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The Doctors Of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist Education And Licensure

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To practice as a physical therapist in the U.S., you must earn a doctor of physical therapy degree from a Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education-accredited physical therapist education program and pass a state licensure exam.

The length of professional DPT programs is typically three years. Primary content areas in the curriculum may include, but are not limited to, biology/anatomy, cellular histology, physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, pathology, behavioral sciences, communication, ethics/values, management sciences, finance, sociology, clinical reasoning, evidence-based practice, cardiovascular and pulmonary, endocrine and metabolic, and musculoskeletal.

Approximately 80% of the DPT curriculum is classroom and lab study and the remaining 20% is dedicated to clinical education. PT students spend on average 27.5 weeks in their final clinical experience.

If you are an internationally educated PT or PTA, please read more information on internationally educated PTs and PTAs.

Future Doctors Of Physical Therapy Exercise Strengths

First year DPT students Crisma Benny and Eric Bromeisl work with a patient under the supervision of Dennis Kaster PT at Advanced Physical Therapy Associates.

Personal experiences often propel people to certain career paths. That is true for several students in the inaugural doctor of physical therapy program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Bromeisl, who came to UW-Stevens Point for his bachelors degree in health science and to play football was drawn to helping people get better following an injury. He likes using physical exercise to enhance recovery.

For Crisma Benny, it was a close friend in India who was injured playing soccer. His family could not afford to pay for physical therapy. A group of our friends collected money to pay for his treatment and get him therapy. This event gave me an insight on how hard it is to get treatment, and that PT is considered a privilege to many communities around the world. I moved to America and decided that this was the career I wanted to pursue.

Working in a rural setting appeals to Scaffidi, who eventually hopes to serve pediatric patients.

Doctor Of Physical Therapy Salary

Now that you know there are some PTs with a doctorate, but others with a masters of bachelors, you may assume the different degrees fetch different salaries. This assumption is generally false. In the world of physical therapy, degree does not dictate salary, and a DPT does not necessarily make more money than an MSPT does.

Further, a DPT is not the final rung on the learning ladder. Just because you have a DPT doesnt mean youre done learning! To continue developing your career, consider Physical Therapy continuing education in a CEU . With so many courses available, it may be challenging to find quality continuing education for cheap. Check out my blog to find cheap CEUs, as well as other resources for physical therapists and healthcare professionals alike regardless of the Dr. title.

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Back Pain And Sciatica: The Burning Questions

Do any of these symptoms fit your situation for back pain and sciatica? Bending over to reach into the bottom of the washing machine: pain in the back and shooting pain down the leg. Reaching up for glass on the highest shelf: pain in the back and shooting pain down the leg. Crossing your legs to put on socks in the morning: pain in the back and shooting pain down the leg. Many have found themselves in these and other painful situations, but many still dont quite know why, or how to get relief.

Low back pain and sciatica, the occasional resulting numbness/pain/burning down the leg, affect a large portion of the population. Low back pain affects up to 70% of the US population at some point in their lifetime. And up to 40% of the population will experience sciatica before its all said and done. With numbers this high its no wonder that this problem has been a real pain in the butt.

If The Rock is fine with that joke, you can be too.

There are a few common questions that tend to pop up when back pain & sciatica become an issue:

What is causing this pain in my back and down my leg?

These symptoms usually come from one of 3 things: a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or a problem with the SI joint.

How do I know which one of those is the cause of my issues?

Is there a way that I can fix this?

Yes! Exercise!

Yes. Exercise. That is to say, the right exercises.

How will I know the right ones?

So then what is the first thing I should do?

Physical Therapy Is Only For Athletes

Dr. Andrew Connolly

Many people assume that a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant only works with athletes, says Castin.

While montages of hulking football players rehabilitating torn ligaments are often a common first exposure for some to the concept of physical therapy, athletes are just a small portion of their patient base. In reality, physical therapists treat everything from people with a pulled muscle from jogging to a repetitive stress injury caused by an office job.

Castin explains that physical therapists work at locations from schools to nursing homes. Youll even find PTs working in care coordination and case management roles, she says.

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Discover Career Success In California

In USAHS Doctor of Physical Therapy program in San Marcos, California, youll develop essential skills to help patients recover their mobility, manage their pain, and improve their quality of life. Youll discover diverse treatments for assisting a wide array of injuries and conditions while furthering your theoretical knowledge and patient communication skills. The USAHS Doctor of Physical Therapy degree will help you prepare for your dream PT career after graduation.

As one of the leading physical therapy graduate schools in California, USAHS is known for its expert staff, cutting-edge technology, and expansive resources available to every DPT student on our San Marcos campus. Eager to begin your clinical practice and start making a difference in your clients lives? This accredited program will teach you the real-world skills you need to launch a meaningful career.

