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DPT Facility Tour | University of Saint Mary

A successful surgical procedure is only the first phase. Your quality of life afterward matters just as much. We urge you to begin your inpatient rehab program as quickly as possible and allow our team of therapists to guide you toward an outpatient program.

Our Rehabilitation Institute is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities , and we are also a state-designated spinal cord injury center.

For More Information Or To Make An Appointment At St Mary’s Center For Rehabilitation Please Call 580

We offer over 8,000 spacious feet of easily accessible, state-of-the-art treatment area that has been newly remodeled. Our therapists offer advanced rehabilitative techniques which are considered best practice, and their main goal is to assist you in your recovery process and to help you return to your previous level of function. Our therapists have advanced their training to include specialty certifications in Lymphedema, Dry Needling, LSVT BIG movement therapy, Vertigo and Manual Therapy. Ninety percent of the therapists at the Center for Rehabilitation have 20 years of experience or more in their field.

Physical And Occupational Therapy

We help people who are suffering with loss of mobility as well as diminished skills and abilities following an injury or illness. Our goal is to help you achieve the greatest level of recovery possible and to help you return to doing the activities you love. Our team of health care professionals take a personal interest in your needs and goals. The majority of common conditions we see in our patients can be treated without requiring a hospital stay. These include:

Lymphedema Clinic

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is the accumulation of excessive fluid in the body in particular your arms or legs, usually as a result of some cancers, and their treatment. Lymphedema occurs when there is more fluid in your lymphatic system than can be moved naturally. This excess fluid collects in affected arm or leg tissues. Left untreated, this protein-rich liquid causes your lymphatic systems channels to grow larger. It also reduces the flow of oxygen to tissues, which affects the healing of wounds and may lead to infection. Lymphedema can affect both men and women.

Symptoms of Lymphedema

  • Swelling of your hand, arm or leg
  • Skin changes in your affected limb, such as pain in the shoulder, arm, or leg caused by the limited range of motion to swelling
  • Limited ability to care for yourself due to swollen limbs

Lymphedema Clinic

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Speech And Language Pathology

We offer highly individualized evaluation and treatment of adults with disorders of speech or swallowing. After thorough evaluation, a speech and language pathologist will identify the areas of speech impairment to be addressed, be it cognition, sound production, expression or comprehension. Learn More

Outpatient Physical And Occupational Therapy In Enid

Physical Therapy Services

St. Marys Center for Rehabilitation is a comprehensive, progressive and individualized physical and occupational therapy treatment center. If you are recovering from a medical or surgical procedure, illness, injury or fall, you can get the therapy you need at this outpatient facility located in Enid, Oklahoma.

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Integration Into The Liberal Arts

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program incorporates Core Values of Professionalism and The Code of Ethics as described by the American Physical Therapy Association into curricular design. The Core Values are accountability, altruism, compassion/caring, excellence, integrity, professional duty, and social responsibility. The APTA Code of Ethics describes specific principles of education and practice guided by these core values. Each document guides curricular content to provide graduates of the DPT program with the skills required to deliver quality, patient-centered healthcare. The importance of practicing in a manner that supports the dignity and rights of all individuals, addresses the rights and needs of patients and clients and benefits local, national or global needs requires integration of knowledge from humanities and biopsychosocial fields.

Sample Content:

Restoring Comfort And Confidence

Our team has one main goal: allowing you to be you, independent and comfortable.Physical therapy includes a wide range of treatments from exercise therapy to very specialized technology. Your local therapists will find the right mix of treatments for you. Common forms of treatment include:

  • Education about daily activities and protecting joints
  • Teaching about how to use assistive devices like braces, walkers or compression garments
  • Exercise to improve flexibility, strength and coordination
  • Functional tasks to regain independent motion
  • Manual therapy such as massage and mobilization of body parts
  • Modalities to help control pain and inflammation
  • Specialized treatments for vertigo, chronic wounds, pelvic conditions and more

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What To Expect / Forms

Here are some important things to remember as you prepare to visit us at St. Marys Rehab and Therapy Services:

  • Please arrive 30 minutes early for your first appointment and register at the hospitals Outpatient Registration on Level A.
  • To expedite your appointment, please have the forms below completed for your therapy appointment:
  • After you are registered, take the elevator to Outpatient Therapies on the 3rd floor and check in at the reception window.
  • Wear appropriate clothing depending on the type of therapy you are receiving. For example, if you are coming for shoulder pain, wear a tank top to expose your shoulder.
  • Your initial appointment will be approximately one hour in length.
  • Your therapist will ask you many questions about the history of your problem and will also perform tests and measurements.
  • Upon completion of the initial evaluation, you and your therapist will agree on a treatment plan. The therapist will communicate the plan to your physician.
  • Courses Are Taught In A Hybrid Model Flexible And Convenient From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

    Post-Operation Total Knee Replacement Exercises
    • Learn from a hybrid model with core faculty that are certified in online instruction. This learning approach offers you the opportunity to study from a location convenient to you and your life circumstances while attending onsite program sessions throughout the year.
    • Our DPT faculty consists of more than a dozen scholars and clinicians from around the US. All hold doctoral degrees, and several have advanced clinical certifications representing a variety of specialty training areas.
    • Apply knowledge and skills learned in academic courses to clinical experiences at one of our many active clinical partner sites across the country in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, home health, schools, and outpatient clinics.
    • Students complete two 16-week full-time clinical experiences in both medically-complex and community-based settings.
    • GRE is NOT required.
    • Begin this program with a bachelors degree and receive your Doctor of Physical Therapy in just 2.5 years.

