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Pros And Cons Of Red Light Therapy

So Red Light Therapy At Home Is Safe And Effective Too

The Pros & Cons To Using Red Light Therapy

Yes: In-home devices are as safe to use as in-office ones, according to our experts. Remember though, the devices used in a medical office will be bigger and emit more energy than those you can use at home, says Dr. Baron, so at-home ones will be milder, which means you may not see the kind of results you might get from an office visit. That said, these less powerful home devices can be safely used more frequently, without any redness, says Dr. Baron.

The price range varies widely for at-home devicesanywhere from $100 to $2,000-plus. Again, they should all be safe when used as directed, but there isn’t a lot of research on the efficacy of specific models, adds Dr. Baron, so choosing one is somewhat of a guessing game. Dr. Jagdeo recommends the Omnilux Contour Face mask , which has clinical trials behind it , and he also suggests reading reviews and asking a dermatologist if youre not sure about a particular device. Once you do find one you like, you should eventually see a softening in the appearance of fine lines, better texture and tone, and a decrease of any redness of the skin, says Dr. Lamb. Its a really nice home treatment, she adds.

Red Light Therapy Side Effects

Red light therapy is generally considered completely safe and well-tolerated by most patients. On rare occasions, skin redness or tightness has been reported.

Still, even though red light appears to be mostly safe in the short term, not enough research has been done on its long-term effects.

When it comes to red light therapy and tanning on the same day, it is generally considered safe, but one should take all of the precautions like sunscreen, and maybe even a collagen powder supplement, as studies show that collagen peptides can protect against UV light caused skin aging.

Red Light Therapy Pros And Cons: Is It Safe And Effective

Red light therapy is an emerging method of healing a wide variety of skin conditions in addition to providing an array of unexpected health benefits. But how effective is it, and are there any adverse effects associated with red light?

Luckily, red light therapy is safe and it is not associated with any serious side effects, at least in the short term. Red light has several proven health benefits, some of which include improving collagen production and contributing to rejuvenating the skin.

Lets take a look at the most important pros and cons of red light therapy.

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Whats The Verdict Beyond The Pros And Cons

Now that youve seen the pros and cons to using red-light therapy, you have to make a decision. I

Should you get your own device, or would you rather go to a salon?

We recommend mixing the two, if you can afford it.

However, if youre trying to save money, get a home red light therapy device like this one, it has everything you need, including red, blue and green led light therapy modes, and it will save you a lot of money .

Use the device 3 times a week at least, for 5 minutes per treated area .

Red light therapy treatments have been proven to work, but the results might take time to appear.

Dont get discouraged and avoid the diet pill mentality of I need results today. Almost every skincare product or treatment we tested that promised instant results is a scam and just dont work.

Nothing happens overnight unless youre using unnatural procedures like botox or getting a surgery, keep that in mind.

The Pros Of Using Red

6 Science

There are an awful lot of benefits to using red-light therapy to correct minor and even major skin issues. It would seem the pros outweigh the cons. Of course, it all depends on what youre using red-light therapy for. It also depends on what issues you already have with your skin.

Here are some of the pros to using red-light therapy:

While these pros of using red-light therapy can be beneficial, there are also a number of cons to using this technology. Since you need to make an informed decision before using this therapy, it is only fair that we point out the cons of red-light therapy treatments.

There arent many, and they mostly have to do with the price, so lets address these.

How Often Should You Do Light Therapy

In order to get results, you need to do the red light therapy for a couple of weeks and get to establish and view exactly the type of effects the therapy is having on you. It is recommended to start with about 15-20 minute sessions, for around 3-5 times a week during the first month. Afterwards, you may opt to reduce the number of times that you do it, and eventually, you must be done two sessions per week.

Of course, these figures differ depending on the type os session you are using for. For instance, if you want to get rid of acne on your face the this requires a different time period as compared to using red light to get rid of pain or stiffness.

If you are planning to do red light therapy then it is must to talk to your dermatologist or a local doctor where they can provide you complete details of the treatment and the number of sessions required to get the optimum results.

Red Light Therapy Cons

Despite its many successes in the treatment of various health conditions, the relative newness of red light therapy means there are a few downsides as well.

Medical Clinic Visits Are Expensive

Red light therapy is still relatively new technology, and visits to a medical clinic may be expensive. Medical spas with large LED panels or low-level lasers have to cover their equipment and labor costs, which can be steep. And because its a newer and sometimes cosmetic treatment, insurance companies may not cover it.

Lack of Industry Regulation and Few Widely Accepted Medical Guidelines

The light therapy industry is largely unregulated. While the FDA does investigate and register light therapy devices, some products dont produce strong enough light for therapeutic use.

In this same vein, there are very few broadly-agreed-upon medical guidelines for the usage of red light therapy.