Physical Therapy Myths And Misconceptions Busted

By Jordan Jantz on 09/05/2022

Have you ever heard that physical therapy is only for injuries? That it will be rather painful? While some things youve heard about physical therapy may have a sliver of truth to them, there are a lot of physical therapy misconceptions that can prevent people from exploring it as an avenue to healing or as a viable career path.

Ranging from mild misunderstandings to outright hindrances to patient health, these physical therapyrelated myths and misconceptions are frustratingly persistent. Its time to correct the recordso keep reading to learn what the world of physical therapy is really like.

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Only Your Primary Care Doctor Can Determine If You Need Physical Therapy

For some people, asking a doctor for a physical therapy referral may have resulted in the doctor recommending another treatment route. However, getting the opinion of an actual physical therapist on whether they can help is a more reliable route.

Kelley notes that physicians often wont recommend exercise or physical therapy for musculoskeletal issues and that some healthcare systems will have patients get an MRI or X-ray before referring the patient to a physical therapist.

Doctor Of Physical Therapy Dpt

Strength: Clam with ER

Theres nothing more rewarding than helping people improve movement and feel better, whether youre working with a toddler who has a motor delay or an elderly client recovering from surgery.

In the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, our vision is to be recognized as a national leader in physical therapy education, graduating physical therapists who strive for excellence as clinician-scholars and leaders practicing in diverse, collaborative and innovative settings to promote healthy communities.

Program Type

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How I Introduce Myself To Patients

As a Physical Therapist with doctoral level training, I value my hard-earned expertise of the movement system. But I rarely refer to myself with the two little letters of Dr. and when I do, I always include the full title. It would sound something like this: Hi, Im Tim, a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

I include my full title for two reasons:

  • To ensure the patient isnt confused. I want it to be clear to them that I am not a medical doctor, despite practicing Physical Therapy in a hospital setting.
  • To concisely clarify my specialty. After introducing myself as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I almost always follow with, but you can call me Tim.
  • I am not shy about my title, but I dont insist on being called by it. The three years I spent earning my doctorate degree are certainly worth my acknowledgment and pride.

    But ultimately, I pursued healthcare to help people move better not to get a fancy title.

    Youll find most Physical Therapists feel this way. Although a DPT is technically a doctor of physical therapy, its rare for a DPT to insist you refer to them as Doctor.

    Personally, youll only hear me refer to myself as doctor when I use my full title: Doctor of Physical Therapy.

    Take A Few Moments To Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About Dpt

    Katherine, Physicians Assistant, Early 40s

    Im now happy to say that Im pain free. I have no more shooting pain. I can get up in the morning, and Im not stiff and uncomfortable. And I can do all my activities and keep up with my kids which is important!

    Doug, Contractor, Late 40s

    The balance that this has created is phenomenal. Without the pain weve traveled through Switzerland & through Italy. That was one of my goals, I wanted to be able to walk around Italy with my wife for her 50th birthday

    Teri, K2 Foundation, Late 40s

    Living pain free really makes me feel like I have quality of life to live! I think I had reached a point in my life and thought, Okay maybe this is it. Maybe I just start aging now. And now I feel really good, which I havent felt in a long time.

    Want Some Information On How To Get Relief Before Coming In To Our Scottsdale Physical Therapy Clinic?


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    Helloare You Struggling To Find Someone Who Can Tell You Whats Wrong And Why Our Scottsdale Physical Therapy Clinic Can Help You Understand How To Fix It & Get Back To Being Active Without Using Surgery Or Resorting To Painkillers Call Today To Secure An Appointment With Our Specialists

    Click The Video Below To Hear From Dr. Tom Padilla About How We Can Help YouIf You Prefer To Hear It From Our Clients, Scroll Down!

    We understand that some people want to find out a bit more about the cost and availability before they book an appointment at our Scottsdale physical therapy clinic. If you want to know what it costs and what availability we have at our physical therapy clinic in Scottsdale for back, shoulder, and knee pain, then please just click the button below and complete the short form:

    What Does A Disc Bulge Mean For My Future

    10 Best

    A disc bulge is highly unlikely to change your future activities. Like we talked about above, lots of people have one and never know!

    When you have low back or leg pain thats caused by a disc bulge, temporary modifications in activities might be necessary to provide a more optimal environment for healing. Eventually, however, youll be able to get back to squatting, tying your shoes, and sitting. Incorporating some simple strategies, as suggested by an expert in low back pain, into your daily life can help prevent the issue from returning.

    Whether your discs are bulging or not, if you have back pain and are looking to fix it for good, check out 5 steps to relief from back pain.

