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What Do Physical Therapists Do

Professional Physical Therapy Careers

In contrast, a physical therapist treats the patients actual impairment from a biomechanical perspective. Physical therapy tries to improve the impairment itself by increasing mobility, aligning bones and joints or lessening pain.

A PTs primary goal is to prevent injuries or get their patients back in motion with exercises, massage and other techniques. They focus on preventing injuries and can help people avoid surgery or a long term-reliance on medications. This approach is certainly important and can lead to activities that are fulfilling, but a PTs main goal is to rehabilitate an injury, not the entire patient.

Occupational Employment And Wage Statistics

The Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics program produces employment and wage estimates annually for over 800 occupations. These estimates are available for the nation as a whole, for individual states, and for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. The link below go to OEWS data maps for employment and wages by state and area.

Salary And Job Demand

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics , occupational therapists as a whole can expect to earn an average of $84,270 per year. This number can vary substantially depending on exactly where they are employed:

  • Nursing home: $90,570
  • Hospitals: $84,550
  • Elementary and secondary schools: $73,980

The BLS also estimates that, between 2016 and 2026, the number of occupational therapists in the United States will rise from 130,400 to roughly 161,400a 24 percent increase. This is much higher than the seven percent increase expected across all occupations.

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Professional Is A Great Place To Work

Professional Physical Therapy is proud to announce its certification as a 2021-2022 Great Place to Work®. Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue and increased innovation. It uses validated employee feedback gathered with Great Place to Works® rigorous data-driven methodology.

Here Are Actions We Are Taking To Keep Our Clinics Clean And Safe:

Physical Therapy Services
  • Equipment will be wiped down after EVERY use with antibacterial wipes/sprays
  • Team members will wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, particularly after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing
  • Clinics will have hand sanitizer available at the front desk and in the treatment areas
  • Any Chautauqua Physical & Occupational Therapy team members who are ill will be asked to stay home
  • Caregivers that are bringing a patient to the clinic should wait in their car or come back when the appointment has ended unless necessary
  • All patients should be self-screening before entering the clinic. Our PCCs will perform a secondary screening during the check-in process and before patients enter the clinic including screening questions and temperature check.

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A Leader In Personalized Care

At Pivot Physical Therapy, you are not a number. We value each and every one of our employees, patients, clients and partners and take the time to foster and build lasting relationships. This personalized approach to healthcare is your turning point to help you achieve your goals.

Twice now, I have been able to recover from immobilizing injuries with the wise and caring expertise of PTs, Darryl and Ian. Both of whom know when to push and when to occasionally ease up. Working with each of them has been such a positive experience. I highly recommend Pivot!

My husband, David, sustained a spinal cord injury when he fell twenty feet from a ladder and he spent a month in a rehab unit after surgery to repair a broken vertebrae. After that he started physical therapy at Pivot . Tori and her team are extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. They took David from not being able to control his legs and being in a wheelchair to where he is now. He walks with the help of two canes everywhere he goes. We are forever grateful for their help!

Alison | Suffolk, VA

Laurie | Holly Springs, NC

In 2021 alone, Ive been a client at Pivot PT for 2 separate injuries . After my therapy sessions, I feel much better and have greater range of motion. The PTs are helpful and encouraging, and the front desk staff are friendly. Id recommend this location to anyone!

Jamie | Eldersburg, MD

Maureen | Clarks Summit, PA

What East Patchogue Thinks About Professional Care Physical Therapy

Professional Care Physical Therapy is amazing. I was a patient for multiple issues, and every time I went, I was treated professionally, and with compassion. George Ciresi was my primary PT, and I could not have asked for anyone better. All of my concerns were always addressed, and I never felt rushed. Jim Blair also treated me, and I always appreciated the therapy I received. The entire staff is awesome, from the front desk to the assistants and aides. I have recommended this group to many, who have also been very satisfied. Personalized therapy services with personal attention!

Barbara S.

Tom and the staff have been awesome to both of my children. Tom was able to get my daughter back on the court stronger then she was before her injury. Tom is now working to get my son back on the field after his ACL surgery. I cant say enough about how friendly the staff is and always make you feel welcome when you walk in the door.

Tom is now working to get my son back on the field after his ACL surgery. I cant say enough about how friendly the staff is and always make you feel welcome when you walk in the door.

Bryan L.

In addition, George and his associates are actively involved in a variety of programs and activities to enhance our local community. It is my pleasure to recommend George and staff!!

Ele R.
Jeannie M.
Joann A.
Jodi T.

Are you suffering from pain or limited range of motion?

If youre suffering, fill out the form to request an appointment.

