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Does Berxi Malpractice Insurance Include Coverage For My Work As A Personal Trainer

Best Help For The Saviours: Liability Insurance For Therapists

Yes, your work as a personal trainer is covered, as long as it’s within the scope of your services as a PT. Check out our personal trainer liability insurance page to learn more.

If you want coverage as a personal trainer outside of your work as a PT, call us at and one of our product specialists can help you.

Insurance For Physical Therapists

Our Miscellaneous Medical Liability package is designed to offer the maximum protection to Physical Therapists. The package includes Professional Liability insurance , General Liability insurance, and Cyber Liability insurance.

Each of these types of liability insurances is an important safeguard for Physical Therapists. The Miscellaneous Medical Liability package provides all the essential insurance coverage and protection a Physical Therapist needs.

Who Needs Physical Therapy Insurance

Every physical therapist should invest in professional liability insurance. A patient can file a claim directly against you as the individual, blame may be transferred to you, both you and your employer can have shared blame, or your employer is not properly insured.

Having your own individual policy with My PT Insurance can help if any of these situations happen. If a claim is filed, and you are responsible for any of these reasons, you will have peace of mind knowing you are covered.

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Physical Therapists Malpractice Insurance

Presidio Insurance provides malpractice insurance quotes for physical therapists in almost every state. As an independent broker we work with the best carriers to provide you the most coverage options at the best rates. We have done most of the legwork, so give us a call to find out how we can help. Physical therapists that are covered by their employers policy are urged to consider obtaining their own coverage. Our team will be happy to review your options and provide unbiased guidance.

Professional liability insurance is another name for Malpractice Insurance. This insurance is specifically designed to protect you in the event a claim is filed against you. Unlike other types of insurance, Medical Malpractice Insurance policies vary greatly in the coverage they afford, and more importantly, the coverage they exclude. We know inadequate coverage can leave you in a financial bind, which is why we work with you

Who Should Get Physical Therapy Insurance

Insurance For Massage Therapists Canada : Byward Chiropractic Clinic ...

Simply put, physical therapy insurance is for physical therapy practices, providers and other therapy-related services. Our policies are tailored to the unique needs of every client. Not sure if this coverage is right for your business? Check out the list below to see who our physical therapy insurance program is for.

  • Physical Therapy Providers
  • Athletic Trainers

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Physical Therapy Liability Insurance: A Guide For Pts

Physical Therapy liability insurance is designed to provide professional liability coverage in the case of a malpractice lawsuit. In other words, if a lawsuit is brought against you as a PT for a number of valid reasons, your Physical Therapy liability insurance will stop these claims from jeopardizing your career.

The short story: You should seriously consider liability insurance if you are a Physical Therapist.

Why Do Physical Therapists Need Liability Insurance

Physical Therapists work one on one with patients to improve or regain physical abilities. It is because of this hands on nature of the business that physical therapists are open to lawsuits against them even if they work for a company or healthcare provider.

In addition to liability lawsuits, physical therapist insurance provides general liability, or slip and fall insurance. If a client injures themselves during their visit, you could be liable to pay a claim. NACAMS offers industry leading physical therapist insurance for both employed and self-employed at the most affordable rate!

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Cyber Insurance Physical Therapists

During accessing and notating electronic patient files, you may run the risk of a cyber-criminal hacking into these confidential files and causing havoc. The patient harmed by this cyber-crime can hold you responsible. This would be harmful to both your professional reputation and your personal finances.

Even when cyber-crime occurs via your employers network, you may still be named as a third-party in a patients claim. In this modern era, it is critical for all Physical Therapists to obtain an independent Cyber Liability policy.

Cyber Insurance will provide you with the financial resources to protect your business from the expenses and legal costs associated with data breaches, which may occur after being hacked or from the theft or from loss of client information.

General Liability Costs For Physical Therapists

Starting A Physical Therapy Private Practice

The median cost of general liability insurance is less than $35 per month for physical therapists, or $400 per year. This policy protects against patient injuries and property damage, along with advertising injuries.

Insureons licensed agents typically recommend purchasing a business owners policy, which bundles general liability insurance with commercial property insurance at a discounted rate.

Median cost per year: $400Policy limit: $1 million per occurrencePolicy deductible: $500

Learn how to save money on your policy, which coverage limits to choose, and more on Insureon’s general liability insurance cost analysis page.

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Is Professional Liability Insurance Worth It

Thats a good question Ill ask it another way: Is it worth spending a couple hundred dollars each year for protection against license suspension, probation, revocation of your license, or losing your Physical Therapy job altogether?

Or ask yourself this: Which will cost more, $200 for professional protection or $3,000,000 in lawsuits?

I certainly think a personal policy is worth it, and Ive even done some of the legwork for you in researching the best deals for physical therapy liability insurance.

Simply Business: Best Brokerage Firm To Find Cheap Coverage

Simply Business is a broker specializing in small business insurance. They work with many carriers with a focus to help you find low-cost coverage that your business may need, including medical malpractice insurance. They vet the carriers that they work with carefully to ensure that all of them have excellent financial ratings. They select the carriers that can offer low-cost coverage even if these carriers may not be well-known and small businesses may not have access to them otherwise.