Long-Term Side Effects Remain Unknown

While the short-term safety profile of red light therapy is excellent, long-term side effects while perhaps unlikely are currently unknown due to the newness of this field.

Mixed Results

Even though over 2,000 studies support the safety and effectiveness of light therapy, many more studies are still needed to provide specific guidelines to achieve standardized results. Currently, people can get varying results depending on their device, skin type, condition severity, regularity of use, and many other factors.

Ongoing Treatments Require Consistency

Red Light Therapy Can Fight Your Bowel Inflammation

Whenever you have any kind of inflammation, you will get prescribed different NSAID drugs. When the inflammation is in your bowels, it is questionable whether NSAIDs are more useful or harmfulin soothing your pain. Moreover, they disrupt natural healing processes and just cover up the symptoms.

Red light doesnt operate like that. Red light stunts the growth of inflammatory cells increases the development of cells that build collagen and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels. These processes combined create powerful anti-inflammatory systems.

Rlt Can Decrease Skin Blemishes And Signs Of Aging

Red Light Therapy EXPLAINED! (2022) *Benefits Backed By Scientific Research*

The original use for RLT was to assist patients with skin conditions and blemishes. Red light therapy can substantially help with improving skin that has been damaged or shows signs of aging.

The wavelengths of light are helpful for skincare in many ways. This therapy can reduce wrinkles, improve skin health, and generate collagen repair within patients bodies. This works the same way as it does with chronic conditions in that the light encourages tissue repair.

For patients with dermatological concerns or would simply like to try a new method of skincare, RLT might be the new and best treatment option.

Best Red Light Therapy Devices For Skincare

Red light devices have come a long way from when NASA first used them for clinical purposes. Now anyone can buy them to perform red light treatments at home. Finding the right device depends on the size of the device and its range of applications.

Portable devices like Gl and the reVive® Clinical Wrinkle Reduction wand can be easily stored in a purse for on-the-go wrinkle treatments, while larger foldable panels like the dpl® IIa can treat large areas of the face, neck, or back in single treatments.

Red Vs Infrared Light Therapy

The key difference between red light and infrared light therapy is that red light therapy primarily works on the skins surface, while infrared light therapy penetrates deeper into the body. Red and infrared light therapy can be combined to provide relief from soreness at different depths of tissue.

What Happens During An Led Light Treatment

A treatment session usually lasts 30 minutes. Your provider can expose your skin to the LED light via a freestanding lamp, full-face mask, or handheld lamp. The diodes may pulse or flash, but you wont feel pain during the procedure. In fact, the treatment feels pleasant and relaxing, says Dr. Fechner.

You wont need downtime, but your skin may look a little flushed for several hours after your treatment.

It Has Virtually No Major Risks Or Side Effects

Pros and Cons of Red Light Therapy: Know Everything About It

As previously mentioned, there are thousands of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the effectiveness of red light therapy. While that alone is enough to get excited about, what really sets red light therapy apart from the crowd is its safety profile. In all the studies conducted on the treatment, the common thread was that the treatment produced no adverse effects.

The only minor side effects reported was mild temporary redness and tightness in the skin, and mild eye irritation, which can be prevented by using safety goggles.

A lack of risks and side effects is rare for any type of treatment. For this reason, red light therapy is being increasingly recognized by the medical community and by governmental bodies as a safe alternative to medication for the treatment of various issues.

Red Light Therapy Is Not A Quick Fix

Red light therapy is not a quick fix you must commit to ongoing treatments and you must be patient. While most people experience relief from symptoms within one to three months, treatments may have to continue indefinitely to maintain the desired results.

In-clinic treatments can be expensive over time. If you apply red light therapy at home using a high-quality LED red light therapy device, your expense is limited to the one-time purchase price, but you must still treat yourself with the device several times per week.

Red light doesnt carry the risk of burns, although some people have reportedly experienced tightness and redness after exposure to red light, likely due to increased blood flow.

Red Light Therapy: Pros And Cons

What are the pros and cons of red light therapy treatments? In this article, well break down the upsides and downsides of using red light therapy with an at-home LED device like a Joovv. Well also cover the benefit areas of red light therapy, how it works, and what its used for.

What is Red Light Therapy and How Does it Work?Red light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers wavelengths of red and near infrared light to your skin and cells. A quality in-home medical device like a Joovv uses LEDs to shine these light wavelengths on your body. Red light therapy only takes a few minutes per day, and with a Joovv device, a 10-minute treatment session per area is recommended. Red light therapy is also easy: all you have to do is sit or stand in front of the device and let your cells take in the therapeutic light.

Red light therapy works by improving cellular health and energy production across the body. Check out our Science Page for a peek inside the cell during a red light therapy session.

Red Light Therapy Pros and Cons

Red light therapy has a lot of benefits. Here are some of the major pros:

  • Wide range of health benefits: Red light therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for skin health & rejuvenation, joint pain & inflammation relief, improved circulation, enhanced sleep, better fitness & recovery, and more. To see all the potential benefits click here.