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Development Into A Health Profession

The health profession of occupational therapy was conceived in the early 1910s as a reflection of the Progressive Era. Early professionals merged highly valued ideals, such as having a strong work ethic and the importance of crafting with one’s own hands with scientific and medical principles. The National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy , now called the American Occupational Therapy Association , was founded in 1917 and the profession of Occupational Therapy was officially named in 1921.William Rush Dunton, one of the founders of NSPOT and visionary figure in the first decades of the profession struggled with “the cumbersomeness of the term occupational therapy”, as it lacked the “exactness of meaning which is possessed by scientific terms”. Other titles such as “work-cure”, “ergo therapy” , and “creative occupations” were discussed as substitutes, but ultimately, none possessed the broad meaning that the practice of occupational therapy demanded in order to capture the many forms of treatment that existed from the beginning.

The profession has continued to grow and expand its scope and settings of practice. Occupational science, the study of occupation, was founded in 1989 as an academic discipline to provide foundational research on occupation to support and advance the practice of occupation-based occupational therapy, as well as offer a basic science to study topics surrounding “occupation”.

How Do I Become A Physical Therapist

Post Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Loma Linda University

Physical therapy is a highly specialized field that requires extensive training. If youre interested in this profession, expect to earn a degree, pass an exam and complete a clinical residency or fellowship. Additional certifications are required if youre interested in specializing in a specific focus area.

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What Are The Similarities

Despite their differences, there are some ways that PT and OT are similar. These include:

  • Overall purpose. PT and OT both aim to improve your overall functioning, quality of life, and knowledge about how to maintain your health and well-being.
  • Conditions. Theres considerable overlap with the health conditions for which both therapies may be recommended.
  • Design. Both types of therapy provide hands-on care thats tailored to the patients specific needs.
  • Tasks. There can be some overlap in the tasks performed. For example, occupational therapists may also teach stretches or exercises. Physical therapists may work on movements to help with daily activities, such as getting in and out of the tub.
  • Goals and monitoring. Both types of therapy set goals and assess your progress as you work to achieve them.

Now that weve discussed the differences and similarities between PT and OT, lets break down what a physical therapist does in more detail.

What Physical Therapists Do

Physical therapists are movement experts who improve quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education.

Physical therapists diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to people at the end of life. Many patients have injuries, disabilities, or other health conditions that need treatment. But PTs also care for people who simply want to become healthier and to prevent future problems.

Physical therapists examine each person and then develops a treatment plan to improve their ability to move, reduce or manage pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

Physical therapists can have a profound effect on peoples lives. They help people achieve fitness goals, regain or maintain their independence, and lead active lives.

Visit, APTAs official consumer information website, to learn more about the benefits of physical therapy.

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How Is Occupational Therapy Different From Physical Therapy

There is one main difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy: Occupational therapy is used to help or regain patients ability to perform day-to-day tasks on their own, and physical therapy is used to improve patients ability to move their bodies and manage their pain.

While both professions focus on clients who are recovering from injuries, occupational therapists also assist patients who have cognitive or developmental disabilities that affect their motor skills, behavior or emotions. For example, if you need help getting dressed or taking a shower, you would go to occupational therapy. If you need help recovering after birth or improving movement in a sprained ankle, you would go to physical therapy.

Professional Occupational & Physical Therapy Pllc

Chattahoochee Technical College
Physical Therapy Clinic

Professional Occupational & Physical Therapy, PllcPhysical Therapy ClinicWayne, New Jersey. Kathleen Stratton718-819-6805.Millennium Physical Therapy Ii, LlcProfessional Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Nj, LlcProfessional Occupational & Physical Therapy, PllcProfessional Occupational & Physical Therapy, Pllc Clinic continuous back pain, neck pain, headache, digestive problems, balance difficulties, whiplash and other collision injuries, occupational and sports injuries.Sciatica, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, TMJ disorders Complete Clinic Profile:


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Challenging Limits To Transform Lives

Professional Physical Therapy is the leading provider of world-class physical, occupational, and hand therapy in the Northeast. We will work together with you, your referral source, and your support system to find a plan that includes progressive exercise, active movement, and graded exposure to return you to work and play.

Similarities Between Ot And Pt

According to Healthline, PT and OT both aim to improve your overall functioning, quality of life, and knowledge about how to maintain your health and well-being. Both types of therapy also provide hands-on care tailored to the patients individual needs as well as goalsetting to assess clients progress and how to achieve their goals.

There can even be some overlap in the tasks performed. For example, occupational therapists may also teach stretches or exercises. Physical therapists may work on movements to help with daily activities, such as getting in and out of the tub.

All in all, both are healthcare careers that seek to help people. Both roles educate clients on injury prevention and the healing process as well as work to improve client movement and quality of life. In many cases, both PTs and OTs are essential to injury recovery.

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Occupational And Physical Therapy

At Professional Orthopaedic Associates, we provide physical and occupational therapy services. We serve early adolescents, seniors, and everyone in between.

