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Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

What Is Shockwave Therapy

New Device Uses Shock Wave Therapy To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Shockwave therapy is a noninvasive treatment for erectile dysfunction that uses sound waves to improve blood flow and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. Its a safe and effective treatment that can be performed in the comfort of your own home with the EDX shockwave therapy machine from Fluent.

Shockwave therapy is a quick and easy treatment that can help you get back to enjoying your sex life. If youre interested in trying shockwave therapy for ED at home, the EDX shockwave therapy machine from Fluent is the perfect choice. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly and easily treat your erectile dysfunction and get back to enjoying your sex life.

Advanced Treatments By Urological Experts

At Urology Associates we use one of the top-of-the-line machines on the market. Many of the clinics around the country use older and less effective machines and, unfortunately, they dont deliver the best results. The technology in our Softwave machine differs in that it delivers a penetrating shockwave, whereas many of the other technologies do not.

Another benefit of seeking treatment at Urology Associates is that you are treated by people who have spent their entire careers focused on urologic care, including the treatment of erectile dysfunction. We are a comprehensive urology care center. That means that we treat a variety of mens sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction, hormonal issues, fertility issues, cancer, and issues of the of the urinary tract. We have comprehensive care as opposed to just the limited options that you may find in some mens health clinics. At Urology Associates we aim to be your lifelong partner in good health.

Like all therapies, Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy is not the best therapy for everybody, but there are many people who are excellent candidates for this treatment. In many cases, we find that mild cases of erectile dysfunction see the most robust response to therapy. We make it very comfortable for you to talk to us and together we can review the treatment options, to find the best option for you.

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How Much Does Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction Really Cost

Erectile dysfunction , the inability to maintain an erection for satisfying sexual activity, is a prevalent condition in the United States. One recent study found that ED affects between 3% and 76% of men globally.

A frequently cited statistic from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study is that 52% of men experience a form of ED. This includes men who experience minimal, moderate and complete impotence. This study also found that ED likelihood increases with age and among those with medical conditions such as heart disease.

In this blog post, we will look at one of the most popular and effective treatments for EDshockwave therapy. We will consider the average cost of shockwave therapy treatment, including using our own EDX equipment, the effectiveness of treatment, and how treatment works.

Here at Fluent, our mission is to create high-quality wave therapy devices. First of all, lets take a closer look at what exactly ED is.

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What Is The Cost Of Liswt

Neither Medicare nor private health funds offer any rebates for this therapy unfortunately.

Sometimes, if we are doing a research study and asking patients to fill out lots of questionnaires etc, a course of treatment may be available at little or no cost to the patient.

The cost for a standard individual treatment session, based on the time taken, the equipment and nursing costs, is $200. As Dr. Love sees every patient during every treatment some rebate from Medicare for his consultation may be available.

Please note that this cost does not include the initial assessment consultation with Dr Love. This important initial assessment will determine whether you are likely to benefit from shock wave treatment and give you realistic expectations for outcome.

What Does Liswt Feel Like Is It Safe

Shockwave Therapy Erectile Dysfunction, View Shockwave Therapy device ...

The number of shockwave pulses delivered, as well as their frequency and energy, are customised to each condition treated and to each individual patient.

Extensive experience to date has shown that it is a very safe treatment, with no complications. It does not cause any damage to surrounding nerves and blood vessels. In fact, shock wave therapy is being used to treat certain cases of neuralgia .

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Liswt

Generally, men with mild to moderate vasculogenic ED who have had some response to PDE5 inhibitors are ideal candidates for LISWT. Other men, such as those with nerve damage due to pelvic cancer surgery and those with ED resulting from psychological causes, typically dont respond to the treatment, Dr. Shoskes advises.

Although LISWT has a long track record in medicine, its use for treating ED in the United States is relatively new. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasnt approved it specifically for ED, and guidelines from the American Urological Association note that LISWT shouldnt be offered outside of a clinical trial a position with which Dr. Shoskes disagrees.

Furthermore, for ED, insurance coverage of LISWT is lacking. In some practices, the treatments can cost thousands of dollars .

But it is a very reasonable option as part of an integrated treatment approach, he adds. For the right patient whos counseled the right way, its a low- to zero-risk treatment that may have surprisingly good effects. If it doesnt break the bank for you to have this therapy, its certainly worth considering.

This article first appeared in Cleveland Clinic Mens Health Advisor.

What To Expect During Low

ReBalance uses the Alma DuoTM, an advanced technology that utilizes low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy . The treatment is administered via an applicator with a hygienic silicone head that is sterilized after each use.