Cons of Red Light Therapy

Can Red Light Therapy be Harmful?

How Red Light Therapy Could Improve Your Health And Well

From skin conditions to bone health to back pain to sleep disorders and a host of other conditions, red light therapy has proved to be effective in numerous ways.

Red Light Promotes Skin Health

Red wavelengths have many applications in dermatology, from treating the signs of aging to a variety of chronic conditions.

Red light therapy penetrates the skin to promote normal, healthy cellular activity. It also stimulates the formation of new capillaries, which increases circulation for improved oxygen nutrient delivery to the skin, and activates the lymphatic system.

It also stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis to restore skin firmness and fullness.

Finally, red light helps regulate the rate at which cells reproduce and die, which allows the body to restore a natural rhythm of skin cell replacement.

Here are some examples of how red light therapy supports skin health:

  • Anti-Aging: Red light therapy is perhaps most well-known as a treatment for accelerated skin aging: fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, and sunspots.
  • Chronic Skin Conditions: Supporting the bodys self-healing mechanisms is beneficial for treating psoriasis, eczema, acne, and rosacea.

Red Light Therapy Supports Bone Health

Red light therapy has been shown to regulate bone growth. And according to this 2014 study, it may be a valuable tool in preventing bone loss as the result of osteoporosis and other degenerative bone diseases.

Red Light Therapy Helps Regrow Hair

Red Light Therapy Accelerates Wound Healing

Can You Do Led Light Therapy At Home

Top 4 BENEFITS Of Red Light Therapy (Is It Legit?)

A home device can bring the benefits of LED light therapy to your regular skin-care routine, though results will be more subtle.

Home options range widely in price. The popular Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite FaceWare Pro face mask has both red and blue LED lights on a three-minute timer, for daily treatments. The brand Lightstim sells separate handheld devices for wrinkle reduction and acne treatment .

You may want to consult with your dermatologist or aesthetician before embarking on home treatment, to determine the best device and treatment plan for your concerns.

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Cons Of Red Light Therapy

Although there are not many drawbacks to red light therapy, there are a few cons that have prevented people from seeking symptom relief. One major complaint of those seeking to benefit from red light therapy is the fact that the machines are often large and inconvenient to use and the therapy and treatment sessions themselves are incredibly expensive. Although the safety and adaptability of red light therapy means that it can be used by anyone at any time without the supervision of a healthcare provider, the high cost and unwieldy nature of most of the currently available machines meant that, previously, consumers seeking relief through red light therapy were forced to undergo expensive treatments at health care clinics or spas. This often makes it difficult to establish a treatment schedule, as the cost and inconvenience frequently prohibits regular visits, especially since it is recommended that red light therapy be applied several times a week. Often work schedules and out-of-the-way clinic locations mean that those seeking relief simply cannot engage in regular sessions and are therefore not enjoying the true extent of red light therapys benefits.

Results Arent 100% Guaranteed

Every body is different and responds to treatment in its own way. Think of how some people gain muscle or lose fat easily while others dont, even when on the same exercise and diet plan, or how the same chemo treatment can work wonders on one person and have little effect on another. As with any treatment, theres no guarantee that red light therapy will be 100% effective at treating the issue youre using it for. However, research indicates that there is a high likelihood that youll see an improvement. Plus, seeing that it cant cause any harm, and that it may in fact lead to improvements in other areas, its worth trying out.

All Rouge devices come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it risk free.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Red Light Therapy

Like most medical treatments, red light therapy has some pros and cons to consider before you decide to take the leap.

Below, well examine a few red light therapy pros and cons along with some up-to-date research on red light therapy for various conditions.

The Benefits Of Using Red Light Therapy

Pros and Cons of Red Light Therapy: Know Everything About It

Red light is a form of therapy that helps boost your production of collagen, a known anti-aging force, and enhance your overall health and wellness through:

  • Improving your quality of sleep while reducing insomnia
  • Reducing joint pain and inflammation
  • Enhancing muscle recovery
  • Supporting stronger, healthier hair regrowth
  • Skin benefits including improvements to overall clarity, tone, and texture
  • Supporting your weight loss goals
  • Reducing signs of scarring and stretch marks

How Does Red Light Therapy Supposedly Work

Red light therapy is thought to work by acting on the power plant in your bodys cells called mitochondria. With more energy, other cells can do their work more efficiently, such as repairing skin, boosting new cell growth and enhancing skin rejuvenation. More specifically, certain cells absorb light wavelengths and are stimulated to work.

Red light therapy may work in skin health to:

  • Stimulate collagen production, which gives skin its structure, strength and elasticity.
  • Increase fibroblast production, which makes collagen. Collagen is a component of connective tissue that builds skin.
  • Increase blood circulation to the tissue.
  • Reduce inflammation in cells.


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