  • Easy to get and compare several quotes online
  • Able to get quotes from A-rated carriers which you may not be aware of and offer low cost
  • Knowledgeable agents that are available to help you along the process


  • If you prefer a particular carrier that Simply Business doesnt work with, you may need to look elsewhere
  • Have to file a claim directly with the carriers

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Hpso Best For Their Winning Rate

HPSO insures more than 70,000 physical therapists, and theyve been insuring healthcare professionals for 24 years. Their carrier has won more than 90% of the cases that went to trail. They have discounts for members of professional organizations and a great reputation.

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What Type Of Insurance Do Physical Therapists Need

Liability Insurance For Massage Therapist : Premium Liability Insurance ...

Physical therapists may need one or more types of insurance, depending on their specific working situation.

Professional liability insurance. This is the most common type of insurance coverage that physical therapists acquire. Often also referred to as malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance protects physical therapists in case of lawsuits brought against them by a patient who claims they received negligent services or inaccurate advice.

A patient can bring a malpractice lawsuit against a physical therapist for a number of reasonssome valid, others less so. Should you make a mistake while working as a physical therapist, this insurance will protect your career and protect you financially from having to pay costly claims. Even in cases where no mistakes were made on your part, a patient lawsuit against you can still run up your legal bills. Professional liability insurance will protect you from having to pay such bills out of pocket.

General liability insurance. If you own or manage a physical therapy clinic, consider obtaining general liability insurance in addition to professional liability insurance. General liability insurance protects you against claims of physical injury or damagessuch as a patient who slips, falls, and gets injured at your clinic.

General liability is a must if you visit clients in their homes. You would be exposed to patient claims that occur on their property, such as damage to their home or belongings.

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Do Physical Therapists Need Insurance

Physical therapists play a hands-on role in maintaining and promoting overall fitness and health. The personal interaction with patients creates a need for physical therapists to have their own independent liability insurance.

Through continued research, My PT Insurance has created an insurance policy specifically for physical therapists to help protect their career and financial stability in the event a claim is filed against you.

You have invested your time and money into training, education to enhance your career. A small investment now can help you in the event the unfortunate happens. LEARN MORE >

Applying For Physical Therapy Insurance

My PT Insurance does not have a lengthy online application and quote process, but instead uses a simple checkout which only takes a few minutes.

Well ask you for your contact information, profession, and which coverage youd like to receive.We make the process quick and simpleno waiting weeks to receive an over-priced insurance quote. You may want to opt for the additional insured option. This will protect a person or business entity, should the name of the insured be found negligent.

Starting a new physical therapy job tomorrow? My PT Insurance has you covered. Youll receive instant coverage and proof of insurance as soon as you pay.

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Liability Insurance For Physical Therapy Professionals

CM& F Group offers physical therapy liability insurance, also known as physical therapy malpractice insurance. CM& Fs physical therapy professional insurance is an affordable, comprehensive malpractice insurance policy which includes coverage for all methods of patient care delivery, including telemedicine/telehealth services as long as they are within scope of practice according to relevant laws.

In addition to providing individual professional liability insurance for physical therapy professionals, we also have liability insurance solutions for physical therapy groups as well as for physical therapy students.

Professional Liability Insurance Physical Therapists

MUST HAVE- APPS- all therapists – Occupational therapy, Physical therapy and SLPs

Each year the number of lawsuits filed against Physical Therapists continues to increase. One simple mistake on your part could lead to expensive attorney fees, court costs, and possibly a large financial settlement. To mitigate the monetary damages caused by such a situation, you will require Malpractice Liability insurance.

Professional Liability, otherwise known as E& O insurance or Malpractice Liability insurance is used by health care professionals to protect themselves from claims of medical negligence. Many States require Physical Therapists to establish a Malpractice Liability policy before they are allowed to begin treating patients.

It is recommended that Physical Therapists working for hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers purchase their own Malpractice Insurance. This is because many employer Malpractice Liability Insurance plans have low limits for their employees which can leave you and your personal assets vulnerable In the event of a claim occurring.

Malpractice Liability Insurance could defend you from the following oversights:

  • Improper use of biophysical agents such as iontophoresis, joint mobilization, traction, or electrical stimulation
  • Errors or mistakes made while treating a patient with manual therapy
  • Incorrect use of therapeutic exercises and equipment
  • Improper management of physical therapy treatment over the course of care

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Understand The Difference: Occurrence Vs Claims

As you shop for liability insurance, you may come across two options: Occurrence or Claims-made coverage. While each policys details may differ, there are two key distinctions in coverage which you should know.

Occurrence Coverage: This policy protects you from claims made for an instance during which you were insured, regardless of when the claim is made.

Claims-made Coverage: This policy also covers claims made for an instance during which you were insured however, for it to protect you, your policy must still be active when the claim is made.

