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Red Light Therapy Prevents Further Damage After Optic Nerve Injuries

Reverse Eye Aging With Red Light Therapy | Study Review BY Modern Healthspan

One of the biggest threats to eye health and vision is pressure on the optic nerve. Our optic nerve connects our eyes to our brain. When pressure builds in the eye, the optic nerve can get damaged and lose function. Once the optic nerve is damaged, eye cells begin to die, which results in loss of vision. A 2016 study examined red lights effects on ex vivo cells after an optic nerve injury. Researchers found that natural light effectively prevented cell death in retina cells in cases where the the optic nerve was severed. Building on this ex vivo research, multiple laboratory studies found red light therapy to have substantial healing effects after an optic nerve injury, including:

  • Restoring Vision: Normal vision function was restored and tested by optokinetic response, which is the eyes natural response to following a moving object.
  • Early Cell Survival: Retinal cells in their first week survived at 20% higher rates with red light treatments, leading to more vision recovery potential.
  • Protection from Secondary Degeneration: Secondary degeneration happens to cells located nearby an initial injury. In this case, retinal cells near an optic nerve injury. With three months of treatment, red light therapy protected these vulnerable cells.

Based on the clinical evidence, red light therapy is a promising natural treatment that can heal after an optic nerve injury and protect from related harm.

What Results Can You Expect From Doing Red Light Therapy At Home

One of the most important things to understand about red light therapy is that its results are cumulative. In other words, dont expect to use an at-home treatment at night and wake up to clearer, younger-looking skin the next morning.

If you are using LED therapy to improve acne or fine lines, you will need to use it consistently for several weeks or longer, depending on the device, says Dr. Chwalek. Remember, to improve fine lines and wrinkles, you will need to stimulate collagen production, which can take a few months of use. If you are using red light therapy to calm redness and inflammation, however, you may be able to see an improvement after one use.

With his DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, Dr. Gross says that users typically see a reduction of acne within a few days and a clearing of mild to moderate acne, as well as an initial decrease in lines and wrinkles, within two weeks of daily use. However, for the best results, youll need to use the device consistently for ten weeks, which Dr. Gross admits sounds frustrating but is actually quite the breakthrough.

Ready to practice red light therapy at home? Shop some of our favorite FDA-approved red light therapy devices below.

What Is Red Light Therapy And How Does It Work

Red light therapy is a therapeutic skin treatment that uses LED to deliver safe, concentrated wavelengths of red light into the skin where its absorbed by your cells. Different wavelengths of the visible light spectrumincluding blue, yellow, amber, and redcorrespond to various LED light colors and penetrate the skin to different depths. As the light wavelength increases, so does the depth of penetration, explains board-certified celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. This light is then absorbed by receptors in the skin and used to create a specific biological effect, depending on its level of penetration.

In other words, when your cells are treated with red light wavelengths, a multitude of reparative effects can occur, leading to potential benefits like increased collagen production , enhanced skin tone, and a reduction in inflammation and redness.

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Will Red Light Therapy Hurt Your Eyes

In the same way that some believe red light therapy can burn your skin, some worry that it can damage your eyes. While certain light wavelengths and strengths warrant caution when used near the eyes, some studies actually show that red light therapy can help heal the eyes.

Red and NIR wavelengths of light can improve eye health by increasing the blood flow behind the eyes. Multiple studies have also shown that red light therapy can help heal retinal damage, , and reduce retinal degeneration.

Remember how the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell? One study found that when the eyes mitochondria absorb deep red and NIR light, participants eyesight significantly improved. This treatment method could be used for certain types of blindness as well as for diabetic macular oedema, a common cause of decreased vision in people with diabetes.

NIR light has even been used to heal brain damage caused by stroke and other injury.

Some research indicates that blue light therapy could pose a theoretical risk for people with certain eye conditions or on certain medications. Because of this, the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask was voluntarily recalled by the company out of an abundance of caution. However, the same risk does not exist with red light therapy.

Scientifically Proven Light Therapy Benefits

Eye Massager Red Light Warm Therapy Heating Vibration Eyes Massage Tool ...

Vital Red Light device were developed on a technology pioneered by NASA. Red light therapy has been studied in over 500 human trials and 4,000 lab studies to date. Treatments deliver all of the beneficial wavelengths of light, without the harmful UV rays.