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    Is A Physical Therapist A Doctor

    Is a Physical Therapist a doctor? It depends on the PT.

    Not all Physical Therapists have a Doctorate degree .

    Some PTs only have a Bachelors degree, while others have a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy .

    This is because prior to the mid-90s, all Physical Therapists held either a Bachelors or Masters degree. After the first DPT degree was issued in 1996, Masters degrees continued to be offered into the early 2000s, but have since been phased out, as have Bachelors degrees.

    That means if you want to become a Physical Therapist, you must complete a doctoral program approved by The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, or CAPTE.

    However, there are thousands of older PTs with Bachelors and Masters degrees still working in clinics all over the country. So to answer your question, a Physical Therapist is not necessarily a doctor because not all PTs hold a doctorate degree .

    Transfers To The Uwm Dpt Program

    We will consider student transfers from another CAPTE accredited DPT program through a special admission process. You must meet or exceed the admission scores of the cohort you intend to join. You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the professional DPT program you are transferring from, must submit a letter of recommendation from your current DPT program director, and submit a letter of recommendation from someone who has observed you in clinical practice. Transfer consideration is dependent on space availability. Transfer students are admitted on probation. Consistent with graduate school policies, you cannot transfer more than 20% of the credits from your prior program. If you are considering a request to transfer, please contact

    The Doctor of Physical Therapy program is a sequenced, competency-based curriculum of 110 credits, including 36 weeks of internship in the final year of the program. You will enroll as a full-time student for each term of study and start in the summer of the first year. The curriculum also includes a Winterim clinical in the first year. There is no part-time option, nor can courses be taken out of sequence. With faculty approval, students may take a leave from the program for up to a year and then re-enter the tracked curriculum.

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    Read What Customers Are Saying About The Doctors Of Physical Therapy

    I was in hip pain for three years the throb, pinch, and tightness was all day and night. I stopped exercising as well as unable to sleep on that hip! Last month I was blessed with a referral to The Doctors of Physical Therapy. After only a few sessions I cant believe that Im pain free! Im back to spinning, hiking and best of all, sleeping like a baby! I highly recommend DPT to lift your spirits again. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and empathetic. They teach you how to live and stay pain free, for that Im grateful!

    Application And Interview Process

    Strength: Pillowcase Wall Slides

    We are now accepting applications through November 1st for the class starting in for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at University of the Cumberlands. Tell us about yourself and well let you know when our application opens.

    The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program uses the Centralized Application Service for Physical Therapy Schools . The Physical Therapy program operates on a rolling admissions basis, with completed applications reviewed throughout the admissions cycle to determine the applicant’s eligibility for an interview. Admission decisions are generally made within one month of the interview.

    Click HERE to view the application and interview processes for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

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    Doctor Of Physical Therapy Program

    The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of the Incarnate Word is a 29-month program that consists of a combination of small group learning, didactic and clinical courses, plus the opportunity to participate in community outreach, which prepares students to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination and embark on a career dedicated to helping others.

    How Can Telehealth Physical Therapy With Dpt Help Me

    • Your treatment plan is tailored to your lifestyle to help you do the things that are most important to you.
    • Youll learn about the body, the muscles, and how everything is connected.
    • Youll understand how to take care of yourself so you can continue to enjoy being pain free and active well into the future.
    • Youll understand everything thats contributing to your pain, and have a plan to get it corrected.
    • Your DPT team understands your body, and designs a clear and concise plan to get you to where you want to be.

    If youre ready to get closer to a life without pain and utilize telehealth, all you have to do is fill out our form below and our experts will give you a call to help you decide if we can help you.

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    Careers In Physical Therapy

    A graduate must pass the National Physical Therapy Examination to receive a license to practice. In recent years, Mizzou PT grads have achieved a near 100% exam pass rate and 100% employment rate. Physical therapists work in a wide variety of settings, including private clinics, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. The median salary for a physical therapist in 2021 was $95,620 per year.

    Insurance Doesnt Cover Physical Therapy


    The first question out of most peoples mouths when hearing about something medical is Will my insurance cover that? Its a legitimate concern for many people with the expensive cost of medical care, but the automatic assumption is often that physical therapy wont be covered by insurance. However, every insurance plan and patient circumstance is different, and jumping to this assumption isnt necessarily accurate.

    Many insurance companies cover different types of physical therapy as it can be the financially prudent option.

    Physical therapy has been shown to minimize other health care expenditures by reducing the need for prescription medicines, surgery and imaging, says Dickson. Physical therapy can also assist patients in preventing conditions from becoming permanent and avoiding falls, so its reducing costs in these ways.

    Even if a particular insurance plan doesnt cover physical therapy, in the long run, it may be worth the cost now to avoid greater cost later.

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