant from the comfort of your own home with our new live-streamed virtual classes. During our live broadcasts you will be virtually face to face with one of our instructors who will be there to guide and support you in real time.

Live Virtual Classes via Zoom Include: Power Stretching Pilates Mat & Props Guided Meditation and more.

  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Class IV
  • Post Rehabilitation Training

Laurie Deane

“When I first met Jennifer, I had chronic neck and back pain. I had been in and out of physical therapy offices and just could not understand why I kept getting hurt or how to break the cycle…

Erin Jones

“Jennifer at One. is an incredible person and Physical Therapist. She has helped me for years now…..from strengthening to repairing my neck, ankle or knees. And she has taught me many things…

Shannon Saldi

“When I first met Jennifer, I had chronic neck and back pain. I had been in and out of physical therapy offices and just could not understand why I kept getting hurt or how to break the cycle…

Erin Jones

“My advice is to do what works best for you and going to One Physical Therapy Fitness Wellness was the best thing I could have ever done for my physical and mental health. Initially, I went to Jennifer…

All Physical Therapists At Orthopedic One Can Expect The Following Benefits:

  • Outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine setting
  • Ability to communicate directly with physicians and mid-level providers regarding patient care
  • Competitive healthcare benefits and compensation, including quarterly clinical bonus system to reward clinicians who put our patients first
  • Continuing education reimbursement, as well as reimbursement for licensure and professional memberships
  • Professional development and opportunities for growth
  • Generous employer contributions to your 401.

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Work Hardening And Work Conditioning

Work hardening is a multidisciplinary process that is usually applied to workers who have had catastrophic injuries. Work hardening sessions typically last several hours.

A work conditioning program is more specific. Sessions usually last an hour and focus on physical job functions so employees can return to work as quickly as possible.

Because we take a comprehensive approach to each injured workers treatment, we often include some hardening components as part of our regular physical therapy and conditioning process.

Do The Rules Change If Im Billing Multiple Payers

Charlotte One on One Physical Therapy

Okay, we know, we knowwe already addressed this. But this question crops up enough that we really want to hammer down this answer. Major billing experts agree that therapists should not bill one-on-one codes with other time-based procedures or constant attendance modalities that occur during the same 15-minute period.

To be clear, that doesnt preclude you from billing for both group therapy and individual therapy on the same dayso long as the group session is clearly distinct or independent from the individual services and you use modifier 59.

Hopefully, this post answered at least a few of your questions about one-on-one and group therapy services, but as we know, Medicare is complicated, and these are just the basics. For more details, refer to our guides to the 8-minute rule, CPT codes, and Medicare. And if youre new to billing altogether, take a look at our guide to private practice billing.

Stay on top of the latest rehab therapy tips, trends, and best practices with our weekly blog digest.

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Atlantas Complete Physical Therapy Solution

Welcome to One on One Physical Therapy, Your Complete Physical Therapy Solution. At our core is the belief that the needs of every patient must come first. Pain disrupts your life. We will help you eliminate your pain and return to an active, productive lifestyle AND we will do it with compassion.

Unlike the typical physical therapy practice, our patients experience private and individualized treatment, One on One. We evaluate your whole person while focusing on the area of injury to achieve the ultimate goal of total body wellness.

Physical Therapists at One on One are the top in their profession. They obtain the highest level of training and continuing education available, and stay current with trends in research, providing patients the superior care and treatment they deserve.

When you choose One on One Physical Therapy, you will benefit from:

  • Board Certified Specialists
  • Collaboration with other Medical Providers
  • Referrals To Health And Wellness Professionals
  • A Continuum Of Care, From Rehabilitation To Fitness

Through our unyielding pursuit of Excellence, Teamwork and Compassion, our mission is simple: To Help People Become Their Best

Why One To One

There are many reasons to seek treatment in our spacious and comfortable physical therapy facility: some have experienced an injury and need a physical therapist to assist in their recovery, while others seek the training and support that will help them achieve peak physical performance. Whatever reason brings you to One To One, we are glad you are here.