The patented applicator ensures the shockwave pulses reach deeper depths for a better treatment outcome. The shockwave pulses are applied to five specific treatment sites. The effect triggers an inflammatory response in vascular function, increasing blood flow to these areas to rebuild and restore natural function.

Treatment is fast and very safe and around 95% of patients find it entirely painless, so you will not require any anesthetic. A session typically takes around fifteen minutes and is carried out in our comfortable office. There is no need for any significant downtime after a treatment session, and you can return to everyday activities immediately. Treatment is fast and very safe and around 95% of patients find it entirely painless, so you will not require any anesthetic. A session typically takes around fifteen minutes and is carried out in our comfortable office. There is no need for any significant downtime after a treatment session, and you can return to everyday activities immediately.

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How Long Does Shockwave Therapy Take To Work

Most people who get shockwave therapy for ED will often see benefits within one to three months. The initial results can be dramatic. There is still not enough long-term research and data to say how long the treatment might last, whether the effects of the treatment could wear off, or whether you will need additional treatment at a later time.

Downsides Of Shockwave Therapy For Ed

Shockwave Therapy for ED: Miracle or Hype?

The lack of approval from the FDA means every treatment for ED using shockwave therapy is outside the books. If it is not done within an environment of research or research purposes, you may be wasting your time, especially if you do not have vasculogenic ED. Since it is not approved, there is no documented and established list of side effects.

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Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. The occasional problem with getting an erection is normal and not cause for concern, however when this starts to become a frequent and ongoing issue, you should seek out a consultation at our sexual health clinic. We offer many solutions for erectile dysfunction, one of which is Shockwave Therapy.

Risks And Side Effects

Shockwave therapy is painless for most men. And as previously stated, available research has found few, if any, side effects.

However, that doesnt mean that the procedure is safe. Its still a relatively new therapy, and more research needs to be done to determine side effects, complications, and long-term effectiveness.

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Can Shockwave Therapy Treat Your Ed Heres What You Need To Know

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue men deal with one that shouldn’t be embarrassing to talk about or seek treatment for.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, about 1 in 10 men will suffer from ED in their lifetime. If you’re wondering whether you fall into this category, the clinic defines trouble getting and maintaining an erection more than 50% of the time as an indicator of ED.

Luckily, plenty of treatment options available today can help get you back in the sack in no time. But if popping a pill before every sexual encounter to maintain an erection seems like a mood killer, shockwave therapy, a non-medication alternative treatment for ED, might interest you.

If youre wondering just how safe it is to pump your private parts with electricity, though, here’s everything you need to know about shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Top Fears And Myths About Shockwave Therapy

7 Heads Pain Therapy System Shock Wave Shockwave Machine Erectile ...

Shockwave therapy as a treatment for ED is likely to sound intimidating, especially if youre unfamiliar with how it works or have only heard about it for other conditions. Patients frequently ask whether this procedure is safe, whether it will be painful, and if it is worth it. Here, well address a few of the top fears and myths we hear from patients considering shockwave treatment at our erectile dysfunction clinic:

Im worried it will hurt. Though some patients have reported a tingling sensation in the treated area, most patients feel nothing during the treatment. If you do feel any discomfort, it should be minimal and will not last after the therapy session ends.

What if the treatment doesnt work for me? As previously noted, shockwave therapy for ED is often so successful because it treats the cause of the issue, not just the symptoms. In most cases, patients will no longer require oral medications or additional treatment to get and maintain an erection. However, there is always a chance that any procedure may not work for individual patients. In this case, your doctor can suggest other methods that may be more successful.

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Erectile Dysfunction New Therapy Option For Better Quality Of Life

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED or impotence, is a concern for millions of men around the world. The health problem affects men of all ages, but is more common with increasing age. But what is the best way to treat the frustrating sexual dysfunction?

The good news is that erectile dysfunction is treatable. Depending on the cause of the condition, several possible options are available. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is a relatively new and innovative treatment. The clinically proven method has been used for the treatment of various medical conditions for more than 30 years.

On this website, you can find out more about the treatment of erectile dysfunction with shock waves.

Research On Shock Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

To date, there have been a number of randomized controlled trials looking at the effects of shock wave therapy on men with erectile dysfunction. Most of those trials have been smallincluding between 30 to 60 men per group.

The results have varied substantially across studies, with some studies suggesting that the procedure helps and others suggesting that it does not help. None of the studies have reported any adverse events from undergoing shock wave therapy. It’s just unclear whether or not it’s useful. Furthermore, even those meta-analyses that have found a significant improvement in men’s IIEF scores have only found them to go up by 2 to 3 points.

