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Sleep Therapy And Research Center

The Regions Leading Sleep Disorders Centers

Tongue-Tie, Sleep, Breathing, and Myofunctional Therapy: New Research Updates. Dr. Zaghi at ALSC ’20
Sleep disorders require an integrated team approach for effective treatment. Colorado Sleep Institute has gathered an elite team of sleep professionals, including physicians, dentists, and sleep technologists. We have the largest number of fellowship-trained sleep physicians in Colorado and have Boulder Countys only Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine on our team. Our extensive training and experience allows us to address the full spectrum of pediatric and adult sleep disorders.

Research And Clinical Trials

OHSUs sleep medicine experts are at the forefront of research on sleep disorders.

  • Dr. Asha Singh, director of the OHSU Sleep Medicine Program, is studying the use of oxygen therapy to treat sleep apnea in patients with chronic heart failure. Dr. Singh has also researched the effect of sleep disorders on womens health.
  • Dr. Kimberly Hutchison is working to develop innovative technology to make CPAP devices more comfortable and effective. She is collaborating with OHSUs Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute and its Biomedical Innovation Program.
  • OHSUs Sleep and Mood Disorders Laboratory studies how the bodys clock is affected by light and melatonin.
  • Researchers at OHSUs Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences are leaders in understanding the role sleep plays in overall health and in discovering ways to improve sleep quality.
  • OHSU offers many clinical trials, including on conditions that may contribute to sleep disorders.

Lucid Sleep Apnea Experts

Lucid Sleep Apnea Experts is committed to the highest quality of sleep disturbance treatments. Dr. Tiffini Stratton renders her professional service to the clinic. She is a holder of a doctorate degree in dental surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Passionate about her practice, she does the traditional sleep health consultations as well as online virtual consults through video conference. Treatments offered at Lucid range from appliance assisted therapies to non-invasive and non-appliance based ones like the Nightlase. These therapies are employed to help patients regain control of their sleep.


Sleep Assessment, CPAP Assessment, Oral Appliance Therapy, OAT for Kids, Nightlase


Address: 414 W Sunset Rd Suite 201, San Antonio, TX 78209Phone: 899-6730Website:


Thanks guys for all your help, you clearly work tirelessly to make sure that we are given the right service and the right treatment. I highly recommend them to everybody and anybody. Thanks, guys for all your help. -Mark O.

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San Antonios Best Sleep Clinics:

The top rated Sleep Clinics in San Antonio are:

  • Sleep Therapy & Research Center carefully evaluate sleep patterns
  • Texas Pediatric Specialists and Family Sleep Center handles both child and adult sleep health management
  • Lucid Sleep Apnea Experts innovative virtual consultations
  • San Antonio Sleep Partners and Associates experts in oral appliance therapy
  • San Antonio Sleep Center reliable sleep technicians and doctor

Other Providers At The Same Location

UMass Amherst Sleep Research May Offer New Treatment Directions for Age ...

The following 7 providers are registered at the same or nearby location.

Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies 5290 MEDICAL DR
JAMES M ANDRY MD PA Organization
STRC DENTAL SLEEP MEDICINE PLLC Organization Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies 5290 MEDICAL DR SUITE ESAN ANTONIO, TX 78229

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Why Choose Northwestern Medicine

The Northwestern Medicine Sleep Health Centers can diagnose and treat numerous sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, nocturnal behaviors disorders and narcolepsy.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you might be suffering from a sleep disorder:

  • Heavy snoring followed by grunting
  • Choking or gasping for breath during sleep
  • Feeling tired or fatigued after sleeping
  • Weight fluctuation and/or inability to lose weight
  • Nodding off while driving
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • High blood pressure
  • Frequent urination
  • Depression or substance abuse

Our centers are staffed by neurology and pulmonary critical care physicians, board-certified or board-eligible sleep medicine specialists*, registered polysomnographic technologists, respiratory therapists specially trained in adult and pediatric sleep disorders that provide:

  • Advanced diagnostic testing.
  • Personalized attention from certified sleep specialists.
  • Home-like amenities combined with modern technology put you at ease.
  • Consistently high scores for overall patient satisfaction.
  • Fast results shared with your primary care physician for follow-up and treatment.
  • Sleep Journal: To obtain the most accurate sleep test results, keep a journal of your sleeping patterns and habits for at least two weeks prior to your sleep test. Bring the journal to your scheduled appointment.
  • Sleep Questionnaire: Fill out this patient information form and bring it to your scheduled appointment.

Why Choose Csis Research Center

Since 2005, CSIs Sleep Therapy and Research Center has successfully managed well over 100 clinical studies in an environment that streamlines protocol timeframes. We execute stand-alone and multi-site studies, and we frequently out-perform other sites in subject recruitment and participation.Under the leadership of Director Beverly Bucher, we obtain all necessary and appropriate regulatory approvals and administer studies in accordance with clinical good practice and strict international standards.