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    Statement On Equity Diversity And Justice

    Equity, Diversity and Justice is important to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program as it aligns with and strengthens our program mission and values. EDJ have been understood as foundational values in the Doctor of Physical Program since its inception. We embrace a heightened emphasis to better serve both our student and patient populations and make them explicit in our mission and value statements.

    We are dedicated to creating an environment that supports EDJ in all aspects of the program. Each individual should feel that their unique experiences, ideas, opinions, beliefs, goals, strengths and passions are welcome and respected. In pursuit of that, all members of our community are responsible for creating an environment inclusive of diversity so that it may be truly systemic in all aspects of the education process and patient care.

    It is the responsibility of the program and all its members to treat each other with respect and to self-examine and expand our vision of who they we are personally and professionally. Implementation requires that all members to address inequities as they are identified in the campus and clinic environment. Passivity will be construed as tacit approval and not in keeping with our mission and values.

    Personal and professional growth are enriched by diverse perspectives and experiences in the classroom and clinic. To assist in the personal and professional growth required to embrace EDJ, the program and its members will participate in:


    Youre Almost To The Finish Line

    A heart attack, stroke or other injury can be debilitating. To rebuild your body is a slow yet achievable goal. A personalized rehabilitation program from our team of specialized therapists is designed to let you see progress quickly as you work to increase your strength and improve your flexibility.

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    Where Does It Hurt

    Pain is a sign that something’s not right. Select a body region to discover common causes of pain, symptoms, and treatment options.

    I have…

    St Mary’s Canopy Trapeze Therapy Groups

    Physical therapy can help soft tissue injuries

    St. Mary’s has teamed up with Canopy Studios to offer a unique, and fun, a new therapy to children from age three to twenty-three, and older!

    A typical therapy activity group may consist of a one-hour trapeze playgroup including activities to address strength, coordination, motor planning, sensory integration, obstacle course development and social games. The canopy session also allows time for education, questions, and interaction with other parents.

    A typical therapy activity group may consist of a one-hour trapeze playgroup including activities to address strength, coordination, motor planning, sensory integration, obstacle course development and social games. The canopy session also allows time for education, questions, and interaction with other parents.

    Is your child appropriate for Canopy?

    Diagnoses: Overall behavioral problems, sensory integration dysfunction, cerebral palsy, stroke, ADHD/ADD, and more. Qualifications: Obtain a physician prescription for occupational, speech or physical therapy and schedule an evaluation at St. Mary’s Outpatient Rehap.

    How do I learn more?

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    Stefani Doctor Of Physical Therapy Program

    The University of Saint Mary Stefani Doctor of Physical Therapy Program prepares students for autonomous practice as an entry-level physical therapist. In keeping with the spirit of our founders, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, USM is committed to helping students realize their God-given potentialinspiring them to strive for academic excellence in coursework and in practice.

    Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education , USMs curriculum emphasizes dynamic, hands-on learning and applicable clinical reasoning skills consistent with the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice and the American Physical Therapy Association’s Standards of Practice. Students fully understand the fundamentals of the profession while also being introduced to a broad spectrum of treatment techniquescomprehensively preparing graduates to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination.

    What Is Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy, or PT, uses strength exercises and range of motion movements to restore your fitness. it can also help you recover from an injury or surgery. PT can be used as “conservative care,” or treatment which helps athletes and active adults delay or avoid surgery.The length of your physical therapy depends on your injury and your goals. Typical PT treatments are a few times a week over the course of several weeks.

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    Meeting The Needs Of A Growing Population

    The future looks bright for physical therapythanks to an aging population thats projected for continued growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 34 percent growth in the field through 2024, with more than 71,800 new physical therapist jobs. Consistently ranked in the top 15 U.S. News Best Jobs list, physical therapists are in high demandand will be for the next decade or more.

    The Stefani Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Saint Mary is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education , 3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100, Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085 telephone: 703-706-3245 email: website: . If needing to contact the Stefani Doctor of Physical Therapy Program directly, please call 913-758-4398 or email .

    Access Your Medical Records Online

    Before and After Knee Surgery Therapy | St. Mary Medical Center Orthopedics

    Now there’s an easier way to manage your health online.

    MyChart is a secure online tool that puts your health information in the palm of your hand. MyChart puts all your health information in one place. You can:

    • Schedule appointments
    • See your medications, medical bills, price estimates, and more
    • Pay your bills online

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    Why St Marys Health System

    St. Marys Center for Physical Rehabilitation provides one-on-one outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services in private treatment rooms with immediate access to the gym. Working in conjunction with your health care provider, our therapists work with you to maximize your physical function, alleviate symptoms, and educate you on how to promote continued health, and prevent injury or illness in the future.

    Our staff of therapists includes physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, certified occupational therapist assistants, and speech and language pathologists. The Center for Physical Rehabilitation is conveniently located in Auburn near the Auburn Mall. Our facility offers ample parking including several accessible spots near the entrance.

    The Center has a full range of equipment, including Cybex weight equipment, functional training, unloading system, and cardiovascular equipment.

    Workmed Occupational Health Services

    St. Marys WorkMed provides a range of preventive and occupational medical services to over 400 employers and their employees in Androscoggin County. WorkMed is a Maine based, non-profit health care provider and has been in business longer than any other occupational medicine provider in the region.

    St. Mary’s Health System

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    Csm Doctor Of Physical Therapy Program Mission Statement

    The CSM DPT Programs mission is to offer a blended curriculum to prepare competent, compassionate, and professional physical therapists who demonstrate excellence in the physical therapy practice to diverse and medically underserved communities. The program prepares graduates to be lifelong learners and health care leaders in accordance with the values of CSM as inspired by the Sisters of Mercy: excellence, service, dignity, compassion, inclusivity, and integrity.


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