500 Human Trials

FDA Cleared Technology

Stories Behind the Science

âDesigning a beautiful life begins with self-love. Vital Red Light is my favorite product for self-care and self-love. It has done wonders for my body and mind. It reminds me of watching a beautiful sunrise when I use it in the morningâ

âVital Red light has been so very helpful for me. I wake up and turn on my device if the sun isnât out. I bring my Vital Charge with me in the car when I have to pull over for zooms and conference calls in parking lots for a quick session.â

âIf I had known that $329.32 could buy me something so transformative for my skin, I would have saved years trying things that didnât work. I donât go a day without the light. Itâs 100% worth it.â

Brooke Burke

Sam Miller

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Significant Improvement In The Age Group Over 40

For the study, 24 persons aged between 28 and 72 years without eye diseases were recruited. The eyes of all participants were tested at the beginning of the study for the sensitivity of their rods and cones. The sensitivity of the rods was measured in eyes adapted to darkness, with participants asked to detect faint signs of light. The function of the cone was tested by identifying colored letters that have very little contrast and appear increasingly blurred. All participants were then given a small LED flashlight to take home and then look into their 670 nm deep red light beam for three minutes every day for two weeks. After the 2 weeks has ended they were then subjected to a new rod and cone sensitivity test.

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Researchers found significant improvements in participants over 40 years of age, but no changes were seen in younger people. The color contrast sensitivity of the cones the ability to recognize colors improved by up to 20% in some people aged 40 and over. The improvements were greatest in the blue part of the color spectrum, which is more susceptible to aging. The sensitivity of the rods the ability to see in low light also improved significantly in this population, although this was less impressive than for color contrast.

What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

“Clinically, we can use red light therapy for several different purposes,” explains Desai. Of course, anti-aging is probably the most widely known benefit of led light use. “Because of the way red light therapy improves cellular function, studies show it can be used to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps with tone and texture, as well as fine lines and wrinkles,” she says.

But red light therapy is also a great treatment for the blemish-prone. “Low energy red light can really help calm redness and inflammation associated with mild to moderate acne,” says Desai.

In dermatological offices, there are other applications that are often used as adjunct treatments for conditions like male and female pattern hair loss and precancerous lesions.

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What Other Medical Conditions Is Red Light Therapy Being Promoted For

Other potential medical uses being investigated include:

  • To reduce cancer chemotherapy side effects, including oral mucositis.
  • To relieve pain and inflammation associated with ankle tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • To prevent cold sores from herpes simplex virus from recurring.

Lots of other uses are being touted on the internet. Theres no scientific evidence to support red light therapy use in weight loss, cancer, cellulite removal or mental health concerns like depression and seasonal affective disorder .

Can You Use Red Light Therapy At Home

Red Light Therapy for Eyes, Better Vision | Dr. Janine

Of course, for the more standard use casesaging and acneyou can experiment with red light therapy at home. “Red light therapy is considered relatively safe, because the spectrum of light is not in the UV spectrum,” says Desai. Many at-home red light therapy tools are also FDA-approved for your peace of mind.

What’s more, you can’t really overuse red light therapy at home. While most devices will provide a recommended time frame, Desai says treatments generally range from about 5 to 30 minutes.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Affect Eye Health

Red light therapy also has well-documented antiinflammatory effects. More specifically, it appears to suppress the expression of proinflammatory cytokines. These are proteins that signal the body to go into reaction mode to fight illness or infection. While this is a good thing to an extent, inflammation overdrive can have negative effects, including in this case, damage to neural tissue, which can affect eye health.

Red light therapy is also known to improve circulation. Improper blood flow to the eye and optic nerve can increase ones susceptibility to ocular illness. Decreased blood flow is associated with a number of eye conditions, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinitis pigmentosa, to name a few.

For further reading, this article explores in an in-depth fashion the possible underlying mechanisms of red light therapys beneficial effects on eye health.

Another reason why the eyes are particularly affected by mitochondrial dysfunction is that the eye, specifically the retina, has the highest concentration of mitochondria in the body. It also has the highest metabolic demand in the body, meaning that the mitochondria are not just there for decoration, but to provide the high levels of energy that the eyes require to function well.

This abundance of mitochondria and high demand for energy is precisely why the eyes respond so well to red light therapy treatment. Lets take a look at some common eye conditions that can be treated with red light therapy.

How Do I Get Started

Youve made it through this article. Congratulations, youre halfway there!

Rouges Tabletop and Nano Portable Red Light Therapy Panels are the perfect size for any and all eye-related issues. If youre looking for the full-body treatment, however, our larger devices offer the same eye-health benefits, and can help you with a host of other issues, including pain and inflammation, skin rejuvenation and wound healing, athletic performance and weight loss, and plenty more! Check out our brief overview of the many benefits of red light therapy here.

Talk to your eye doctor about red light therapy today, and get started on the path to clearer, better vision.

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My New Favourite Tool To Get To Sleep

This thing makes me smile every time I use it. It helps me wind down really quickly. I use it in the morning during the dark days of winter, which gives me such a boost! I know its good for my skin, too! Friends keep asking me what Ive been doing to have such beautiful skin, at 55! After some use, my unit was acting up so I contacted Kala, and a NEW UNIT was sent to me!! Im a very happy customer!!