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Why Choose One On One

At Charlotte One on One Physical Therapy, we believe in putting the patient first by

providing skilled, specialized, one on one physical therapy care. Our goal is to

provide a rehabilitation experience where the patient can return to what they love most and live a fulfilling life. Drawing on greater than 35 years of experience, our highly

qualified team of licensed physical therapists are certified in the latest techniques and

treatments to provide outstanding quality care.

These techniques include manual therapy, dry needling, the Graston®Technique and Kinesio Taping. We also offer pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, injury screening, gait and running analysis, and sports performance services. We will develop an individualized treatment plan to meet your needs and allow you to achieve your goals. Whether you have aches and pains, a recent surgery, an activity or sports related injury, or chronic pain, we are here for you.

We understand that life is challenging after an injury or when you are in

pain. Our team can provide you with the support and education necessary to return to a full life. Our patients are guaranteed individualized care, advanced treatment

techniques, and clinical excellence in a welcoming environment. We are conveniently

located on Park Road across from the Park Road Shopping center. North Carolina is a

direct access state which means you are not required to have a physician referral for

physical therapy.The road to recovery starts here.

Physical Therapistpatient Collaborative Relationship

One On One PT Reel

A systematic review that included patients with brain injury, musculoskeletal conditions, cardiac conditions, or multiple pathologies found that the alliance between patient and therapist positively correlates with treatment outcome. Outcomes include the ability to perform activities of daily living, manage pain, complete specific physical function tasks, depression, global assessment of physical health, treatment adherence, and treatment satisfaction.

Environmental factors such as the location, equipment used, and parking are less important to the patient than the physical therapy clinical encounter itself.

Based on the current understanding, the most important factors that contribute to the patient-therapist interactions include that the physical therapist: spends an adequate amount of time with the patient, possesses strong listening and communication skills, treats the patient with respect, provides clear explanations of the treatment, and allows the patient to be involved in the treatment decisions.

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How This Helps You

OnSite Physio is your one-stop partner for reducing workers comp claims and expenses. Nationwide. That means you have one point of contact, who manages your injured workers across all your locations. With that you get increased transparency, ease of use, and greater accountability. You can expect to know a lot more about your injured workers and their claims, while doing a lot less work.

We have successfully performed tens of thousands of treatments for workers throughout the U.S. in hospitality, manufacturing, solid waste management, and many other industries.

We fully manage the claim from referral to discharge. We also keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Our goal is simple: make your life easier.

Whats So Different About Onsite Physio

We offer a smarter approach to treating injured workers. We send an experienced physical therapist who specializes in work-related injuries directly to your worksite. On-demand, only when you need it. Your employees dont waste time traveling back and forth to some clinic. Instead, our therapist can treat them right in their own work environment. Then our therapist leaves and your worker gets right back to being productive.

Rehab at work can be a big money-saver for your company. It eliminates expensive travel time, reduces costly productivity losses, and brings the worker physically back to work for treatment. OnSite Physios therapy sessions at your workplace are the first step to a return-to-work program. Your indemnity spend stops right then and there. And because on-site physical therapy focuses on specific job functions, your workers dont just get better, they are able to do their job better more safely and productively in the future.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Reviews from Yelp

The staff is friendly and strive to relieve pain and discomfort and take a genuine interest in your well being. Appointments are also on time. I will be having a knee replacement in December and will definitely use them for my rehab.
Clark J. Round Rock, TX
Through the years I have had back, hip, broken wrist and other injuries. This has allowed me to compare numerous physical therapy providers. When I first was treated by Scott I doubted I would ever be able to play golf and even play with my grandchildren. Now I am able to do all these things.
Clark J. Round Rock, TX
Ive never spent more time with any health care provider, and never been more impressed with the level of care received. PT can be an arduous process. Scott and the outstanding team he works with ensured my recovery was faster, more effective, and better than I ever expected.
Kent W. Austin, TX
62 years old, and years of back pain. I started feeling like I was hitching along like Walter Brennan did in The Real McCoys . But I have started seeing familiar faces with prosthetics and many more severe needs than I have. And I keep seeing them come back. Thats a good sign.
Chris S. Austin, TX
One on One Physical Therapy is incredible! The main reason I give them 5 stars is because they get results! It clear Scott and his staff know what they are doing.Additionally, the entire group is really friendly, all the way from the front door to back room.
Dan B. Austin, TX


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