Professional Liability Insurance For Physical Therapists

All physical therapists have the duty of care to each patient. Patients can file a claim if this is violated somehow. While it might sound impossible to be held responsible for mistakes or oversights, there are a lot of examples that prove the opposite is true. Here are some:

  • A physical therapist in Berwyn faced a $50,000 negligence and malpractice lawsuit for improper treatment and misdiagnosis

  • A physical therapist and his employer had to settle for $1,490,000 for the failure to supervise a patient who was riding a stationary bike

Buy physical therapy professional liability insurance to have a trusty countermeasure when patients sue you for negligence and malpractice. Also called malpractice insurance and professional indemnity insurance, this provides up to $3 million-$5 million you can use to pay for:

  • Court judgments and punitive damages

Additional perks might also be provided by physiotherapy indemnity insurance, depending on how its designed. Expect to enjoy these additional benefits from the policy:

  • $100,000-$150,000 for lawsuits and investigations filed against you by state regulatory boards

  • $50,000-$150,000 reimbursement for legal expenses you need to pay for criminal trials and investigations

  • $750 daily lost income reimbursement if you need to attend a trial and cant provide services

  • $50,000 for defense costs involving HIPAA violations

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Select Your Profession Below To Learn More About Your Physical Therapy Malpractice Insurance Coverage Options

Dont see your profession? Contact us to see if we cover you.

Family owned and operated since 1919, CM& F has been a trusted partner to millions of healthcare professionals over the years. Developing the very first liability insurance policy for registered nurses in 1947, and nurse practitioners in 1987, CM& F has been at the forefront of protecting their clients personal and professional livelihoods for over 100 years. CM& F continues to lead the way forward in protecting over 200 professional specialties across the healthcare industry, with a singular focus on providing superior service and innovative insurance products.

CM& F continues to invest in service and technology helping to support our clients wherever they are. Whether you need to quickly buy insurance online, access your policy documents in real-time, or discuss a coverage question over the phone, CM& F is there for you.

Get the physical therapy professional insurance that works for you.

Thousands of professionals have trusted us with their career, and its easy to see why. CM& F only partners with insurance carriers who carry the highest A.M. Best ratings in the market today!

Why Do I Need Physical Therapy Liability Insurance


Unless you are independently wealthy enough to cover the potential costs of court fees and indemnity claims, you should probably look into malpractice insurance. The average payout for an indemnity claim made against a PT was $99,122 according to an HSPO report. Such a hefty malpractice claim could seriously hurt the average Physical Therapist, both professionally and financially.

But if my employer provides malpractice insurance, do I need personal malpractice insurance as a Physical Therapist?

Thats a good question to ask your lawyer, who will probably charge you a minimum of $150/hour to discuss it. A financial or legal professional can also discuss with you, for a fee, the details of an insurance policy in order to verify you have the most appropriate coverage.

My advice is free: its worth getting a personal policy. I have kept personal liability insurance as a Physical Therapist for the last 2 years by paying roughly $185/year .

But no matter which provider you choose, the cost of professional liability insurance for PTs is very, very reasonable compared to our physician friends who pay upwards of $10,000, $50,000 and sometimes more than $100,000 a year for malpractice insurance.

For me personally, paying less than $200 a year for professional liability insurance is a no-brainer.

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Workers Compensation Insurance For Physical Therapists

Workers’ compensation insurance is included in physiotherapy insurance programs. If not, then purchase this as a stand-alone policy. Having this is very important if you work with one or more associates.

Purchasing worker’s compensation insurance enables you to provide compensation without incurring losses when an employee sustains a bloodborne disease, contracts an illness, or experiences an accident while running an errand for your clinic.

Its hard to say how much money you can get from this commercial physiotherapy coverage. The worker’s comp law of each state has different provisions on the amount of coverage workers’ compensation insurance can give. For now, just remember that this insurance will help you pay for these costs:

  • First aid, EMT service, surgeries, and other costs for medical treatment

  • Inpatient hospital bills

  • Funeral expenses and allowance to dependents in case of death

Equipment Breakdown Insurance For Physical Therapists

Equipment breakdown insurance protects the implements you use for work. Sometimes included as a floater to commercial property or general liability insurance, this will provide a $2,500 minimum coverage.

Use this to cover expenses for repairs or replacements if your dynamometers, mobilization devices, height exercise steps, and other equipment get damaged or lost because of:

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Plp Protection And Indemnification

There is no premium. The cost of PLP protection is included in annual RCDSO registration fees.

Anyone eligible for protection is entitled to be indemnified for up to $2 million in damages and legal costs owing due to an error, omission or negligent act in performing professional services in Ontario, as well as for legal expenses in defending a civil suit for dental negligence.

PLP assistance does not extend to:

  • civil actions unrelated to the practise of dentistry
  • criminal proceedings
  • proceedings arising out of dental services rendered outside of Ontario
  • indemnification for awards of punitive, aggravated or exemplary damages.

The Professional Liability Program is a program of


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