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San Antonio Sleep Center

San Antonio Sleep Center educates patients with the importance of good nights sleep. With sleep disturbances occurring while a person is asleep, diagnosis is almost impossible to achieve. The disorders cause symptoms like daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, and in some cases chest pain, hypertension, and accidents like the dangerous falling asleep while driving. At San Antonio Sleep Center, they perform an extensive sleep study. The study uses electrodes which monitors brainwaves, heart rate, level of blood oxygen, snoring and breathing, The entire procedure is guaranteed pain-free with the assistance of reliable sleep technicians.


Sleep Study, Treatment of Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, Epilepsy, Insomnia, and Periodic Limb Movements Restless Leg Syndrome


Address: 4242 Medical Dr #7300, San Antonio, TX 78229Phone: 614-7474Website:


Ever since I got my CPAP unit I feel a whole lot better. I really appreciate the help I received. -Susie Barker

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What Are Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders Center – Boys Town National Research Hospital

Sleep disorders may involve difficulty staying awake or having a regular sleep/wake cycle, sleepwalking, nightmares, bed-wetting, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. They often cause trouble staying alert, irritability and difficulty concentrating or remembering facts.

The Centers for Disease Control have called insufficient sleep a public health epidemic in the United States. If youre frequently tired, wake frequently or fall asleep when you are trying to stay awake, you can complete the Epworth Sleepiness Scale to determine if youre a candidate for a sleep study.

Millions of Americans suffer from a sleep disorder. Sleep problems can interfere with quality of life and personal health, and they have a negative impact on society. Consider the following facts about sleep disorders:

  • A sleep disorder can aggravate or lead to serious health problems
  • Studies show a high incidence of sleep apnea in people with heart disease
  • Sleep apnea is known to raise blood pressure
  • Persistent, untreated insomnia may lead to major depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse
  • Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are costing Americans an estimated $100 billion+ annually in lost productivity, medical expenses, sick leave, property and environmental damage
  • Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans experience frequent sleep problems, which means 40 million people have not been diagnosed

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Bang Test For Severe Risk Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea:

  • YES / NO | Is your body mass index greater than 28?
  • YES / NO | Are you 50 years old or older?
  • YES / NO | Is your neck circumference greater than 17 inches or 16 inches ?
  • YES / NO | Are you a male?

The more questions you answer YES to on the BANG test, the greater your risk of having moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please contact your medical provider to request a referral for a sleep study at one of our sleep center locations.

Stop Test For Risk Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea:

  • YES / NO | Have you been told that you snore?
  • YES / NO | Are you often tired during the day?
  • YES / NO | Has anyone told you that you stop breathing while you are asleep?
  • YES / NO | Do you have high blood pressure or are you on blood pressure medication?

If you answered YES to two or more questions on the STOP test, you are at risk for obstructive sleep apnea. It is recommended that you contact your primary care provider to discuss a possible sleep disorder.

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About Accredited Sleep Centers

Each sleep center in this directory has demonstrated a commitment to the highest quality of care in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Accredited facilities have a board-certified sleep medicine physician, who leads a sleep team of trained health care professionals. To become accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep centers must comply with the AASM Standards for Accreditation, the gold standard for patient care in the sleep field. These requirements incorporate the latest diagnostic and treatment advances, and the standards ensure that sleep centers provide high quality, patient-centered care.

No sleep centers were found in this area

Sleep Testing And Evaluation

The Sleep Lab at First Coast Cardiovascular Institute
  • Maintenance of wakefulness : This test examines your ability to stay awake and alert during a series of 40-minute sessions during the day.
  • Bi-level airway pressure therapy: If you cant tolerate normal CPAP pressures, this advanced therapy offers a modification in the inspiratory and expiratory pressures to allow for a more comfortable experience in maintaining a more open airway.
  • Auto servo ventilation and average volume assured pressure support : This test is used if you experience hypoventilation, which is reduced air into the lungs, resulting in too little oxygen in the body. Some causes of hypoventilation are respiratory muscle weakness or neuromuscular disorders , restrictive disorders and obstructive lung disease .
  • Oral appliance: Your dentist may refer you for pretesting to see if you qualify for an oral appliance. If testing determines that an oral appliance would be beneficial, your dentist will fit you with an appropriate appliance and you can return for a post treatment study to evaluate the effectiveness of the appliance.

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Should I Participate In A Study

A sleep study is a non-invasive overnight exam conducted while a person sleeps. It monitors brain activity and body functions, including eye movements, body positions, heart rates and rhythms, blood pressure level and oxygen saturation levels.

A sleep study is conducted when a physician needs more conclusive evidence that a person has a sleep disorder. In order to have a sleep study performed, the patient stays overnight in a sleep lab. Sleep technicians are onsite in a nearby monitoring room.

Before the patient goes to bed, a technician attaches small sensors with thin wires to the scalp and secures other sensors to the chest and abdominal areas. These sensors detect activity in the brain and body and transmit this activity to a computer that continuously records the activity while the patient is sleeping.