Basic science research and animal research on shock wave therapy has been more promising.

  • In animal studies, shock wave therapy has been shown to both improve the growth of blood vessels and stimulate growth and differentiation of penile tissue.
  • In the lab, studies show that shock wave therapy may help with tissue growth.

This gives plausible mechanisms by which shock wave therapy could be useful in humans. However, that does not mean shock wave therapy will be found to be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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Other Aids To Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

In addition to shockwave therapy, there are several other lifestyle changes that one can make to complement treatment.

For instance, as noted earlier in this blog post, ED can be exacerbated if an individual is overweight. Changes to ones diet, a focus on increasing exercise, and quitting smoking can help to combat ED.

If you have underlying health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure, these may be contributing to your ED. Treating these underlying health conditions can also help to reduce your experience of ED.

If you are suffering from psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety, or relationship problems, you may also benefit from counseling. Talking to a counselor or therapist may also help in conjunction with shockwave treatment.

Is Shockwave Therapy A Legitimate Form Of Therapy

Low-intensity Shock Wave Therapy (LiSWT) for Erectile Dysfunction

A journal published by Queensland-based researcher Eric Chung has shown that shockwave therapy does contribute to reversing, regenerating, and replacing the diseased smooth muscle cells into healthier ones.

Shockwave therapy is growing in popularity as an ED treatment method and it may prove to transform the way erectile dysfunction is treated in the future. Furthermore, more advancements and research can be conducted on this form of therapy.

Initial studies are promising and this correlates with medical professionals firsthand experience with patients. As more scientific study is completed, shockwave therapy may prove as one of the most effective methodologies when treating erectile dysfunction.

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to maintain an erection that is firm enough for satisfying sexual activity is known as erectile dysfunction . As we have noted, it is very common among men it can affect men of all ages though it is more common among older age groups.

There is a range of possible causes of ED, which may include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems

ED can have a serious impact on a mans level of confidence and self-esteem. The loss of intimacy in a relationship can also affect the mental well-being of both partners. ED is a challenging and frustrating condition for men, though effective treatment options are available.

It is worth noting that occasional difficulty in achieving an erection is normal, nor is ED a life-threatening disorder. It may be a sign of a serious medical condition, though generally, its biggest impact is on a mans confidence and ability to enjoy sexual activities.

The safest and most effective treatment option for ED is shockwave therapy. In the next section, we will look at shockwave therapy and consider its benefits.

Other Treatment Methods For Ed

Your urologist may not be keen on using shockwave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction. You may find they are more willing to go the traditional and more reliable route instead of an experimental method.

More times than not, your lifestyle leads to erectile dysfunction. It is not always a product of a disease or injury. Your diet may be restricting the blood flow to the penile area. The same is true if you drink or smoke a lot. Also, check how well you sleep an erratic sleep schedule will stress you out and may affect erection in the long run. In addition, try exercising more often it may help prevent ED.

If a health condition is causing the dysfunction, your doctor should be the first to know. You may not be aware of the condition, so your doctor may want to run some tests. Do not rule anything out, as it may be the road to a permanent cure. Underlying conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems are likely to cause ED.

Consider counseling, especially if you have personal issues weighing on you. Psychological stress causes several issues, including ED. So, sessions with a counselor or therapist may go a long way in solving the problem.

Finally, understand that shockwave therapy for ED is relatively new. That means it has not undergone every test and trial to prove its effectiveness. It also means you cannot be sure of the long-term effects, possible complications, and side effects, even though most users report the treatment is pain-free.

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What Does The Research Say

The same 2019 review and meta-analysis found that erectile function significantly improved with shockwave therapy. Results were best among men with vasculogenic ED.

A 2010 pilot study found that among 20 men with vasculogenic ED, all experienced improved erectile function after 6 months of shockwave treatment. Follow-up with the men found no adverse effects.

Despite this encouraging research, the Food and Drug Administration hasnt approved shockwave therapy as a treatment for ED. Some doctors may still offer shockwave therapy for ED, but use outside of a research setting is considered off-label.

FDA approvals for new treatments are always accompanied by guidelines for doctors to follow and side effects to be shared with patients.

As with any unapproved treatment, if you choose to do shockwave therapy for ED, there may be risks that arent properly explained, or you may be spending money on a treatment that doesnt live up to its promises.

Additionally, treatments that havent been approved by the FDA usually arent covered by insurance.

According to a statement from the Sexual Medicine Society of North America , there isnt enough robust clinical trial data to support the widespread clinical use of shockwave therapy. The SMSNA recommends that shockwave therapy only be done under strict research protocols.


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