Our therapists will help you achieve success by reducing your pain, improving your function, and helping you return to your prior activity or sport. Our licensed therapists will evaluate and develop individualized care plans that address the specific needs and treatment goals of our patients.

Our physical therapists provide evidence based treatments to patients and work with various diagnoses including:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

Our occupational therapist is experienced in treating hand, wrist, and elbow injuries and impairments, along with extensive experience in fabricating custom-made static and dynamic splints. In the Occupational Therapy department at Professional Orthopaedic Associates, we treat:

  • Tendon injuries
  • Repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, trigger finger, and degeverans
  • Arthritis

Master Of Science In Occupational Therapy Or Physical Therapy: Entry Points

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Admissions for Fall 2023 will open on September 15, 2022

The School of Physical and Occupational Therapy offers two entry points to the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy or in Physical Therapy OT or MSc PT).

1. The undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science :

  • Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation are eligible to apply to the corresponding Master of Science program.

2. The Qualifying Year for the Master of Science Applied in Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy:

  • Students who successfully complete the Qualifying Year are eligible to apply to the corresponding Master of Science program. The Qualifying Year is a non-degree granting program. The QY entry point is intended for candidates who already have an undergraduate degree. Candidates with an undergraduate degree are also welcome to apply to the Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation.

Note: Only students from these two entry points are eligible to apply for direct entry to the MSc programs. Places are held in the MSc programs for all students coming from these two entry points. These students will be granted entry to their respective MSc program provided they have maintained the appropriate academic standing, and other requirements outlined during their studies.

Upon completion of the MSc OT or PT, graduates will have the educational credentials required to apply for licensure to practice in their respective discipline.

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Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy

The physical therapy profession tends to be more focused on evaluating and diagnosing movement dysfunctions as well as treating a persons injury itself. While an occupational therapist will often also do diagnosis, the physical therapist will be more likely to diagnose and treat the physical source of the problem the injured tissues and structures. They work towards maximizing the bodies ability to move itself.

A physical therapist is more likely to make use of modalities in their treatment protocols. Such modalities include ultrasound, interferential current and shockwave therapy. Some other types of treatment more commonly used in physical therapy treatment are acupuncture, intramuscular stimulation , cupping, and Active Release Technique .

Both physical and occupational therapists are trained extensively in anatomy and the musculoskeletal system resulting in both being very knowledgeable about musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation than a general practitioner medical doctor.

Physical Therapist Job Outlook

According to the BLS, it is projected that there will be 54,200 physical therapy job openings by 2028. This is due to a 22% projected growth rate since 2018. Two of the main issues driving up the demand for physical therapy are increasing cases of obesity and diabetes. A large number of physical therapists are needed to help those individuals strengthen and improve regular body motion. Advancements in the medical field drive up the demand for physical therapy careers, as well. Doctors have become more adept at treating serious trauma and birth defects, leaving physical therapists with a lot of pertinent physical rehabilitation and training to do once individuals are released from the care of a hospital.

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What Type Of Therapy Can You Expect

The occupational therapist will review your medical history and your condition to determine what your needs are. Then, theyll use this information to develop a therapy plan and set specific goals.

Some of the things that may be involved as part of OT include:

  • helping you learn or relearn how to perform daily tasks, such as getting dressed, eating, and bathing
  • assessing your home, school, or workplace to identify ways to make your daily tasks easier
  • teaching you how to use assistive devices, such as wheelchairs and walkers
  • helping you with tasks that require fine motor skills, such as writing or buttoning a shirt
  • training you on ways to safely get into and out of chairs, your bed, or the bathtub
  • showing you exercises you can perform to help increase flexibility or reduce pain
  • assisting you with programs that help you return to work
  • teaching you strategies for managing stress
  • educating your loved ones and caregivers on how to effectively support you in your day-to-day life

Occupational Therapy Vs Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy faculty secure funding for interdisciplinary projects ...

The primary difference between the two fields is that physical therapy helps patients cope with pain, increase range of motion, improve endurance, and develop gross motor skills occupational therapy focuses more on how clients perform activities and roles that are most important to their daily lives, including assessing and treating physical, psychosocial, behavioral, cognitive, or sensory skills.

There are, of course, more differences between the two professions than what is discussed above. Below, we delve into these differences in greater detail.

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Occupational Therapist Education Requirements

There are several points of entry. Those who wish to be OTs can pursue either an entry-level masters degree or an entry-level doctorate. Either way, an advanced occupational therapy degree beyond the bachelors level is required to enter this field. A doctoral degree can offer a more comprehensive education in a specialty area as well as the added clout that comes with that level of degree. Regardless of what type of occupational therapy degree you seek, the program has to be one fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education .

These occupational therapy programs will take you between two and three years to complete. There are also some combined undergraduate and graduate degree programs and online Doctor of Occupational Therapy program options. Regardless of what you choose, you will need to complete fieldwork under the guidance of an occupational therapist in order to finish your program.


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