What Does Red Light Therapy Do

pl® Nuve Wrinkle Reduction System Large

Essentially, red light therapy speeds up the process of skin cell reproduction and healing. The red rays penetrate deep into skins layers deeper than any other colors. The deeper absorption of red light enhances the cell functions, so cells can grow faster.

Collagen and elastin, the proteins that make skin supple and soft, are produced more efficiently, thus helping reduce damage and making the skin feel youthful, firm and healthy. Skin cells regenerate faster with red light therapy, and it can be used to treat many skin problems from psoriasis to acne, wrinkles and more. Its a simple, safe treatment with long-lasting results.

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Brantford Light Therapy For Depression

Infrared Therapy is also sometimes called photo therapy, light therapy, infrared light therapy, LED therapy or Pulsed Light therapy .

Much research and clinical trials in Brantford have been performed to establish the efficacy and safety of LED Light Therapy. Infrared Light Therapy has been proven to not only improve circulation and assist in pain relieve, but also to ease symptoms of conditions resulting from bad circulation, including chronic wounds and numbness and pain.

Research has found that light causes changes in the bodys hormonal balance. Light rays can be converted into electrochemical impulses that are sent to glands that stimulate the production of hormones that are distributed via the central nervous system to the cells. This causes a multitude of reactions that are manifested in our behaviour. Light plays an essential role in the effective functioning of the endocrine system.

Red Light Therapy For Dry Eyes

Those who struggle with dry eyes due to meibomian gland dysfunction can greatly benefit from red light therapy, according to some findings. In a clinical trial of 52 patients with MGD, 90% reported relief from their symptoms after trying red light therapy.

In this study, red light was used to treat dry eye symptoms using a special red light-enhanced device. Patients placed the device over closed eyes for three minutes at a time at least twice a week. After three months of this practice, they reported relief from discomfort such as grittiness and burning sensations.

Other studies on the topic have produced similar results, though additional data has yet to be reviewed.

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Does Led Light Therapy Actually Work

Research suggests that LED light therapy can help reduce and improve some skin conditions and issues. To see improvement in your skin, though, you need to have regular treatments.

In-office LED light therapy uses more powerful strengths than at-home devices, which makes it more effective. With LED masks and other portable devices, you likely wont see dramatic anti-aging or acne-reducing results. You might experience subtle improvements in your skins appearance, though.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe For The Eyes


Thousands of studies have been conducted to date on the various benefits of red light therapy. Besides a growing mountain of evidence confirming its efficacy at treating a variety of issues and ailments, there is also overwhelming evidence of its overall safety.

However, you might be a bit more reluctant to expose your eyes to direct light – much more so than, say, your skin – and with good reason. Certain wavelengths can indeed cause damage to the eyes. UV light has long been known to cause extensive eye damage, prompting the widespread use of sunglasses. Recent research has shown that blue light may have a negative effect on the mitochondria of retinal ganglion cells, leading to increased RGC death. This has important implications for glaucoma and possibly other eye conditions.

But what of red and near-infrared light? As with any light, there is potential for photoreceptor damage . However, treating the eyes with red light therapy can be done safely and without damage to the eye. It comes down to two factors: length of exposure, and wavelength.

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Heal Your Body Improve Your Skin Experience Light Therapy

Red and Near Infrared Light are two wavelengths that are naturally emitted by the sun. In targeted doses, these waves have a healing effect on the body. Red light is absorbed by your skin, leading to enhanced skin health and healing. Near infrared light , penetrates deep into your tissues, muscles, and body for inflammation and hormone support.

Clinically Proven Wavelengths

Everything You Need To Know About Red Light Therapy

Do you have a question about red light therapy , photobiomodulation or low-level laser therapy ?

Well, this article is for you. I have spent weeks researching the literature on red light therapy and have created this comprehensive guide to answer every question you may have!

I’ve covered everything from the best wavelength to use, whether it’s safe for your eyes, the difference between LEDs and laser and much, much more!

I have split the article into 3 categories:

  • What You Need To Know About Buying Red Light Therapy Devices

  • But please note:

    • This article is long! Over 15,000 words long. You can either read it from start to finish or:
    • Use the table of contents belowsimply click the question that you want answered to skip ahead.
    • Or use the ‘find’ feature in your browser to type in a keyword.
    • If I have missed something, or you can’t find the answer to your question, please post a comment in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer it.
    • Also, some of the links within this article are affiliate links, please read this for more info.

    Finally, if you already know enough about red light therapy and just want some advice on buying the right device, I have put together this simple one-page ‘Red Light Therapy Buyer’s Guide’. Just click HERE to access it. And head to THIS page to access all my red light deals and discount codes.

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