A physician certified in sleep medicine interprets the computer’s recordings and issues a report that is sent to the patient’s referring physician.

Npi Validation Check Digit Calculation

The following table explains the step by step NPI number validation process using the ISO standard Luhn algorithm.

Start with the original NPI number, the last digit is the check digit and is not used in the calculation.
Step 1: Double the value of the alternate digits, beginning with the rightmost digit.
2 9 2
Step 2: Add all the doubled and unaffected individual digits from step 1 plus the constant number 24.
2 + 3 + 1 + 6 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 8 + 1 + 8 + 9 + 2 + 24 = 73
Step 3: Subtract the total obtained in step 2 from the next higher number ending in zero, the result is the check digit.
80 – 73 = 7 7

The NPI number 1386689917 is valid because the calculated check digit 7 using the Luhn validation algorithm matches the last digit of the original NPI number.

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Sleep Centers In San Antonio Texas

Coping with a sleep disorder can be frustrating. Methodist Healthcare’s sleep centers diagnose sleep disorders with sleep studies and communicate results to your referring physician. The highly trained sleep specialists at Methodist Healthcare provide quality care and treatment options for several types of sleep disorders so you can get the rest you need.

To learn more about our sleep centers, call the Methodist Healthcare HealthLine at .

Treatments For Sleep Disorders

Sleep and Epilepsy (Wellness Institute Whiteboard Video Series)

Regardless of the type of sleep disorder you have, we are able to offer you a variety of treatment options that will help you get back to a solid sleep schedule.

Our doctors can prescribe over the counter or homeopathic supplements in addition to more invasive methods for the most serious sleep conditions.

  • Sleeping pills

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Sleep Therapy & Research Center

We put your sleep problems to rest

Did you know that over 70 million people in the U.S. have a sleep disorder? Most do not even realize they have one, and many of those who do know it choose not to seek help.

Sleep disorders can affect your quality of life. Your performance at work or school may suffer because you cant concentrate, your relationships may be affected because youre irritable or moody and you might feel like you just cant make it through the day because you have no energy. Worse yet, some sleep disorders can lead to serious health problems such as increased risk for heart attack and stroke. Thats why its important to seek help from a trained sleep specialist if you have a sleep disorder or think you might have one.

Since 1988, the Sleep Therapy & Research Center in San Antonio, Texas has helped thousands of people get a good nights sleep and improve their quality of life. We were the first sleep disorders center in San Antonio to be accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and we also conduct clinical research trials that lead to cutting-edge treatments for sleep disorders.

San Antonio Sleep Partners And Associates

San Antonio Sleep Partners and Associates utilizes oral appliance therapy for their patients suffering from sleep apnea and snoring. The private clinic established by Dr. Kyle Ash centers on the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. With his connections in the medical community, he was able to gather the best health care practitioners in the region. Among them is Dr. John A Barton an expert clinician in the field of oral appliance therapy. His approach proved to be useful in helping manage obstructive breathing sleep disorders.


Free Screening, CPAP, Oral Appliance Therapy, Treatment of Sleep Apnea and Snoring


Address: 8202 N Loop 1604 W Ste. 101, San Antonio, TX 78249Phone:


Its honestly Crazy how simple sleep tests have become! Didnt have to stay in a sleep lab or facility. Can have the test done in the comfort of your own bed! Recommending to all my friends as well! -Anthony Gonzalez

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Sleep Medicine And Research Center

At St. Luke’s Sleep Medicine and Research Center, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Our team includes physicians certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine, nurses, technologists and researchers who are dedicated to the field of Sleep Medicine and to patients with all types of sleep-related issues.

The Sleep Medicine and Research Center knows that one-size sleep studies do not fit all. We make it a priority to provide individualized treatment plans for patients of all ages suffering from all types of sleep problems. Sleep Medicine and Research Center patients receive thorough assessments and follow-up care to meet their specific physical, physiological, mental and behavioral needs.

Some patients may appropriate for an in-home sleep test – please call our office to discuss this option. We accept patients referred by a physician as well as self-referred patients.

The Sleep Medicine and Research Center conducts ongoing education to the public about healthy sleep habits, the importance of sleep and how to recognize symptoms of sleep disorders. Knowing symptoms to watch out for in your loved ones and yourself is an extremely important part of getting a diagnosis or building better sleep habits.

After Your Sleep Study

Utica, NY Sleep Lab » Slocum Dickson Medical Group

Following your sleep study, it typically takes a week to receive your results. The polysomnologist technicians will use the recorded data to chart your sleep stages and cycles and then one of our sleep center doctors will review and evaluate the results. You will follow up with the doctor who referred you to our sleep center, and he or she will review the results with you and discuss treatment options.

If youre tired of losing sleep because you have a sleep disorder, visit the Sleep Therapy & Research Center in San Antonio, Texas. Our physicians can diagnose the cause of your sleep disorder and recommend the optimal treatment for you. Call us today at 614-6000 to schedule an appointment or use our convenient online appointment request form.

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